Is Responsive Design Right For Your Webpage?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comprises of two parts: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay per Click Marketing (PPC). Both of the sides are sued to manage the organic traffic which naturally flows to your website, and paid traffic. Although you will find that people are biased towards both sides, the key to success will depend on the plan, the tools you incorporate and how well you stick to it.

Online marketers, today, are concerned about how well the pages are being addressed by the mobile visitors. The widely accepted methods for this are dynamic service, responsive design, and separate mobile URL. While the first and third options serve different HTML codes or different pages to mobile users, responsive design on the other hand has a fluid layout and can adapt to any screen size, with URL/content remaining constant.

To understand it better, discussed here are the pros and cons of responsive design.


  • It is able to future proof itself, and can easily adapt on any devise that comes in the market. Because of multi-device user experience, it is designed to look good on any size on any device.
  • Sharing and saving is really easy for mobile users, as they can ensure the return same visitor’s experience.
  • Responsive pages are easy to design and maintain, and the management also becomes really easy.
  • Landing Page Testing or Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

The cons include:

  • Lack of complete control because it can be difficult to customize the visitor’s experience wholly.
  • More expertise is required to identify and take care of the loopholes.
  • Due to varied screen sizes and internet data packs, the pages can take time to load well in a short time. This can also affect the images as their sizes can get altered.

Although they are promptly used, but responsive should not be dealt with in all kinds of landings. You need to discuss with the right online tools and options that will help you to grab a larger audience in the digital world.

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