How to Identify the Signs That Your Website Has Been Impacted By Google Algorithm Update?

How to Identify the Signs That Your Website Has Been Impacted By Google Algorithm Update?

There is one thing that the SEO professionals dread and most of them are scared out of the wits when they hear about Google core update. What is all about it that gives the SEO companies a chill down the spine? Well, the most obvious impact is that the rank they build with so much effort suddenly becomes unexpectedly low. Besides, the bounce rates go up and the leads come down. There are plenty of things that they need to take up from scratch and the worst is dealing with the concerns and anxieties of clients.

Algorithm update: get the facts right

Google updates its algorithms several times within a year but the minor ones are often overlooked. However, when a major update rolls out, the algorithms change. So, the strategies that an SEO agency in India applies to elevate the search rankings of brands need to undergo major revisions as well, and that’s no easy task. Dealing with poor online visibility and lowered website traffic is indeed disappointing. The impact of an update may not be felt initially, and the effect is usually gradual. Be it a core or a new update, here is how a roll out may look like:

  • Progressive rollouts get stronger with time and it is very difficult to recover from its impact.
  • Geographic rollouts are primarily related to content updates
  • Volatile rollouts leave an immediate impact with a hint of recovery

How to know if your website has been impacted by a major update?

The real buzz surrounds the SEO agencies when Google rolls out major updates and impacts everyone from the top tier to the bottom. Here is how to know that your website has been affected:

  1. Keyword rankings going down

Keyword ranking is related to those phrases for which a company holds its position in the search engine rankings. These keywords increase the likelihood of a business being found more easily in the search engines. That way, your site gains more visibility to existing and prospective users.

So, when a major update arrives, and your position goes down from the top to somewhere to the level where you are lost in the crowd, it’s not an easy thing. When you notice such a big change in your website, it’s rather easy to get a hint that the update does not prefer your present grade. Well, Google changes its algorithms to ensure that the most relevant and useful matter goes to the users and benefits them from the ground up. It may also mean that Google considers that more relevant and productive websites deserve to go to the top. A top SEO company in India can help you manage this downfall and ensure that you stay on the top and produce top-notch content that makes your brand stand out from the rest.

  1. No conversions

With the arrival of a major algorithm update, it’s not just the traffic that receives a blow but the rate of conversions change as well. As the ranking positions change and the targeted keywords for which your website ranked previously, you will not get many visitors who may convert. Now, the changing pattern of conversion reveals that your website is under the spell of Google algorithm update. Your site may not appear as trustworthy to Google as it was before the update came.

  1. Decline in organic traffic

The traffic your business gets from unpaid resources like the search engines comprise organic traffic and plays a major role in determining business success. Every SEO service in India works tirelessly creates its strategies based on organic search traffic and help businesses improve their organic ranking. But a major Google update may mean that your site’s rank may drop down to the lowest levels, resulting in fewer clicks and conversions.  These updates aim to improve the users’ experience. When your website’s organic traffic gets a hit, it’s an indication that your website needs further improvement and your content is far from high-quality or what the search engine thinks might be more beneficial for users.

  1. Increased bounce rates

Increasing bounce rates may mean several things. It might be that your site’s content is not useful to users and they are switching to other websites to find what align with their purposes. Remember that the search engine aims to deliver the most appropriate content to users, and the new update reveals that your site’s content is far behind than matching the search intent of users.

  1. Notifications in Google Search Console

Has any notification arrived in Google Search Console? Stay attuned with Google’s insights on this valuable tool and you may notice which issues are preventing your website from ranking in the search engines and becoming more valuable to users.

  1. Changes in page indexing

Page indexing is one of the most crucial aspects associated with website ranking and visibility. It’s what Google does to store your website pages that eventually come in the search engine results. The algorithm update changes the order of indexing or what seems more appropriate to Google. So, your pages might not appear on the search engine after a major update and you will know that it has been impacted by the new algorithm.

  1. Check the rankings of competitors

Google’s core update is like a twist. Even a top SEO company in India needs to struggle while figuring out the solutions. However, you are not the only one to feel the heat. Several brands become trapped with the tweak in rules. You will come across noticeable shifts in rankings of users. Some of them might go up and others may come down when there is major change in the rules.

  1. Variations in the SERP

Some of the features of the search engine’s result pages like snippets and knowledge panels go a long way in enhancing a site’s visibility and ranking and improves click-through rates. When your website becomes devoid of these features suddenly, you can take it to be a direct impact of an update. It may also mean that the search engine’s criteria of awarding local packs and snippets have also changed.

So, you are familiar with the ways that help you identify that your website is hit by Google’s major algorithm update. What’s waiting to be done is using smart tactics to rebuild your online presence. It won’t be easy or take longer than usual to make a comeback. Why don’t you hire an SEO agency in India to restore your position in the search engine? Carney Technology Services has helped companies, both local and international to elevate their presence online. Count yourself in, and you are good to go. Need to know more? Visit our website to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When did Google’s last core update arrive?

The last major update of Google was in March 2024.

What did the latest core update target at?

The March 2024 core update aims to improve the quality of content in the search engines. Google thinks that improving the quality of content and eliminating low-quality content will make users come back to authentic sites that offer relevant information.

Why is the core update important?

The primary objective of a core update is tweaking the ranking systems to ensure that search engines show up the most relevant and helpful content that benefits users.

How many updates may arrive each year?

The year 2023 witnessed four major updates and there is only one in 2024 that came in March. No fixed forecasts can be made as the numbers vary every year.

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