Local Search Engine Optimization

Did you know 95% of smartphone users perform local searches on their smartphones, out of which 61% called the business and 59% visited, as a Forbes study found out recently?

Also, Carney Technologies Services found 70% of mobile users directly call a business from Google search results from their mobile phones if the search meets their need.

All these numbers have one thing in common, they are primarily location-based searches. Since these prospects are from real time people, there are higher chances of conversion.

Local SEO is extremely important.

Every multi-location company, small, or mid-sized can grow their business and attract more customers with proper local SEO strategies by improving the online visibility.

Why your company needs it?

  • It is completely free – when you’d need to quantify, track, and evaluate the local SEO efforts, you won’t need any extra dime
  • Reach out to every customer in every nooks – It’s safe to say, the new yellow pages is the Local SEO. Let customers locate what they want on the go!
  • Improved web traffic – potential customers would easily be able to find you on search engines as local SEO can target the specific customers, bringing in high quality web traffic.
  • Easy conversion – Go-Globe found recently that close to 80% of the local-mobile searches are offline purchases. The “consumer’s intent” to get the results is what is making local SEO a more popular strategy for online marketers.

Leveraging locality for optimization is essential

Let Carney help you reach your goal! With affordable and customized online marketing services, you can get the most ROI for your business. Focus on your business and let our experts take it from here!

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