The Domain Sub-domain Conflict

If you have been dealing with digital marketing for long enough you might have heard about or experienced the domain vs. sub-domain conflict. If you are a novice, you might stagger into the details of the same without any warning and face the consequences. However, using sub domains is a fairly common tactic amongst digital marketers working for big and small scale industries.

Some say that using a sub domain as a reference URL for an SEO enhanced content material can give rise to confusion and chaos and in turn dampen the rankings. The concept of sub domain through common has different facets to it. There are different types of sub domains so to speak. A multinational company might choose to have different sites for different countries or variation in the main brand website.

The difficulty rises from the fact that search engines like Google and yahoo can easily confuse the many sub domains. More often than not each sub domain and the root domain of a company or brand are given alternative rankings dampening the effects of digital marketing on a whole as far as that company is concerned. This can be referred to as internal cannibalism as the search engine is undecided about which page to promote better.

It might not seem like that bad a problem until it comes to your notice that in the long run it might deter your target consumers. Think of it this way, the consumers of one country or locality are getting to see the information about the outlet or the company located in another location altogether. The services, the price charts, the tactics and techniques are supposedly different. How many clients will keep coming to your page if that is the case every time they try to locate your URL? My guess would be, not many. So, do not get carried away by all the contradictory stories you hear and do your research well before you take any step.

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