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Social Media Ads Management

Social media is rapidly becoming one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing. Providing imposing  benefits in the most cost-effective manner, it can help reach millions of customers globally. Delving into this incredible marketing opportunity needs expert understanding and implementation. And Carney Technologies Services is here to get your business back on track with more virtual footprints

Setting Goals
Carney helps you to develop KPIs (key performance indicators) and thus provide data-focused, measurable goals to track and assess your various online ad campaigns. Some common KPIs include CPC (cost-per-click) Conversion Rate, CTR (click-through-rate), Revenue, and CPL (cost-per-lead).
Target Audience
Facebook Ads allows for the making of highly targeted groups. Such audiences can be categorized by interests, demographics, activities, age group, job titles, Apps they use, gender and a plethora of other targeting options.
Account Planning
The social media campaigns need three parts to run: a campaign, ad set and the ad. All these parts together create the campaign structure. Knowing how they work together will help your campaigns run the way you want, and reach the targeted folks. Carney’s SMO helps to develop this structure based campaign.
Campaign Creation
We develop ad campaigns based on your goals, which includes campaign creative, implementing audience targeting, messaging for the campaigns to be launch-ready. We also set up conversion tracking to make certain that they give the desired result at the end.
Ongoing Management
Carney’s core social media ads strategy involves regular testing to discover where we can improve and also have a transparent idea about your advertising spend. It helps to find out about the highest ROI, and then re-allocating budget accordingly.
We create custom reporting based on the goals for such Ads. The reporting is entirely customizable, which means, depending on the business priority, we can change the goals for your online presence if there is change in your business goals.

Social Media Advertising based on Unique Strategies

We are on top of the game when it comes to introducing your products to the world. Your customers should always be aware of your brand’s strength and positive contribution to the community. That is exactly what we focus on highlighting, here’s how we do it.

Facebook Advertising: Helps you reach out to audience globally

We expand your business reach through Facebook marketing because it’s effective beyond words. Our social media team makes sure those 2 billion-plus Facebook users find your brand product easily. It’s a platform where businesses meet clients to create amazing growing professional relations. So to meet the desired audience, Facebook advertising is a must and we take complete advantage of this platform to deliver results.

Instagram Advertising – Attracts consumer with visually-engaging ads

Instagram will help you reach out to clients on a whole new level and when our team at Carney Technologies Service is in charge, expect us to exhaust every single procedure to bring your website out in the light. We create excellent advertising plans which are tailor-made according to your business to bring out effective results. Instagram campaigns require professional assistance and our account managers make your business follow the proven motto for success.

LinkedIn Advertising – Connects you with potential clients and professionals

LinkedIn is one of the strongest platforms to expand and uplift your business. The creations of LinkedIn ads are ground-breaking due to its extensive database of professionals globally. We, being the well-known social media marketing company in India, play with the en-route advantages of this platform to build the campaign your brand deserves. With our professional help, you do not have to worry about monitoring your online presence; we will take care of your social media graph altogether.

Pinterest Advertising – Creative platform for decision-makers

It’s a trendy platform and it definitely calls out for professional help. We make the most of this opportunity to drag your business from an average scale to an advanced level with unique campaigns. Pinterest has a very big hand in sprinkling a creative touch to your brand. Only the right kind of social media advertising service company in India knows the secret to enhance your business through Pinterest, and Carney Technologies Services is one out of the very few.

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