New life for Small Businesses with Digital Marketing in The Pandemic

When the pandemic, COVID 19, hit the world, all countries were affected. We are still in the middle of the outbreak and businesses have slowly begun to realize the actual impact of the setback. The storm is still blowing, and it seems endless. It is very difficult to estimate its long-term effects. Although society has been hit by several pandemics in the past, it is difficult to estimate the long-term economic impact. But it is heartening to see how the world looked at the sudden transformation and revenue accumulation from small businesses. The digital strategy was the hero that has managed to salvage small entrepreneurs and helped them to play big in the competitive world with sharp, inescapable digital marketing strategies. Yes, the road is a long one, but the rays of hope are shining brightly, and small players can see a world potentially waiting to profit from their contributions.

Digital Marketing is the buzzword

digital-marketing The name of the game is Digital Marketing and companies are realizing the strength of this powerful marketing tool. They are holding nothing back. Those who did not care about having a digital presence are recognizing the value and those who did are making themselves more visible and approachable in the market. Having a social media presence and hiring competent digital marketing agencies have helped them to garner sales even in this market that has been depressing for many entrepreneurs.

Reacting to adaptation

digital-adoptation The biggest challenge for small businesses is adaptability and those who have an open approach to sudden transformation have benefitted from this marketing forefront and even become leaders. Availing the best option and taking quick decisions towards this transition was important and many did. The interactive channel over the internet helped these companies to get closer to their customers. It helped them track their customers daily and showed their preferences and interests. This was something that they had seldom explored while selling to in-person clients. Some realized that they were opening doors to a fully charged market and would reap profits of unproportionate dimensions. Tapping this world would raise their business by leaps and bounds.

Playing Safe

However, some businesses who are still apprehensive of the latent possibilities that digital marketing can spark in their business are still in a state of observation. Experts like Scott Jones, the CEO of 123 Internet Group told the Forbes Magazine that the times ahead are uncertain, but the increase in remote and collaborative working style is embracing digital transformation. Companies are updating websites and creating social media channels with a focus on home workers and involving SEO influencers to reach their audience.

The marketing strategies are being redeveloped to sync with digital platforms. From on-road sale to online sale, digital strategies are being reinvented for the online marketing channels. Research on the best practices and tactics of finding customers online and how easily they can be approached without being too direct yet making them aware of the product and company. The shift of consumers has also been more towards the digital than in-person purchase and the combination of both the demand and supply is proving to be beneficial for small businesses.

However, the hope for normalcy is still alive in the heart of some businesses and they are holding back and not fully giving 100% to digital marketing. You cannot expect to reserve your cards and win at the same time. If you wish to ration your objectives, then the results would measure in the same equation. Small businesses who are truly benefitting realize the long-term marketing contingency of marketing digitally.

Not a stop-gap marketing  

Digital marketing is not an SOS and is not providing an emergency cover-up. Small businesses profiting from this reality are living proof of what digital marketing can do. Look at small merchants selling directly to customers from Facebook and WhatsApp. Live sessions on Facebook and Instagram are taking them and their product directly to their customers. They are being rewarded by immediate conversion. These can go a long way and the long-term value stored in them will define future business marketing strategies that are immense and have a much wider reach than they can ever envisage.

The power of digital marketing 

Digital marketing is based on information and analytics and smart achievement from the SEO tools. Small businesses who are ready to plunge in this quite unknown world of marketing holding hands of their digital marketing agencies are realizing the limitless scope for their business. Digital marketing tools scoop out the customer’s choice from a bowl full of varied interest and bring it to the seller. They help them to know and recognize their audience and understand their exact demand.

Once the background is framed your business finds the right orientation by targeting the audience in just the way that would be regarded and responded to by them. For capturing audience interest, various content strategies play a subtle role in molding and influencing the mind of the customer towards the product circulated by the business owner. The product offering, too, is intrinsically tuned to flatter the taste of those who will appreciate its worth. This kind of non-invasive marketing practice cannot be imagined where in-person marketing is concerned. But its depth and impact are far more provoking than any other marketing standards.

Certain cautions and step-up plans are helpful, such as giving your business an online identity with an informative and attractive website. Furnishing the website with valuable literature that is useful to customers, jazzing it up with images that show your product in the way a customer can use it and visualize it. Sharing all the valuable content from images, blogs, and videos in social media channels used by your singled out plausible audience, are the most effective and adaptive stages to build pillars for social media marketing that will keep harping and winning recognition from potential customers.

Small businesses secret to digital success

The reason why small businesses could benefit from digital marketing is they are prepared to experiment, and it involves minimum cost owing to the inexpensive tools. They are not finding it difficult to strategize, conceptualize and track campaigns for their targeted sections. The best part about digital marketing is its borderless appeal. You might think that your marketing plan is for a certain section, but you will be surprised when customers from off way segments approach you with queries. This is no resistance; it is a platform that flows within the mass of digital users whose interest you can trigger from the remotest zones of Manipur to the flamboyant homes of Manhattan.

ROI The wise decision taken by several small business owners will bring higher returns on the money and time they invest in digital marketing. Rebuilding and repurposing their employees and adapting them towards digital marketing will rephrase the concept of conventional marketing and add some more enhancement to the old dictum of how we viewed marketing in earlier days.

Approximately 60% of businesses that closed during the crisis won’t be reopening, according to Yelp’s Economic Impact Report, released in mid-September. This is an opportunity for people that have small businesses to make the most of the situation. You can easily pivot sale directly to customers.

People in the fitness industry are reaching out to customers with routine health programs.  Cosmetic, jewelry, teaching, all are generating excellent results with direct customer interactions on social channels. People tied to their home are exploring social channels like Instagram and Facebook, looking for anything new that breaks into their monotony, and this is the time to strike and win their interest.

Businesses offering online meeting and event opportunities are also finding a way to gain traction in this pandemic hit market. They are helping large businesses and organizations to stay connected with stimulating meeting apps and facilities.

Digital services offering online support in any sphere be it legal, financial or English editing or consulting are finding their business in a better position in the pandemic with Digital marketing.


The best thing about digital marketing is that big companies are competing with small ones as they start from point zero on the digital platform. Even a company like Uber or KFC, are going boldly on social media announcing that they are meeting the best social distancing and hygiene practice. ‘’Please use our service,’’ puts them in the same plane as any small business. Digital marketing is turning the table with product-related business. More than your fame your product has the power to challenge any product that has earned a long-term reputation if they do not go right on the digital platforms. Therefore, a word of caution. Digital marketing is here to stay and only those with resilient plans will take off and heighten their business scope. Use digital marketing for exploring infinite possibilities. Carny technology is a responsible digital agency that promotes the marketing of many companies through its highly efficient digital strategies. It has helped many companies to profit in these difficult pandemic times. Small businesses looking for digital marketing support can make a perceptible difference to their business with our expertise. Contact

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