7 Smart SEO Hacks You Must Try in 2019

7 Smart SEO Hacks You Must Try in 2019

Want to get more traffic to your business website? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most impactful way to boost up your website with zillions of traffic. Well, there can be a huge gap between knowing all the effective ways of SEO and applying them appropriately. Getting a good rank on your website is not a “low-hanging fruit” that you can get easily. You have to achieve it by applying different effective SEO strategies. However, it’s not that much difficult to get high rank if you make out the applications of the trendiest SEO techniques.

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Yes, getting more effective users on a website is a never-ending process; you must perform accordingly to create interest of your users. Examples are there for the marketers that how the well-established business brands lose their popularity just because of not knowing the smart and trendy tricks of SEO to sustain the users’ attention. Therefore, no matter who you are, a newbie or an old hand in the field of digital marketing, you must understand the trendiest tricks to build a strong relationship with your audience.

The latest SEO tricks help most of the marketers who are focusing on the improvement of their SEO ranking in 2019. It indicates that you are in a tough combat indeed. Now, you certainly eager to learn that what tricks are followed by those successful marketers. You surely want to follow the strategies and apply the hacks on your website, don’t you? Tricks that all other marketers use will definitely prove to be the most helpful for you; it’s not always true. However, you must be familiar with the hacks and apply them accordingly if you intend to amplify your visibility as well as the ranking.

  1. Use free SEO tools

The biggest mistake of most of the marketers is they ignore the free SEO tools that are easily available online. But, when you get the marvelous result without paying a penny why don’t you embrace the free SEO tools to increase your rank and visibility? There are plenty of free SEO tools on the internet; you have to choose the right one for the right purpose.

One of the most important free SEO tools is Google Analytics. With the help of the acquisition reports of the Google Analytics you get the performance of your landing pages in the SERPs. With thorough and regular monitoring of the Google Analytics, you can get your website status.

Another necessary tool is Google Webmaster Tool.  In this tool you can find different testing tools like the ad experience report that helps you understand your status. Structured data testing, page-speed insights, and many more useful tactics can be performed by this powerful latest SEO tool.

Apart from the Google tool, SEMRush is another effective tool that helps you monitor your and your competitors’ websites. This tool provides you a great way to stack up against your competition.

Yoast is one of the effective tools if you have WordPress. This tool is all-in-one SEO tool that is most essential in WordPress plugin for the startups.

Forgetting the SEO Analyzer Tool is a big no-no. This is a tool by which you can compare your website status with three of you competitors’ websites.

  1. A good keyword research

A good SEO campaign is incomplete without a good keyword research.  To get an overwhelming visibility you have to maintain the psychological intimation with your visitors. Moreover, you must know what they want to search on Google or any other SERP. Another Google free tool, Keyword Planner is an effective tool to do a good keyword research. This tool is highly effective when you want generic keyword ideas. Also, you have to keep in mind that you need to add different locations as Keyword while you are doing local SEO. For different locations, you need to create different keywords. For example, “pizza” from NYC is completely different from “Pizza New York City”. You must have some knowledge about typos while researching on keywords.

  1. The right way for link building

According to a recent survey, proper backlinking is necessary in contents. Statistics say that 29% of ranking depends on the right link building. It means that link building is one of the top most priorities in SEO.

True that building organic link is time consuming because you need to communicate with the content where you are going to build the link up, the ideological meaning of the contents and the requirement of the consumers or the visitors. Let’s make it simple. Link building is directly related to the keyword placement. Therefore, you must identify the right place for keyword placing and link building. For example, if you build the link at the very first part of the content, chances are the visitors will not click on the links because they are not aware of the subject matter of the content. On the other hand, backlinking on the middle of the content proves to be effective in most of the times. Some want to build the link on the last part of the content. Well, that is effective only when you have a powerful content that is able to hold the full attention of the readers.

  1. Stop using huge images

Do not use huge images on the site where you are posting your contents just to make the visitors happy with the High Definition images. In most of the cases, it takes quite a good time and it also sucks a huge internet data of the users while downloading the whole site. There is high chance to leave the page. The visitors do not like to press the refresh or reload button frequently.

  1. Stress on the content quality

When you are concentrating on organic SEO, you must improve the power of content. However, there are some fixed rules to write SEO contents, the contents must be unique and easy to communicate with the audience. Also, the style and patterns of web contents are ever-changing. Therefore, before you upload any of the contents for the SEO purpose, make sure that you use the contemporary words, writing style. Moreover, ensure that the contents are written in an apt language for the appropriate readers of a particular region.

  1. Pay attention to the social media networking sites

Days have come when people are being found virtual more than real. Well, introspective of the good or bad effect of the social media; just make it beneficial for your website. According to the SEO analyst, 49% visitors come through the social media. SMO or the Social Media Optimization is a vital part in SEO. Therefore, you need to apply different tricks and tips to engage people who are roaming on newsfeed of the Facebook or tagging on Twitter. Sharing on the social media is the hotcake of these days, therefore, make sure that you share all your content to the social media where are optimal chance to get more and more visitors. Also, pay attention on the timing of social gathering on those pages. For example, according to the data, more than 50% people of the social media crowd between the 9.00 pm to 12 midnight, and to get more effective SMO you need to pick up the right slot to share your posts there.

  1. Do YouTube SEO

Nowadays, vlogs (blogs in video format) are more popular than blogs, and YouTube is the second best friend (after social media) of the millennials. To create mind-blowing vlogs you need to be more creative because you do not get a huge time to grab their attention. Once you successfully create a huge craze chances are you will get visitors from the videos. Therefore, knowing the tricks and tips of YouTube SEO is vital.

Are you a marketer and ready to reach the business pinnacle in 2019? You have no idea how the thoughtful applications of SEO can be a game changer for your business. So, if you have a good SEO team, innovative contents, and marvelous idea, still you do not get your desired rank, maybe you have not applied the smart SEO hacks yet. Apply these hacks and cherish yourself as a successful marketer in a jiffy.

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