Why should you care about Digital Marketing for a Business?

Why should you care about Digital Marketing for a Business?

Shifting from the traditional to the digital is difficult for some. The age-old concept has made us trusted the tried, tested, and result-driven traditional billboards, print media ads, standees, flyers, posters, pamphlets, there are so many ways that attracted the audience each equally effective than the other. But what changed? The world was suddenly gripped by the pandemic. Safety signifies a shift and that is the single most important reason to care for digital marketing for a business.

Just like offline print advertising is versatile the digital marketing platform shares a plethora of ways, modes, and channels to flag off advertisement and publicity for businesses of all sizes and scales. The scopes of digital marketing are huge, equal if not more than the offline advertisement. The good thing about digital marketing is it hadn’t dawned on the world after the pandemic. The advertising media is nearing two decades of success and now with greater dependency, it will emerge in its new avatar. The reluctance of some businesses to the digital platform is understandable as those with customer concertation in the rural belt of the country or faraway places where the internet connection is based on mobile data may not be as effective as print advertising.

A report published on 3rd June 2021 by the Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and consulting firm Kantar reveals that India’s rural internet user base is growing over three times faster and is quickly catching up to surpass the urban user base. That should be a reassuring piece of information for those who are still apprehensive of taking the first step. The report also confirmed that the total internet users grew by 4% in urban India reaching 323 million users in 2020, digital adoption continues to be propelled by rural India — registering a 13% growth in internet users over the past year. The report spots 622 million active internet users in 2020 out of a total population of 1,433 million individuals. This estimates that 43% of the population are active internet users, which means they have used the internet once in the previous month. Nine out of ten are daily internet users, this comprises both rural and urban population using the internet for entertainment, communication, and social media. The power of the digital space is categorically clear by the numbers. So, do you still wish to care less about digital marketing?

How will Digital Marketing care for your business? 

Digital marketing is a breath of fresh air that provides respite to a business not just in bringing their product forward on the digital platform, but the advertising spending is much less than its print counterpart. At this time when businesses are grappling with mere survival, digital marketing is a heart-warming opportunity to ensure that not only is your product not forgotten but your product can sink in with greater penetration in the customer’s mind if you are up over all your competitors in the business. With people being confined to their homes in the lockdown phase and safety issues compelling them to online dependencies, this is the best time to grab the attention of the customer with the right digital strategy. Connect, engage, and impact, that is the go-to call and if you leave the good work to honed marketers, you can sit back and watch your digital profile graph scale to a high that you might have never thought in print advertising. As Dave Willis, Author and Speaker puts it “don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people,” digital marketing crafts and designs strategies that engage the audience in a social web and over an extended period shapes and influences customer choices on audience behavior. How do they do it?

They touch the right customers.

The effectiveness of digital marketing that makes it a lethal tool is more pregnable than any other form of advertising. The analytical tool on the performance of each of its advertising content is readily available. Your answers are ready even before you begin to question your strategy. The insights are a probing reality, if your successes are glaring so are your failures and the best part is you do not need to rely on weekly, quarterly, or yearly market reviews to ascertain the performance. Digital real-time AI-driven computing will give you a complete assessment of your marketing moves. Exciting, isn’t it? That is the advantage and that is one of the strongest reasons why you should care for digital marketing. Your audience gives you ready feedbacks which leaves you disposed to changing your marketing strategy if it does not meet the expectations, it was set out with. Your website which is your strongest digital product is converted to a powerhouse for connecting with your online audience. Devising search engine strategies SEO, the website pages are optimized in various ways to enable search engine crawling and ranking it high with result-oriented keywords. This is considered the most powerful weapon for digital marketing. Your website is your conversion funnel, and all energies of digital engagements are generated to drive the traffic to the website. Once your audience lands here a conversion is imminent. Engagements are designed through social media, emails, landing pages, paid advertisement, SEM search engine marketing boosts your site ranking with per-per-click. Improving conversion reduces the cost per conversion. All these build a fascinating journey for the brand as customers follow and begin to build their confidence in the brand which works on its image building with responsibility, community relation through knowledge and information. All these subtle marketing journeys are curated by efficient digital marketing gurus.

What is Content Marketing? 

Content creation based on quality plays an important role in influencing your TG with knowledge and information. As Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia so lucidly defines “When I hear people debate the ROI of social media? It makes me remember why so many businesses fail. Most businesses are not playing the marathon. They’re playing the sprint. They’re not worried about lifetime value and retention. They’re worried about short-term goals.” Content marketing is the approach that determines building a community of followers. Website, Video, Blogs, Articles, Infographics, Gifs, Posts, Images, Podcasts, White Pages, eBooks, Presentations, Webinars etc. fall under the wide umbrella of content marketing. This is a strategy that attracts your audience and helps you build a following. The content is upped with SEO keywords allowing it to boost organically on social and search engine platforms. Social media platforms that carry your content are selected by digital marketing agencies sensing an affinity with your product. The channels that best agree with your product and where your TG group is based. It is generally accepted that the B2B community loves LinkedIn and Twitter, while the B2C community loves Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. However, smart digital marketing agencies are more conscious of targeting their audience and build their bridges wherever there is an opportunity. So, the Digital Marketing platform allows you the liberty to experiment and goes with whatever works rather than sticking to stereotypes.

Competitor pressure

Competition is everywhere, and your competitors also act as your business planners. The analysis just does not happen on your own product, but digital marketing agencies also review regular competitor analysis. Observing what is working for your competitors gives ideas to businesses to strengthen their strategy, every company is doing it therefore the cutting-edge technology is an advantage for customers that they are being served with only the best. The stark division was not this prominent in any other form of marketing as it is today in digital marketing, while the pressure is a lot more the returns are equally relishing. So, you must keep up the good work, you cannot lose sight of reality even for a second, who knows when the carpet will be pulled. This agile model of marketing is challenging but highly rewarding.

Impressive but not immediate

It is important to know and understand that digital marketing does not bring instant results. Even six months is not enough to reap the harvest of your hard work. You must be patient and continue to put up and keep going with the blueprints drawn by your digital marketing agency. If you feel restless and impatient and think you must get rewarding results in a short span, you are bound for disappointment. The entire process is based on cultivating your customer base. The reason why this marketing mode is less expensive is it relies on organic advertisement with sparring paid initiatives to draw eyeballs. Holding up to this exceptionally well-staged step by step slow advertising plan is something that businesses must be ready for. https://www.carneytechnologies.com/ says there are no quick results in the digital platforms as there are no permanent relationships. The endeavor to keep fostering your audience base is a work that should never stop even when you start observing positive results, remember your customer is fickle and if they find a taste of something better elsewhere, the switch is inevitable.

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