Medical Record
Retrieval and Review

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Purpose of Medical Record Retrieval and Review

The need for health plans to collect, exchange, and share member medical record data to verify appropriate compensation and sustain high-quality member care is far from being dead.

Even though there is a widespread adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) systems, much of this medical chart retrieval needs manual processes to review the ability to meet the final retrieval goals.

Successful medical record retrieval using efficient resources aids in reducing turnaround time, and slashing provider inconvenience.

What we check in every Medical Record ?

Physician’s Orders
Review the orders written by the physician and determine if they were carried out by the nurses and other attendants.
Progress Notes
The regular notes create a timeline about the patient’s condition from admission to discharge.
Lab Reports
Interpretation of the lab results for proper diagnosis of the patient’s condition
History and Physical (H&P)
The H&P is usually done by the physician after the first evaluation of the patient, taking into account the previous medical history.

Medication Record
Type of medication, time, route of administration and dosage are noted, which is essential to compare the medications given with the physician.

Step by Step Process Under Record Retrieval and Review

  • Storing and gathering client information
  • Enlisting details of Medical Facility Provider
  • Ensuring HIPAA Authorization
  • Review Patient/Client’s Records
  • Record Findings under Portal

Why Outsource Medical Record Review Services?

  • We help you get a customized and spot-on review of your medical records
  • Experts go through all the data retrieved to find the information so that you don’t have to
  • We offer our high-quality medical records summarization services
  • Competitive price for our services, making us one of the top players as medical record review analyst in India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Medical Record Retrieval and Review?

This service, as provided by us, enables users to connect various kinds of healthcare data including connecting to existing patient portal, retrieving medical records, and connecting to the health insurance carrier to display your summarized eligibility information.

How are the records reviewed?

All the healthcare institutes are supposed to submit duly filled and accurate data as records for review. The review helps to confirm any specific suspected chronic conditions that have not been submitted on a claim.

Why are the records reviewed?

The records are reviewed to identify patients who may benefit from the legal or medical cases. For the same reason, regularly and actively treated conditions or the ones that affect the patient’s treatment must be reported on a claim at least once a year.

How long does it take to retrieve and review?

The time period for a medical record to be retrieved and reviewed depends on the format. If a patient portal is connected, it doesn’t take much time for the data to come in. If not, records are requested. Once received, the procedure is followed.

What is the main objective of this service?

Our goal, as a medical retriever and reviewer, is to empower patients with their own records so that the healthcare system is connected and the health outcomes are improved. This objective is fulfilled by us by aggregating the data for the patient, and sharing the same within the care team.

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