Is Dominating Google’s First Page Child’s Play?

What is the ultimate goal of SEO campaigns today? It is to dominate the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo; preferably in that order. Getting in one of the first few spots is great but dominating the space can create an unequalled opportunity for businesses trying to increase their visibility. But that is the thing about digital marketing, precisely about SEO, it does not matter how religiously or relentlessly you customize the content and other elements of your website, some rival website will always try to beat you in your own game. It doesn’t matter if you make it so easy for Google, it doesn’t matter if you update and maintain your content on a regular basis, someone somewhere is always trying to ruin your global SERP domination plan.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have given the pep talk about “competition is healthy” myself and I know all that is to know about how monopolizing is bad and how user’s choices are being affected by this page domination theory. But it works and every time too! Why should a company give up on this resource? That is not how the world of SEO works. This is a greedy world, the focus is on succeeding, and too many considerations are not wise. Letting other companies win is a strict no no. About Google, the search engine is trying to make the experience better for the user. Anything thing that comes in its way is either ignored or removed. Plastering the SERP with links to or related to your site will not help. So what is the trick?

I cannot guide you through the process but I can give you some pointers. Here goes:

  • Choose killer non-competitive keywords.
  • Optimize the images with keywords. Yes, attaching the keywords can help.
  • Write consumer based personalized content.
  • Make sure you have a solid link building plan.
  • Then there is always paid search.

It is not child’s play, no. But with the help of a professional marketing agency you can surely find the perfect plan and work with it.

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