• 80% of web users watches YouTube videos
  • YT is the second largest search engine
  • The total length of YT each month is about 3.25 billion hours now
  • There are over 4 billion YT views each day
  • Every minute, 300 hours of new videos are uploaded to YT
  • Web users spend close to 40 minutes on YT per mobile session
  • More than 88 countries has the local versions of YT
Video promotion

Hubspot showed 54% of web users expect information in video content from marketers and 83% of patrons worldwide choose using YT to watch video content than in any other video platform.

Do not scroll further if you have not spent a wasted afternoon watching a cat playing a piano, ducks walking on roads, or puppies playing in rain.

Well, we all have.

Touted as the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube has always been a constant source of entertaining content. It has been the trailblazer since the uprise of the internet and has emerged to be an irreplaceable tool for marketers and businesspersons who plan to develop their social media marketing strategies.

We know what you are thinking – your audience is mainly on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Why YouTube marketing is important

As said before, YouTube is the second largest website in the world. This proves one thing; people love video content and incorporating YouTube into the digital marketing strategy is a tempting option  because of the format. Video marketing is tremendously popular at present and will keep on growing as one of the most powerful ways to attract clients and consumers.

Is video marketing strategy as part of your inbound marketing strategy?

  1. Capture Attention – focus on creating engaging videos to identify opportunities your competitors are overlooking through an in-depth research
  1. Generate High Traffic Volumes – with over a billion users, the marketing has potential to reach billions of viewers. Be it explainer, webinars, training video or customer stories – share specific theme or topics to get the maximum views from your niche audience
  1. Experimenting with Viral Marketing – YouTube content can spark shares if your content is insightful, informative, or entertaining
  1. Boost Search Engine Rankings – Google acquired YouTube in 2006 and studies say videos will represent 80% of all online traffic by 2021. Creating proper keyword research, and optimizing your YouTube content can help build backlinks, reduce bounce rate and earn high ranks in video suggestions

Why you need YouTube Marketing Strategy?

  • Audience research
  • Creative content
  • Partnerships
  • Calls-to-Actions campaigns
  • Links back to the website
  • Consistency in branding

What Carney can do for you?

  • Creating, launching and branding a YT Channel
  • Creating and optimizing videos for SEO
  • Building a YT Marketing Strategy
  • Perceptive YouTube Analytics
  • Running advertising campaign on YT

YouTube marketing is here to stay

YouTube marketing can be advantageous for just about every type of business. Whether you have small offline businesses, online business, freelancers or consultants offering services, there’s no better channel than YouTube for video marketing. So, how can you get all the eyeballs to drive customer acquisition through YouTube?

  • Make Compelling Titles – your video is useless is no one looks at it or clicks it. Get the right keywords, generate clear and descriptive titles and keep the title short. Also, tell the audience why they should watch the video
  • Making relevant YouTube Thumbnails – Can your thumbnails tell a story? Create one with the YouTube marketing experts of Carney and see what happens next
  • Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs) – Speak out about clear and concise key actions customers should take to get more likes and subscribers
  • Brand the YouTube Channel – know from experts how to make it visually attractive to encourage visitors to take you seriously. One of the most effective ways is to interact with your audience regularly
5 tips from our in-house experts
  • Use standard video sizes – 1280×720 or 1920×1080
  • Do not miss out on the video title on the thumbnail
  • Create online banner covers for YT channel
  • Share your videos on other social media platforms
  • Interact with your audience / get in touch with influencers
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