MAD over Marketing, Advertising and Technology? MADTech has a seat for you.

January 17, 2020by admin0

MADTechAre you looking for more than a cookie-cutter experience in Marketing, Advertising and Technology? Gathering some of the brightest minds of the industry, MADTech Summit V1.0 is going to be your favourite breakout session this year, combined with workshops by industry leaders.

In today’s age, it has become imperative for marketers to understand the knick-knacks of the digital route and how implementing the right strategies can enhance their marketing efforts. Addressing some of the poignant queries like how some brands have developed an emotional bridge with its audience, will digital automation take over the business rules, what strategic opportunities will the digital landscape imply to lead generation in future, MADTech Summit V1.0 will cater to a lot of mind-boggling ideas and cutting-edge concepts.

Addressing the CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, other CxOs along with those looking for a persuasive career in digital marketing, advertising and technology, the summit is the debut venture by Carney Technologies Services. Rewarded as Asia’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency by International Brand Consulting Corporation USA, Carney is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kolkata and gradually making its presence felt across India.

Data explosion is one of the most prolific concerns to look out for in today’s world. Through channels, products, and improved customer experiences, the digital world is driving shift to connect with its target audience through smart scheme of action which involves not just the technical advancements but depends largely on the content.

It is an established truth that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning must be the pillars of any successful digital marketing. Data driven optimisation can help improve the precision of the marketing campaigns thereby improve the revenue generation.

Join the premier one-day event by Carney to find out more about the event and enjoy a sip of tea with the industry leaders!

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