Why Traditional Marketing Mindset Will Give You Limited Results?

Why Traditional Marketing Mindset Will Give You Limited Results?

Traditional marketing mindset is good but digital marketing thinking is better depending on your goals of brand expansion. So, if you want to reach a global audience on a low budget, then employ online marketing. Read the blog to understand the concepts more.

Can traditional marketing prove beneficial for your business? Before giving any opinion, let’s understand the concepts first.

For ages, marketing has been a popular technique to grab the attention of people. Currently, the advancement in consumer technology opened new advertising options. These have been created to attract and communicate with potential customers.

Generally, two recognized marketing options are employed by most brands, depending on the industry. Traditional marketing is a marketing method that involves advertising without using the internet, whereasdigital marketing is all about the internet.

Now let’s dive deeper by understanding how these two marketing techniques are different from each other and their individual concepts.

What is traditional marketing? 

Traditional marketing involves marketing methods that are employed without using the internet. This marketing option was the primary choice for most companies for decades. Its popularity reached its highest point when the technology was not advanced. But due to the introduction of the internet, it has become a less used option for marketing.

Forms of traditional marketing comprise,

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Direct mail marketing
  3. Print marketing
  4. One-to-one marketing
  5. Outdoor marketing
  6. Referral marketing

Some methods that are included in these forms of traditional marketing are,

  • Newspapers or magazine advertisements
  • Marketing via billboards and flyers
  • Commercials on television and radio
  • SMS and telephone marketing
  • Direct mail- coupons, postcards and informational packets
  • Referrals

You must have seen these kinds of advertisements like billboards when you walk down the streets or commercials when you listen to the radio or even when you watch television.

What is digital marketing?

This is a new-age marketing option and the internet is its main player. Due to new trends, digital marketing strategies are continuously evolving. It requires the use of smartphones to make a lasting impact on the viewers. Unlike traditional marketing, they have recently bloomed marketing techniques but it surely proved itself to be a competitor. With the inception of the internet, many existing and new organizations prefer this marketing technique and even hire services from a top digital marketing agency.

Some common forms of digital marketing include,

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social media posts
  3. Email campaigns
  4. Website content
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Clickable ads (PPC)
  8. Native marketing
  9. Inbound marketing
  10. Marketing automation
  11. Online PR
  12. Mobile marketing 

Nowadays, as customers are frequently using the internet and mobile devices, these digital marketing techniques have become extremely popular. DataReportal report indicates a total of 5.07 billion active internet users and 4.74 billion social media users. Now, you understand why online marketing and social media advertisements flourished in recent years.

Traditional marketing yields limited outcomes than digital marketing


Indeed, traditional marketing technique is still effectively used today, but in some instances, these are considered irrelevant and outdated. Companies have been more indulged in digital marketing now. Based on the industry and the purpose, the relevant technique is embraced by the company.

  • Target audience

Traditional marketing is proven to be effective if your target consumer is over 50 years. That is because; the old demographic population is more comfortable using newspapers, listening to the radio and watching television as their source of information. In that case, if you employ newspaper marketing and television and radio commercials, they are most likely to grab their attention.

For digital marketing, brands mostly target the audience with an age range of 21 to 40 years, considering exceptions are there. This population generally includes professional users of mobile phones and individuals who are well acquainted with internet browsing and social media platforms. Hence, any professional digital marketing company would use online marketing techniques to gain the attention of this demographic.

  • Reach

Traditional marketing often targets a large local audience as per the relevancy of the organizational goals. Here comes the use of billboards and flyers. The companies using this technique are also better off competing with large enterprises having their footholds in digital space.

Digital marketing is all about global reach and is not limited to a certain locality. Through social media and search engine ads, they can bring the whole world in their palm. Hence, even potential startups can dream of competing with big names in any industry.

  • Budget and expenses

In traditional marketing, certain expenses are linked to it. For example, to advertise any product or service, you have to print hundreds of pamphlets and flyers. But there is no guarantee that the person will be interested, even if you shove the paper in their hand. So, what is the point of spending so much money on printing?

Digital marketing is mostly free unless you want to run a paid campaign. So, if you run free ads on the internet and the viewers are not interested, they will just skip and scroll. You have nothing to lose here. The only expense that you might incur is hiring a digital marketing agency if you are not sure how to do it.

  • Immediacy of the process

Traditional technique, sometimes, takes months and even years to yield desired outcomes. You cannot even track views or clicks on your ads, so viewer activity analysis gets impossible.

You can instantly track and analyze the involvement of viewers and data in online marketing. With this record, you can also get numerous insights like the type of content that is attracting more audiences. You can also comprehend the medium that works best for you and which time of the day your content receives maximum activity.

  • Communication

When employing traditional marketing, if a customer has any kind of query concerning any product or service, it is quite hard for them to communicate with the service provider or seller immediately or vice versa.

For online ads, if people need to ask anything regarding that ad, they can just click on it. They will be redirected to the feedback or ‘contact us’ page. For social media ads, customers can just comment on the ad post. It is that simple!

So, which one do you think will work best for you?

Can traditional techniques ruin your brand presence? 

Traditional marketing is not necessarily an untouchable genre of marketing that can ruin your brand presence, but with advanced technology and so many internet opportunities, why not take advantage?

Based on the above-mentioned pointers, digital marketing seems the better option, although it is entirely dependent on the industry you are in.

If you want to target a global audience, or maybe a specific group that is spread worldwide, while on a low budget, opt for digital marketing. It will help you obtain information on your audiences instantly. Next time, you can make better marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, there is one drawback to consider when employing online marketing.

Unlike the traditional method, online ads cannot be repeated. Though you can spread the ad on multiple platforms, repeating the same ad on one platform is not possible in internet marketing. Furthermore, a few platforms offer to skip or remove ads with a premium subscription. Hence, they might never see banner ads or pop-up ads. Some internet users use ad-blockers too. So, if a viewer is not interested, they might choose any of the above options.

But, if you want to strengthen the pros of the digital marketing method, it is always a better option to take the assistance of a professional digital marketing team. Carney Technologies Services is a player in this field since over a decade. We, as a top-tier digital marketing company intends to provide effective digital marketing solutions by building personalized strategies. Also, help our clients to take the best-suited digital marketing decisions for their business. For more information about our services, dial 03340046569 or email us at info@carneytechnologies.com.

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