What is SEO

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Welcome to the ever changing world of digital marketing.

If you are a part of the rapidly shifting world of SEO, you must be aware how the techniques and implementation can change on a dime. SEO experts’ modus operandi that could have won you a front-page result as recently as 2018 are almost on the verge of obsoletion. In fact, the hacks have changed so much that using even a year old technique can hurt your website ranking badly.

One of the most common questions that we get from our clients is what defines SEO and how does it work? We understand that for businesses that are just starting or aiming for a website redesign, Search Engine Optimization can be intimidating.

Trends to look out for in SEO in 2019 and beyond

To be atop the waves, any business needs to invest in SEO strategy in advance. Google’s mobile- and speed-related efforts have shaken up the existing SEO techniques. Here are the top trends you need to explore if you want to embrace the latest features of SEO in 2019 and beyond:

  • Mobile-first indexing

This has been one of the main talks in 2018 in the world of SEO. If you are still getting conflicting information on whether the new hack will impact your website rank, brush up your ideas here.

Indexing is the reading and storing of a web page’s information by the search engine indexing robot. Those who work on Google, it is the GoogleBot. Ranking is the process in which the search engine assesses the information in its index and determines which web pages match its criteria according to various factors such as search query.

Thus, mobile-first indexing addresses indexing and not ranking. For sites which have responsive web design, there will be no complications as the content on the desktop and the mobile versions are likely to be similar. Google will base its decisions on the content available in the index. If the shorter version of the content seems irrelevant as per Google’s estimation, the ranking may take a dip.

  • Page speed

Desktop page loading time is an important factor in ranking; and now, mobile page speed is a sibling aspect.

As for optimization score, experts can entirely control it by fixing all the issues preventing the site from loading faster. Also, understand that there is no correlation between the page’s position and its Speed score. Speed metric is newly introduced and after Google’s done testing, the correlations may change. You can improve the optimization score as site optimization and result tracking can be well understood with the list of recommendations made available by Google.

  • Branding carefully

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes said that Google uses online brand mentions in its search algorithm. Unlinked brand mentions, search engine considers the brand an entity. Each component’s sentiment and context such as trust, reputation, advertising, complaint-solving etc. matters. Search Quality Guidelines state the sentiment around brand mentions play a key role in site’s rankings.

  • GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation speaks about who owns the data created by users’ interactions online. Users can now request to know what personal data any company has about them, and if the said company fails to abide by the GDPR, it can be hit with severe fines. This regulation, however, affects the EU companies and customers mainly. However, it applicable to other international companies as well. Google has decided to introduce changes into its Analytics and personal user data expires after 26 months from the day of its collection. In addition, it is now possible to delete individual users’ data upon their request.

Therefore, you need to update your Privacy policy file. Also, activate IP anonymization if you use Google Tag Manager.

6 whys your business should invest in SEO

Organic search engine optimization is far from being dead. So, if you had conflicting ideas, it’s time to renew commitment to investing into an SEO optimized web infrastructure for better results.

  • SEO still works
  • Cost-effective
  • Search engines grab more market share
  • Significant growth in mobile bandwidth and local search optimization
  • Healthy content profile is imperative
  • Your competitors are updated, and so should be you

How our average campaign looks like

Phase 1

Phase 2

In this, we will focus on increasing the site’s topic authority and domain authority. The steps include the following:

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