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Traits of Website Designing that must be kept in mind to make it a memorable user experience:

  • Good to look at: The motive is to design a website that is visible, well-structured and organized enough to make it memorable, and audience driven.
  • SEO driven: Proper and meaningful use of meta tags, title tags and the typical SEO practices.
  • Mobileoptimization is must: Mobile traffic is way more than website traffic, hence your website must be mobile-friendly.
  • Digital standards must be high: Websites look different on different device screens. Hence, being thorough with HTML and CSS standards, browser issues and browser distinctness are crucial points to consider.
  • Secured website for social trust: Website designing should be focused for security – including a privacy policy, contact information, and safety certifications such as awards or seals along with real customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Fast and interactive: Google recommends web pages with minimal graphics that load in maximum 3 seconds to keep up with user experience.

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Our Process

Our comprehensive website design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.



Final Design

Responsive Web Design

All responsive websites are not created equal. Our years of responsive design experience will help you make quality work. We build for all users and devices while constantly improving on our existing skills.

It is obvious that while designing a website, one has to look much beyond only the visual appearance. It is also needless to mention that not more than very few visitors do take into account what’s happening behind the scenes of a website. They are only affected with those extra milliseconds of loading time, browser variations, easy readability and how the website looks overall.

Our aim is to ensure that the readers and visitors don’t get a chance to complain about their experience. A good website is where the users spend much of their time reading and interacting, and often resulting as prospective leads.


Website Design Journey with Carney

Every website we design is exclusive and built as per the requirements of our client. Just smart, custom design that’s built for your business model and brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To create a website, you need to focus on plethora of aesthetic factors such as user interface, layout, and other visual imagery. Web design makes use of various programs to make the intended look keeping in mind the audience and purpose of the website.
Excellent web design matters as it reflects how audience perceives your brand. Simply put, a good web design helps to maintain your leads on your page.
The technique used to build websites that adjusts its layout to fit any size of any device is responsive design. Instead of building an additional website for mobile devices, a responsive website can lower the costs.
Absolutely not! A lot of our competitors purchase pre-made templates or “themes” to reduce costs. At Carney, we make codes for every website keeping mind the need of our clients.
Faster website development, get improved user experience, amplified mobile traffic easier maintenance, better website loading time, transparent website analytics, and lower bounce rates.
Absolutely. We work in close connection with our clients and cater to all their ambiguities and requirements.
Most certainly. Our goal is to create a design style suited for your business which will remain incomplete without your input.

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