SEO for Interior Designers: 10 Best SEO Strategies

SEO for Interior Designers: 10 Best SEO Strategies

Is your interior design website failing to make a mark online? Are you struggling with fewer leads and finding it hard to penetrate the target market. Well, search engine optimization and have been and will always be a game changer when you are trying to brave through the intense competition in the digital platform. If you have already a few SEO tricks up your sleeve and they are far from result-driven, you need to stop and think of new strategies. SEO for interior designers may mean the difference between a comfortable position in the search engines and constantly worrying about lack of website traffic.

So, what are those ultimate SEO strategies that your interior design needs to implement to outsmart the competitors? Check these key aspects and move closer to business success in record time.

  1. Keyword research

If your Interior designing business is going through several ups and downs and you are fumbling for time to look after the SEO tricks, you are only losing valuable time. Start with keyword research immediately as it is one of the most valuable steps for website optimization. Once you narrow down the list of keywords that align with your services, insert them in the right places. That way, you will gear up for targeted traffic and expect the conversions to improve. Now, how to get hold of the right keywords? With tools like SEMRUSH and Ahrefs, you can get good insights and identify the correct trends when selecting keywords that align with about your business’s online presence.

  1. Switch to technical SEO

What does technical SEO do to an interior design website? Well, it does a lot actually. However, the focus of technical optimization is fixing those issues that are likely to dampen your company’s position online. Here is how it comes to help:

  • Takes care of website security which can help you rank more easily
  • Reminds you about the importance of a responsive and user-friendly website that is also easy to navigate
  • The website needs to have an organized structure with a clean layout of pages that are arranged hierarchically.
  • Ensures that the XML sitemap provides an opportunity to Google’s search bots for proper indexing.
  1. Relevant content

One of the primary aspects of interior designing SEO is incorporating relevant content in the website. It is one of the best ways of interacting with your audience and builds a loyal base of customers. For a company dealing with interior designing expertise, different content forms will help them establish a strong presence. Here is how:

  • Video content is all rage nowadays, and for audiences viewing your website a couple of videos posted in regular intervals helps in revealing your work.
  • To convey relevant information to your audience, blogs help exhibit your services more succinctly.
  • Want to make the website content visually attractive and optimize readability with a blend of texts and images? Rev the credibility of your brand with infographics to lure your prospects.
  • Stay more open-minded about your services and reveal the perspectives of your existing clients with case studies. Enlighten the knowledge of users with real-world examples.
  1. Smarten your Google Business Profile

When your business is listed on Google Business Profile, you get nearer to your customers and also touch the local base. With the GBP, you can list down your services and make your business more discoverable on Google Maps, and Google Search. Include relevant information such as customer reviews, location, address, products and services, videos, photos, and contact to be found more easily.

  1. Competitor analysis

SEO for interior designers looks half-hearted without a 360 degree analysis of the competitors.  It is one of the best tactics to discover which companies are ranking highly with your targeted keywords. Go on and discover the strategies that are making them stand out and leverage their weaknesses to understand the market acquire more customers.

  1. Image optimization


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Images are the go-to option for interior designing SEO. But are all images on your website relevant to your business? If you have not been experiencing improvements in website traffic and leads, go ahead and optimize your images. For more engagement, follow these ways of image optimization.

  • Compress the images for the website to load easily
  • Insertion of keywords in the image file name
  • Add alt tags to the images for them to favor your business and services
  • Don’t forget to include targeted keywords in image descriptions and captions
  1. Include long-tail keywords for targeting niche customers


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Long-tail keywords include more specific phrases that are essential for targeting niche customers looking for interior design services. Although the search volume of those keywords is seemingly low but they eventually lead to higher conversion rates. For instance, green interior design in [include the location] is one way for customers to identify your services and what your business stands for.

  1. Link building for improving visibility


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Backlinks bring more traffic to websites and contributes to search engine rankings. Let more researchers and bloggers discover your website, leverage proven content formats for backlinks, publish guide and listing articles, and get them from authority websites. Communicate your intentions to the SEO service provider for the best results.

  1. Work on on-page SEO

With on-page SEO, you go on improving various components of your website to orient them with the search engines. For instance, optimizing the HTML tags, content, and images ensure that your website represents your offerings precisely. It also allows users and helps them capitalize your expertise in interior designing.

  1. Steer clear of keyword mistakes

Yes, keyword insertion is an important aspect of SEO for interior designers. Don’t choose the most popular keywords or depend on one keyword; instead search for a few good keywords that are relevant to your business. Refrain from keyword stuffing and let the inclusions look as natural as possible.

When it comes to SEO for interior designing, get started with an organized strategy and a solid plan that sticks out. However, you need to hold on to the patience as the results usually start showing between three to six months. Carney Technology Services is a name you can trust for optimizing your interior designing website. They are a one-stop destination for to ensure that all your SEO needs are met and your business stands out in the competitive market.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is local SEO important for interior designing website?

With local SEO, your website is optimized for a specific geographical location. It is a good strategy for interior designing businesses to reach out to local customers.

  1. How soon can I expect the SEO results to show?

Well, SEO is a long-term strategy. It may take anywhere between several months or a year for your website’s rankings to improve significantly.

  1. Should I hire a professional SEO service to optimize my website?

SEO includes various tactics and strategies that are best known to professional SEO services. So, you can hire one but make sure you research their track record for the best results.

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