AI content writing tools are popularly being used in creating content. This advent has made the need of content writers questionable. So, here’s an insight into AI content writing tools and its impact on content writers.

Content is king in digital marketing.  The quality of content can make or break digital marketing strategies. Well, content has been present in the digital marketing arena since the last decade. However, the increasing use of digital marketing; with more and more consumers enjoying an online presence, the importance of content has grown exponentially; like never before.

Importance of Content in Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence Content Writing

Good content creation is the need of the hour. Most digital marketing companies’ and marketers hire skilled content writers to develop unparalleled and high quality content to woo their target audience. Prospective customers have a strong online presence. The only way to entice them is through great content that not only equips them with the required information, but is also interesting and readable. Well, this is not easy. Plenty of research for the right keywords, relevant topic ideas, content creation, proof reading and uploading is involved in perfect content marketing. Furthermore is the challenge of the dearth of good content writers in the market.

The good news is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) content writing tools not only make the process easier, but also fill the gap in great content creation. They are capable of creating high quality content.

However, this change begs the all-important question whether AI content writing tools are here to replace content writers. Although it is true that machines work flawlessly; leaving no scope for errors in the content, it lacks the human touch.

It is understandable that emails to be sent out to the massive customer base can be tuned by AI tools to personalise it by adding the name of each customer. AI tools can assist content writers to make their content free from spelling or grammatical errors.

The same may not be applicable to the content developed for SEO and SMO. Of course, AI tools can outrun humans in analysing minute information and analysing data.  They often fall short in personalizing the content in tune with the customer’s expectations. For; undoubtedly, understanding human behaviour may not be a plus point of AI tools. Addressing a human at a personal level cannot be done without the involvement of another human. AI tools have the advantage of perfect and flawless analysis coupled with utmost accuracy.

Working Together

So, ideally, machine and human can join hands to reach content marketing goals.AI tools can be used by content writers to develop high quality content. AI content writer can make content marketing more effective, relevant and engaging.

Here’s how AI content writer can be used to make a significant difference in content writing.

Research: Content writing is not a cakewalk. Opening software and writing content is not the route to creating great content. It requires research on the topic to be written, keywords and loads of information. Putting all the information to draft a piece that caters to the marketers and audience is both time consuming and intimidating. What’s more, at the end of it all, it may just not seem perfect and demand re-writing with the same effort being put in all over again.

Although AI tools cannot replace human beings, they can take care of the more challenging task of research, data and market analysis; identification of conversations on the Internet, which can help writers in drafting the perfect content with the required information. AI tools successfully assist marketers in creating the perfect content, in tandem with the requirements of the target audience. What’s more, content writers can use their skills in presenting the research based data in a personalised and enticing way in the time and energy saved.

Personalized Effectively: AI tools effectively track conversations and data related to target customers. Relevant information related to the prospective customers proves handy in understanding their likes and dislikes. Content marketing is all about engaging with the customers at a personal level. Information related to their behaviour, likes and dislikes helps marketers in creating personalised content that connects with them and thereby, entices them almost instantaneously. So, AI + Human = Personalization.

Engaging: The primary goal of content and digital marketing is to push customers and enhance the turnover. Personalization promotes customer engagement and thereby, revenue.

Faster Content Generation:  The popular marketing jargon reads, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ So, to be on the customer’s mind, the brand name must essentially be in sight. Content creation cannot be delayed. AI tools when used by content writers enable faster and better content generation. Faster customer generation is equivalent to more customer interaction and enhanced customer engagement too, which then results in higher revenue.

It is often argued whether machines; especially AI tools have rendered human beings useless. Well, it is important to remember that however effective machines are they cannot replace the human mind and human touch. For; ultimately, it is humans that have created them. Of course, they have reduced human effort in more than one way and successfully helped humans enhance their performance, while saving time and effort significantly. AI tools have proved their efficiency in various fields and are truly promising.

They are bound to prove their worth in content writing too. For writers, using AI tools are bound to improve their quality of writing and help them render better content.

So, AI tools in content creation are a boon.

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