A Guide to Triumph over Brand’s Social Media Battles

A Guide to Triumph over Brand’s Social Media Battles

Gear up! You have social media marketing challenges to win. Are you ready?

If you are facing obstacles to flourishing your brand presence on social media platforms, then, surely, you’re not the only one.

With the growing digital presence of every small to big enterprise out there, it is not a secret that the competition is equally increasing, especially due to the goal of the companies to attract the attention of the consumers roaming on social media. From statistical data presented by the Sprout Social Index, 71% of users are spending time on social platforms.

Moreover, building a business presence being separated from the competition seems even more challenging when you consider the innovative surge of networks, superior aspirations from subscribers, and these factors together. Nowadays, every industry is jam-packed with enterprises and all display eagerness to brag about their services in action. In essence, social media has turned from a want to a need for all businesses in the last decade.

So, here’s a jotted-down list of the struggles of social media marketing faced by businesses.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing challenges encountered by businesses

  1. Consistent fight to win the battle against recognized competitors

The toughest truth lies here is that you have to deal with the big names that are already acquiring millions of traffic daily, generating double revenues, and already have millions of followers. But again, every big-shot company, be it any industry, for example, any top digital marketing agency was just a start-up in the beginning.

  1. Multi-social media platform presence 

When responding to numerous social platforms, the process becomes hectic and tedious. If you give more attention to such action, you’ll the list of engagement goes on with constant notifications, messages and posting deadlines and it becomes hard to keep up the customer engagement. This would certainly lead to productivity loss. So, strategy is what you need in that case.

  1. Drop in engagement rate and fewer social post exchanges

The ever-increasing competition ruined the popularity graph of social media’s organic engagement. And, the more companies sprouting every day, the more they are competing with each other for consumer attention. This diminishing engagement rate was a focal problem on Twitter and Facebook, but now, it has become equally prominent on Instagram. A very novel study by Rival IQ indicated that engagement rates have hurtled 30% YoY. And, if your brand faces the same problem, consider an Instagram marketing agency to help.

  1. Stakeholder fails to understand the importance of investing in social media

In most cases, this is one of the most stubborn and hard-to-solve aspects of social media challenges. This happens because many organizational superiors fail to see the value of spending on social podiums as a priority. In such times, a digital marketing company can prove otherwise.

The contribution of social media to acquiring new clients has been extensively studied, ranging from prospect creation to customer retention and even beyond. Indeed, social media is directly tied to 4 out of the top 5 marketing goals for 2022. A research study by Kantar noted that a net of 70% of responders is raising their expenditures for advertisements in social media stories and a gross of 68% doing the same for ads in social media feeds.

  1. Responding to your service hiccups and predicament

This is one of the very significant factors that often most business fails to foresee. Social media being a huge platform allows various kinds of users to engage, hence, a business needs to keep customer loyalty and satisfaction as its chief priority. Keeping customers in the loop might help you and your brand gain support from them in return during a crisis scenario. Remember, how you respond to callouts, questions, reviews and feedback helps you manage a positive social presence.

Now, having estimated the significant challenges any enterprise encounters when they commit to social media marketing, let’s move on to the relevant solutions associated with those.

Solutions to overcome the social media marketing obstacles

  1. Water the grass on your side first

Focusing on your competitor’s engagements and followers won’t benefit you or your employees. Thus, pay attention to building your own brand identity first and growing your community. Develop promotional strategies that aid the engagement of consumers, moreover, build a unique yet intense brand influence. Produce opportunities for employees for boosting the brand presence and reach beyond.

  1. Chose a priority platform

Identify the social platform that best suits your business and put effort there. Employ a tool that analyzes social network presence and assets to aid in streamlining your task flow and save you time. Outsourcing and sharing responsibilities can be quite effective too.

  1. Break the uphill battle with paid promotions

As mentioned earlier, organic search alone cannot win the social media battle; you need to develop a plan for paid promotion strategies alongside the same. You can do this by checking the posts that attracted the maximum engagements and interactions to understand the user demand. Also, if your issues extend to a particular social platform like Facebook, you can always approach any Facebook Marketing Company in India to bring a solution.

Furthermore, tapping into the space of existing customers with first-hand communication can be useful too. Another way you can increase the engagement rate is by collaborating with social influencers to expand beyond horizons and egg on more brand mentions.

  1. Document the impacts on business goals and highlight the pertinent metrics

You obviously can’t control an opinion of a stakeholder but at least putting forward a company requisition to a digital marketing agency might help change the opinion of a stakeholder. Keep track of how the social presence of brands impacts the business objectives by comprehending the social media KPIs. Also, maintaining the relevant strategies that helped you achieve your goals in the past and competitive analysis with market research can often hit the jackpot.

  1. Develop a crisis plan and boost customer interaction

Well, to increase customer satisfaction put attention to speeding up the response time. Remember, prompt responses always display a positive impression. Now, building a crisis plan will help effectively deal with severe backlash. Learn the most common customer issues, objections and concerns and customize the response accordingly without using templates.

Establishing a powerful social footprint is a deliberate process. Do not become anxious if you encounter obstacles or are unsure about what to do next. It occurs! What important is that you have a proactive strategy in place to maintain your presence. You cannot afford to avoid dealing with the aforementioned social media issues.

Summary– Facing challenges related to social media marketing is not new to businesses, but addressing the specific obstacles and seeking relevant solutions to them, is where the challenge lies. This blog intends to provide you with an insight into those issues and the solutions to them.

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