Did you get the ad of a particular flight booking company while searching for the air tickets to your friend’s wedding? Is your inbox filled with some particular special skincare brands highlighting exclusive offers ‘just for you’?

Chances are you might scroll down for more options in flight booking, you might also ignore the exclusive deal mail, but probability says that it’s fifty percent likely that you will click the cheap flight website option that comes on the top ranks, you will visit the skincare online store to check out the further deals!

While you are looking for options, the world is watching you!

There has been a continuous adaptation to meet the needs of customers and brands akin in the world of digital marketing. From banners to big data, established digital infrastructure has become essential for increased connectivity. Changes are happening much faster than expected. Carney Technologies Services being one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata is witnessing these amazing technological innovation and dramatic developments.

Stepping up of artificial intelligence

Carney AnnouncementThe typical marketing practice of generating web traffic on search engines is through paid search, or search engine marketing. Marketers either pay each time their ad is clicked (technically referred to as pay per click advertising) or when their commercial is displayed. This needs a specially trained and dedicated team who can decide what platforms to spend on to receive the most traction.

This idea of programmatic advertising is about probable distribution of the traditional method of paid media. This can be utilized by artificial intelligence to automatically buy the advertising space, with the help of data, and determine which ad should target what audience.


What is Facebook predicting about its ads?

There is fierce competition of Facebook, whether you see it or not.

With better inroads with advertisers, the platform has been successful in developing new ad products for it stories (experts believe stories will be a larger medium than feed has been). The new developments in the platform includes more than just the Facebook ads and are as follows:

  • A decline in your reach as more companies fight eyeballs
  • People will shop on Facebook
  • Facebook will become your wallet
  • Speech recognition technology will be implemented
  • More Video Ads

Instagram Marketing

From augmented reality (AR) to vertical video, Instagram Ads are here to stay and how! With Instagram Live, Stories, and IGTV, clearly, the influencers are here to make the more interesting than ever before.

  • Find out how to produce and edit vertical video so you can be ready for 2019
  • Design offline events by influencer marketing
  • Shopping on IG – swipe up in stories, tagging products, or shopping through the link in bio
  • Advertising on Instagram Stories is growing

YouTube Advertising – yeah or nah?

Experienced social media marketers find YT a viable advertising medium for 2019 and beyond. A new research reveals that consumers have a considerable response rate to YouTube ads as it continues to enjoy being the undisputed ruler of online video. Insights on YT advertising shows:

  • Viewers or customers recognize Ads on YouTube readily than of any other social media like Facebook
  • Ads for products or services with universal appeal receives more views and reduced cost per view
  • Marketers stay put in YouTube
  • Ad Views are influenced by audience interests and user device


More than 2.3 billion people globally use social media. Apart from the free profiles, the top social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, any business can use paid social ads to impact more customers.

Even companies which have stellar organic presence on social platforms need to combine clever text and images to leverage the power of social media advertising to engage and convert target customers.

So, here’s what’s next in social media industry:

  • Clear shift in focus – less on the feeds but more on private messages/stories
  • Trustworthy and authentic influencers aren’t going away
  • Brands will concentrate more on content and be more consistent across channels
  • Small communities is going to trump for big businesses


With the idea to change the entire biome of the public services, the Government of India has launched the Digital India programme to make the society digitally empowered. From application of the employment programs to food delivery options, everything is getting online. As understood, the digital marketing career in India can take you to the right place if you know where to start from.

The announcement from the Indian Prime Minister highlighted that by 2020 the digital space will see a significant change for the youth. Many industries joined are joining themselves to make e-India a reality.

With all these being said, small to mid-sized companies need the help of the skilled work force from the SEO company of India. Carney Technologies services is a promising name in the Eastern India who has worked with over a hundred clients and bringing their digital presence afloat.

Many institutions are nowadays introducing degree courses that focus of various disciplines of Internet Marketing such as understanding the content marketing services India, pay per click advertising, SEM, SEO, email marketing and more. Should you wish to make your career in this challenging field, reach out to Carney consultancy services.

Why future of digital India looks bright?

For individuals For businesses
More institutions with digital marketing courses Growth in government’s e-marketplace
Growth in the number of internet users Reaching global markets
Small towns getting digitally equipped Higher engagement rate
Affordable course for professionals Affordable for advertising
Increased digital classifieds market revenue


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