How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Get Ready For Market Uncertainties And Create A Sense Of Reassurance For Their Clients

April 7, 2020by admin0

All across the globe, businesses of all size – small medium and giant corporate, are coming term with the revelation that covid-19 pandemic is certainly going to change all their daily procedures. So, by the time you are reading this blog, we are all aware of the current crisis and awareness campaigns that are going on across the globe to fight against this condition.


The tragic reality is this corona virus is spreading quickly than expected and it has hit the revenues with unexpected loss and many businesses are forced to trim their budget. Experts all across the industries are providing with analytics and recommendations about the upcoming economic meltdown. When it comes to digital marketing, Brett Patterson, digital analytics lead at Site improve imposed on the idea how the remotely working format may overall influence the digital analytics data.

Is it too early to be scary?

There are various analytics saying covid-19  will soon reach its end while some speculations are indeed scary. But amidst everything, it’s important to understand how it is impacting the businesses for online and offline. There is no doubt marketing budgets will be slashed as the potential search demand has reached a reduced margin. Neither it’s not too difficult to gauge search and social media marketing can go expensive; and, this is where you need to optimise your campaign and meet your return on advertising spend goals.

Reduced paid search and implications

As said, the search demand is down. So, if your company is categorised as one of the non-essential service providers, you mind want to consider reevaluating your paid spend.  Even the most profitable campaigns can yield negative result at the situation if you cannot judge how much to trim in your spend. As a digital marketing agency, Carney Technologies Services can help you proceed with caution and clearly state what should be the top priority for your company’s advertising strategy at the moment.

Simultaneously, if your company is selling products and services which are life saving and still have the demand in this time, it is the perfect scope to maximize your digital ad spend. Seriously, how many of you think are going on that gas station and seeing that billboard but you cannot stop the youtube ads!

Tweaking your campaign

  • Start by maximizing email marketing campaign

Emails are effective and most importantly cheap. If you want to reach a certain audience however you cannot afford to potentially increase your paid spend, here is the right time to opt for the email campaigns. Reminding clients and customers that they can still get their needs online is very reassuring. That being said, the seriousness of this pandemic should not be overlooked, which means if you are giving your customers a free shipping, it would be not very ethical to include a discount code such as corona virus or covid-19. It is a sensitive time and a sensitive subject and your brand should represent it well.

  • Content marketing and SEO

Performance losses are equally seen in organic channels and it is mainly because of the overall drop in the search demand. However, if you already have a content marketing effort, it would be wrong to drop it suddenly because customers are still at home and even if are looking for your products just casually, they should not see a considerable drop in the activity on your website which can be otherwise detrimental for your brand image. On the same line of thought, if you are planning to reduce your spend on SEO, you are also risking organic rankings. Planned digital marketing campaigns with planned content and conversion strategies will be essential when this entire situation recovers.

What we suggest

The expert team at Carney is aware and sensitive of the Covid 19 pandemic and we strongly believe it is wrong to exploit them at a situation when basic necessities such as hand sanitizers, and toilet papers are going out of stock from the market. As a responsible digital marketing agency, we believe it is wrong to run ads or create ads that sell them at sky high price. We would sincerely urge every digital marketer out there not exploit the situation just for the sake of making of quick big bucks.


That being said, our team can help you suggest how to structure your plan for your upcoming future digital marketing strategies. Also, the experts can help you review the situation and the performance of the website while the market is stagnant. We can help you define the opportunity and forecast your goals that can help you set smart objectives. Get your digital dashboard created that can target customers and rebuild future communications with your company’s customers. Last but not the least, we can help you set the budget for the digital customer acquisition in future and can also help in improving the customer retention plan.

Carney is with you

A certain segment of experts are constantly advising on avoiding social media. The reason is simple – too many fake news from unknown sourced statistics can create unnecessary panic during this pandemic. On the other hand, the beauty of the social media is how you bring on a tone, be it for individuals or business, that can help maintain the optimistic approach during this time. Showing solidarity to all those working in the front line for the betterment of the world, Carney sincerely prays and hopes that this period of uncertainty passes soon. Prioritising customers and their safety always been Carney technologies Service’s aim and until the situation gets better we will keep you updated with our blogs on how critical it is to keep up your digital marketing efforts rather than leaning on the digital spend.

Stay safe.

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