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There has been much talk about how COVID19 is impacting paid marketing campaigns. Many experts have suggested pausing campaigns for now, while others have suggested reducing spends and operating on smaller budgets.

At Carney, using years of experience in PPC marketing, we decided to continue with the campaigns of our clients as well as our own but with a cautious approach.

paid marketing

We are glad to point out that the results have been more than satisfactory.

Operating in diverse sectors such automobile accessories to pet care products to medical equipment to online education, our client’s PPC campaigns have actually performed better when we look at the key metrics, in the months immediately following the COVID19 outbreak.

Let us look at a few examples below:

Case Study 1: Medical Equipment Sector

The Data

Medical Equipment

The above is a snapshot of campaign performance for one of our clients in the medical sector. They provide refurbished medical equipment. From March 1 till date (May 24), the key metrics have been presented. And what follows is the snapshot of performance in the preceding months before the impact of COViD19 really set in.


As can be seen:

  • Increased spending by $1K
  • More Phone calls
  • 6% increase in number of conversions
  • 79% decrease in the cost per conversion

Even the avg. CTR saw a marginal increase from 3.47% to 3.56%, showing that if campaigns are set up and optimized the right way, it is not impossible to get positive results.

Lessons Learned

What we did was restructure the campaign from scratch, by introducing more granularity to the campaigns, paying close attention to all keywords and ad groups’ performances in terms of their conversion rates and costs incurred. The objective was simple: to weed out anything that was grossly underperforming and to boost keywords and ad groups that were performing optimally or even crossed expectations. However, remarketing played a crucial role as we figured that buyers may have second thoughts now before making the move, so they might need a second push before becoming convinced.

Apart from remarketing, detailed research was carried out on each of the product categories and competitor analysis was done to see what possibilities existed for more targeted campaigns on each of the products. Experimentation paved the way for more data, which in turn help set up new experiments and so on. Ultimately, a data-driven approach helped take the right decisions at the right time.

Case Study 2: Online Education

The Data

Online Education

Lessons Learned

Since the virus broke out, as many as 129 conversions were recorded. Cost per conversion was about $3.65 during this period. This was a new campaign that started right in the midst of the COVID19 outbreak, so there is no data to compare with. But what is evident is that online education will continue to perform well, since people have more time at their disposal to learn new skills and advance their career. More and more e-learning courses are now proliferating and they would need skilled PPC experts to optimize their paid ads to help reach the target audience at optimal costs.

What worked in this campaign was the creation of a landing page in accordance with PPC best practices. A strategically placed lead generation form along with well distributed call to action (CTA) buttons meant that the users were enticed to provide information. The ad copies were tweaked in order to reflect the key USPs of the online training program – like showcasing industry stats on how a 50% increase in employability and 100% increase in salary can be expected on joining the program. Finally, the keywords were selected keeping in mind the balance that had to be struck between monthly volumes and max CPC bids in the industry.

Case Study 3: Automobile Accessories

The Data

Automobile Accessories

Between March 1 and 24th May, we managed to rake up 169 conversions and 44 phone calls (the latter is almost equivalent to lead generation in this case, since final purchases are made only after nurturing the hot leads generated from the website). Now, we are talking about a sector here that is thousands of miles away from being considered an essential service – and yet we can see the performance in comparison to the preceding period.

Automobile Accessories

In almost every metric, an improvement was recorded.

  • 11% increase in number of conversions
  • 37% decrease in cost/conversion
  • Increase in phone calls by 4

Lessons Learned

The main lesson here was to focus on optimizing the campaigns closely. This account is a multi-campaign one, with campaigns targeting different demographics and locations simultaneously. The key here was to shift focus on those locations that were less affected by the COVID19 outbreak. But we did not go by the logic that those locations that have been less impacted by COVID19 would necessarily perform better. We relied on data and took decisions based on that, applying bid adjustments accordingly. What we found was that conversion rates were actually higher in some locations that have been deemed as the epicenter of COVID outbreak in the USA. Shocking as that may sound, the reality is that the people who need a commodity won’t probably stop making the purchase, no matter how bad the situation is. Finally, we also restructured the campaigns with a greater focus on domestic sales and with a conscious thrust towards remarketing.

Case Study 4: Pet Care

The Data


From March 1 to 24th May, 187 conversions were recorded, along with 569 phone calls, enquiring about the businesses’ offerings.

Here’s the data from the preceding period:


The following are the improvements in the metrics:

  • 8% increase in number of conversions
  • 85% reduction in cost per conversion
  • 16% reduction in overall cost

Lessons Learned

Since the sector is pet care, we realized that the messaging needs to be more personalized. Even though pet care services have been declared as essential by the US govt, there were significant lows at one point in the campaign, as number of searches were drastically going down. We resorted to making amends by tweaking ad copies by focusing on a more humanized and personal touch, that gave the reassuring touch to the customers that the pet care products were being sent over with a zero contact policy. Furthermore, we also highlighted the importance of looking after pets during this time, since their time spent outside may be severely curtailed due to the lockdown, hence possibly affecting their mental state. So an emotional connect helped the campaigns perform better. However, we also used data to move away from automated to manual bidding in order to gain more control over the campaigns.

Key Takeaways for Businesses

Businesses need to remember that the lockdown may be making it harder for people to manage their finances and make purchases because of concerns over contracting the virus. But this doesn’t mean that their interests have changed drastically. They will still require the amenities and products they have always wanted. At most, they will defer the purchases, but they will make the move sooner or later, once the pandemic is over. So if you stop marketing your brand now, chances are that your business will leave behind a void that will be filled up by a competitor. And that will be a recipe for disaster as bouncing back then will become difficult. So here’s some good advice: let your paid advertising be taken care of by experts, who can optimize and look for avenues for reducing costs. But don’t stop them, or else you may suffer the consequences later.

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How Our SEO Strategy Helped Our Client’s Online Presence Mon, 11 May 2020 08:41:25 +0000

Knowing who you’re marketing is as essential as understanding what you are marketing. The success of marketing strategy in 2020 is all about targeting people who are most interested in your products or services. And that calls for a detailed marketing campaign. However, keeping up with the trend and most certainly the budget, enroute digital marketing seems to the most effective option.

While the idea of an SEO strategy might make you think of some niche skill set and a team of nerds taking care of the high end applications – nothing can be farther from the truth. At Carney Technologies Services, we have a bunch of creative people who knows how to implement an effective, comprehensive, and achievable SEO strategy.

Why Do I Need An SEO Strategy?

Well, this is the million dollar question.

Simply explained, a prioritized, thoughtful, tactful, and consistent SEO strategy is the most effective way to make your website get high, organic traffic. The technology behind search engines’ capacity to recognize web entities is based on the proclivity of how real people normally perceive things. The new algorithm emphasize on E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) which underlines that search engines are more inclined towards brand-related metrics. When these parameters are properly implemented, it can help create more visible results in search engine.

SEO Strategy

The traditional SEO practices forms the foundation of the latest online branding or authority building concept. The online environment is getting too competitive these days and SEO for brands became more important than ever. Creating a website and procuring a bunch of links is way too passé. There are many other strategies required than these quintessential elements.

Google fosters websites that have a strong brand presence. Branding and SEO are the primary marketing strategies that help your website reach higher rank with fewer links.

Imagine when someone find your brand they knew little about just by searching on their handheld device! Revolving on this data, you can build your brand awareness for your potential customers and understand their buying pattern by what they are craving at the moment of need. Eventually, you can be their favorite brand!

Audit Your Website

First thing first. Carney knows how important it is to have a complete website audit before redesigning  or reassigning marketing or SEO strategies. However, this step is difficult to complete on your because of its critical nature. It is a thorough and impartial diagnosis of how your website can only be done by the SEO experts. It includes features such as-

  • Performance
  • Local SEO
  • Mobility
  • Links
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Other technical factors

After looking at these categories completely, we provide a comprehensive list of the issues that can be taken care of. The first part of a productive SEO strategy, is to understand the changes and accept that the alterations are necessary for a successful SEO campaign.


While there can be some of the red flags during the initial audit, a more in-depth study will include the major technical factors like a coding error, alt tag missing, etc. Although it might seem there can be quick fixes, you need the experts to get better results for longer maintenance and repair times. And this is what makes your SEO plan complete.

Optimize for semantic search

Having proper SEO strategy goals is fundamental to tracking your online presence growth. Before implementing, understand the list of factors that can help you expedite the SEO operation –

  • Organic traffic (demographically)
  • Conversions (through any channel)
  • Social media activity
  • Impressions
  • Links
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate

In the past, most webmasters and publishers used only the generic keywords/terms to optimize their website’s content. However, with the consistently evolving technologies, the optimization process is getting taxing and complicated than ever. Determining relevance of the factors such as structured data or schema markups, entity recognition and disambiguation (ERD),  phrase-based indexing for co-occurrence and co-citations, natural language processing (NLP),  concept matching – are some of the new essentials driven by branding campaigns. Simply put, these all help to find out how an average human would normally find, talk, or ask about a certain thing.

Niche Audiences

The modern age brands need to have relevant and informative scope of more interactivity with their consumer base. This is more than just communicating with your audience, but using them help spread the brand awareness.

Targeting a niche audience works specifically well for small businesses. This starts with the use smart keyword research. It helps to keep an edge over the competition and win the potential customers by remaining hyper-focused.

Targeting niche audiences can be narrowed down through the keyword search. When you create your tribe, there is a much improved chance of connecting with new customers who are more likely to convert.

Building on your brand’s topical expertise is arguably the fastest way to build a name for your business.

Proving your field expertise will certainly involve a strong, unique selling point (USP). Obviously, search engines like brands who are more validated and are experts in their respective fields. The quality of your brand’s content is the first parameter that strengthens your brand.

Prioritize your content development efforts to create a more competitive fighting chance which can dominate the market. It’s the smartest way to scale out your competitors.

Branded keywords

A branded search indicates the queries or terms users search and it typically includes the name of the brand or some variation of it. It is given that users who research branded keywords are already aware about the brand and possibly intend to purchase. If your company gets a large number of branded searches, it can help your business grow on many levels. With an increase in the branded search volume, it is easily possible to raise the rankings for the non-branded keywords as well. This works because Google could associate your brand with the branded and other relevant keywords and make them together with unbranded queries.

However, with the branded search, there’s some studied consumer intent which can be summarized as-

  • Navigational – When the user wants to reach a particular site or brand, they look for a specific domain
  • Informational – When the user looks for a particular content, which is more general and is available with more than one web page
  • Transactional – This search helps to find the pathway in completing a task such as subscription, buying, etc.
  • Commercial – This is the run-of-the-mill research that is done before a purchase

Implementing local SEO

Local SEO Services

One of the crucial elements of the digital branding strategies is focusing on Local SEO. The precise location targeting is the main idea behind this tool and understandably is one of the best ways to attract branded traffic to your website. Did you know 46% of all search queries on Google have local intent? Users who look for any information about  specific brand generally have a high commercial intent. They probably already know the brand through their own experience or have heard about it from someone reliable.

It is important to implement the best SEO strategies with one of the main ideas on geo-targeting. That being said, it should be understood that local SEO is a long game and involves constant testing and optimization. When you have got a detailed SEO website audit, it will help you understand the branded searches and eventually create and adhere with your SEO plan that can yield better traffic and conversions.

Carney’s strategy for a successful local SEO-

  • Create optimized alt tags and filenames for your brand images. This applies for everything including brand’s name, product or service names. Increase the relevancy by adding specific characteristics such as model, color, size, or gender
  • Verify and optimize the local business listing on Google. There are constantly some or the other updates and most recently there are sections like Google Local Posts, services list, booking button feature – all of which can drive traffic from local and map searches
  • Develop mobile-friendly website design
  • Add local schema to the existing website
  • Work on improving the page loading speed for best results and revenue
  • Add all the necessary branded keywords to your landing pages, business reviews, business description on Google local, and localized content
  • Link building with high-quality websites keeping in mind your local area and niche
  • Get online reviews for your business

For an optimized local SEO, you should stay focused on what the local market wants and what the target customers are searching.

Scalable link building

This is definitely an obvious and traditional SEO strategy. Building brand awareness is all about increasing the recognition of a brand. In the online market space, it is only possible with the strategic link building from the SEO experts. There is still a much prevalent belief amongst link builders that creating thousands of links from vivid sources is one of the best practices. With the concept of guest blogging as a link building tactic, this is not going to go away anytime soon.

In reality, it is any time better to have multiple links from a few link sources that are trusted than having plentitudes of one-off links from sites that doesn’t hold much value.

But there is one more crucial part of link building; that is, through relationship building. When you focus on building signals that strongly indicate relationships, it’s arguably the most powerful off-site signal to create. When some influential entities vouch for your brand (through social shares, or even unlinked brand mentions), it creates a sense of authentication. And this validation is trusted by search engines. When done consistently, it impacts people to see your brand as an authority and keep it in the credible list of brands in your industry.

How is this done, you ask?

To make the process actionable, firstly you need to identify and make a list of the top domains that are relevant in your industry. Carney team looks into those that have high search share. There are trusted tools such as Google Search and SEOQuake to make a list of well-performing sites. Once done, your brand needs to penetrate the high authority sites from the first 50 websites on your list and remain a consistent contributor. When rightly done, it will start engaging the existing communities. The process gains momentum is there is regular participation in collaborative tasks, such as inviting them to publish content on your site which can help draw more traffic (and links). This aids in exponential improvement of the brand. It has been tried and tested that this process makes the latter part of the link building campaign less stressful.

Types of content for target influencers


Stalking is great specially if you are doing your target influencers on social networks! This helps to gather note of the topics/ideas that engage and involve the mindset of the same set of customers. Understanding your customers and their interest is vital which is best left to the experts. This helps to effectively approach your content development efforts and as a result can make your content read, shared, and linked to.

Scheduling and Dedication

Enhancing a website through the SEO techniques is not a quick or flippant task. It needs determination, to say the least. And to get the optimised solution, it requires consistent and thorough work.

One of the best practices is scheduling content. It’s necessary to have a steady influx of valuable content as consistency and longevity are the keys here. The SEO master of Carney knows what can be the best schedule for writing well-researched content. To achieve this result, the first thing to create is a high-quality content.  However, there’s a two-pronged approach in developing excellent content –

  • focus on the audience’s demand for fresh, entertaining and relevant information,
  • keep the elements such as longtail keywords and likewise in place for the search engine crawlers content

Scheduling Link-Building is yet another way to help with strategic link-building. Alongside the content, link-building is foundational in making your website rank higher on search engines as well as develop on the brand visibility.

Social Media’s position in creating effective SEO strategy


Although an integral part of our lives now, social media is still new in terms of leveraging its potential as an effective digital marketing step-stone. The various such platforms has in our public discourse – so whether it is the international debate moderators canvassing Twitter for opinions or YouTube influencers speaking about a quarantine special song, the impact of social media is huge. Recognizably, it presents terrific opportunities for almost all sorts of businesses. And when effectively placed, it can go a long way to enhance the SEO and digital marketing efforts. From helping in building brand presence for new product or service or forming brand equity in a business sector, social media actually influence in improving the rankings.

Carney knows how to leverage the right strategies for your business

You might find yourself asking how Google and other search engines, which do not really crawl the number of subscribers or followers can help in online optimization?

The answer boils down to two things. A robust social media presence promotes authority in a particular sector or niche. Starting from there, consistent and relevant interactions on your social media page and in turn your website, effectuates an impressive reputation. This directs the leading search engines like Google to improve the ranking of your website.

High-quality, apposite and entertaining content adds value to your audience authority. It encourages your followers to visit your website and thus increase the traffic. And, with audience linking back to your website, even of through social media, can help you to accomplish the moot point. Building consistent back links to your content needs some time but once done, there will be a rise in your search engine ranking.

The good news is it doesn’t stop here. Social media has the potential of identifying prospects that may be off your radar by leveraging the sheer power of social media ads and massive targeting capabilities. Regardless of the criticism on Facebook and other social networks for wrongly treating the user data, these platforms also added huge value to advertisers.

Making high-quality content and taking advantage of tools like Lookalike Audiences can help you identify warm prospects. With the power to iterate quickly, they are one of the best options when you want to improve the targeting capabilities. The social media juggernauts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offers a wealth of data that helps you make the campaign pitch accordingly.

That being said, the following three steps are essential for social media to help in SEO and brand building –

  • Encourage backlink-building from the right set of audience

The best thing to do is to build a strong audience using the platform. Quality content for both your website and social media platforms through relevant resources will help you create a dedicated audience base.

  • Get the attention of customers

This is a big part of the social media campaign. Being social can be a great way to get your audience’s attention. So, make sure you grab their eyeballs through proper content, news and updates.

  • Direct messages with the targeting tools

How can you break through all the noise? An intuitive understanding of your audience must be in order to provide the content. This involves not just the hard work, but experimentation and taking the feedback seriously.

Carney is riding the social media wave – are you in?

Whether you or a third party leads your company’s social media channels and campaigns, we encourage you to understand the benefits clearly. This will certainly pay off in the long run.


Understanding the requisites of proper SEO strategy is often underestimated by SMEs. It doesn’t matter what position you have in the business, if you wish to expand online, optimization is must. Be it through organic or paid SEO, you have to get branded searches unless you want to lose the potential traffic and conversions. Proper SEO searches can be the last touchpoint for customers. So, get ready to optimize your brand and increase you brand online visibility and presence.

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How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Get Ready For Market Uncertainties And Create A Sense Of Reassurance For Their Clients Tue, 07 Apr 2020 11:51:32 +0000

All across the globe, businesses of all size – small medium and giant corporate, are coming term with the revelation that covid-19 pandemic is certainly going to change all their daily procedures. So, by the time you are reading this blog, we are all aware of the current crisis and awareness campaigns that are going on across the globe to fight against this condition.


The tragic reality is this corona virus is spreading quickly than expected and it has hit the revenues with unexpected loss and many businesses are forced to trim their budget. Experts all across the industries are providing with analytics and recommendations about the upcoming economic meltdown. When it comes to digital marketing, Brett Patterson, digital analytics lead at Site improve imposed on the idea how the remotely working format may overall influence the digital analytics data.

Is it too early to be scary?

There are various analytics saying covid-19  will soon reach its end while some speculations are indeed scary. But amidst everything, it’s important to understand how it is impacting the businesses for online and offline. There is no doubt marketing budgets will be slashed as the potential search demand has reached a reduced margin. Neither it’s not too difficult to gauge search and social media marketing can go expensive; and, this is where you need to optimise your campaign and meet your return on advertising spend goals.

Reduced paid search and implications

As said, the search demand is down. So, if your company is categorised as one of the non-essential service providers, you mind want to consider reevaluating your paid spend.  Even the most profitable campaigns can yield negative result at the situation if you cannot judge how much to trim in your spend. As a digital marketing agency, Carney Technologies Services can help you proceed with caution and clearly state what should be the top priority for your company’s advertising strategy at the moment.

Simultaneously, if your company is selling products and services which are life saving and still have the demand in this time, it is the perfect scope to maximize your digital ad spend. Seriously, how many of you think are going on that gas station and seeing that billboard but you cannot stop the youtube ads!

Tweaking your campaign

  • Start by maximizing email marketing campaign

Emails are effective and most importantly cheap. If you want to reach a certain audience however you cannot afford to potentially increase your paid spend, here is the right time to opt for the email campaigns. Reminding clients and customers that they can still get their needs online is very reassuring. That being said, the seriousness of this pandemic should not be overlooked, which means if you are giving your customers a free shipping, it would be not very ethical to include a discount code such as corona virus or covid-19. It is a sensitive time and a sensitive subject and your brand should represent it well.

  • Content marketing and SEO

Performance losses are equally seen in organic channels and it is mainly because of the overall drop in the search demand. However, if you already have a content marketing effort, it would be wrong to drop it suddenly because customers are still at home and even if are looking for your products just casually, they should not see a considerable drop in the activity on your website which can be otherwise detrimental for your brand image. On the same line of thought, if you are planning to reduce your spend on SEO, you are also risking organic rankings. Planned digital marketing campaigns with planned content and conversion strategies will be essential when this entire situation recovers.

What we suggest

The expert team at Carney is aware and sensitive of the Covid 19 pandemic and we strongly believe it is wrong to exploit them at a situation when basic necessities such as hand sanitizers, and toilet papers are going out of stock from the market. As a responsible digital marketing agency, we believe it is wrong to run ads or create ads that sell them at sky high price. We would sincerely urge every digital marketer out there not exploit the situation just for the sake of making of quick big bucks.


That being said, our team can help you suggest how to structure your plan for your upcoming future digital marketing strategies. Also, the experts can help you review the situation and the performance of the website while the market is stagnant. We can help you define the opportunity and forecast your goals that can help you set smart objectives. Get your digital dashboard created that can target customers and rebuild future communications with your company’s customers. Last but not the least, we can help you set the budget for the digital customer acquisition in future and can also help in improving the customer retention plan.

Carney is with you

A certain segment of experts are constantly advising on avoiding social media. The reason is simple – too many fake news from unknown sourced statistics can create unnecessary panic during this pandemic. On the other hand, the beauty of the social media is how you bring on a tone, be it for individuals or business, that can help maintain the optimistic approach during this time. Showing solidarity to all those working in the front line for the betterment of the world, Carney sincerely prays and hopes that this period of uncertainty passes soon. Prioritising customers and their safety always been Carney technologies Service’s aim and until the situation gets better we will keep you updated with our blogs on how critical it is to keep up your digital marketing efforts rather than leaning on the digital spend.

Stay safe.

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Can the digital marketers survive the unpredictable dubiety of COVID 19? Sat, 21 Mar 2020 19:44:19 +0000

Covid-19 is dominating every discussion and speculation in the world right now. As the outbreak continues to escalate, every country, leaders, organisations and authorities are focusing on how to keep people safe.

While Carney Technologies Services is emphasizing and supporting the global health concerns, it is equally important that you do not follow anything but the accurate information from authorised sources.

Amidst all these, the global economy and financial market are in roils while the global uptick in GDP can go as low as 1%.

Rabobank, in one of its statements, said that the global recession is now all but certain.

Following the spate of the virus that started in China in late 2019, colossal economies faced overwhelming challenges. Starting from flight cancellations, hoarding and panic buying and ultimately with strict quarantine steps, companies are almost forced to advise its employees to work remotely.

Impediment in search, digital ad budgets

Expert analysis show there is a chance that ad revenue of will plummet for Google and Facebook as like many other industries that have been affected by the spread of corona virus. In fact, media buyers and marketers have already started re-strategising the plans for advertising.


Loop Capital Markets analysed Google will see a 15% year-over-year decline in travel ad revenue in the first quarter of 2020 that might drop by 20% in the next quarter owing to the pandemic. Studies by Needham analysts found evidences of reduced travel expenses, consumer packaged goods, retail as well as entertainment – all of which constitutes about 30% to 45% of Facebook’s total revenue.


Feeling jittery

There’s no denying that uncertainty is on all types of business. Although the responses are diverse on how the digital marketing spend will differ or whether the e-commerce may benefit – here’s a list of what the digital marketing veterans across various verticals believe can possibly be the affect-

  • Tony Verre, The Integer Group

Tony believes there will be a short-to-mid range impact (1 – 4 months) for e-commerce specifically; and, the global marketplaces such as Amazon are already witnessing a massive growth in the demand for online orders to avoid person-to-person contact.  With a gigantic demand in the rise of online orders for long-term might cause a stressful situation for the logistics system that will impact both DTCs and marketplaces.

  • Jonathan Kagan, MARC USA

According to Jonathan, international travel will plummet causing trip cancellations and revenue declines. Advertisers for brick and mortar locations is likely see a downfall, but there will be an uptick in CPG efforts, food ordering, grocery delivery, and likewise.

  • Amy Barone, Splash

Amy noticed event marketers are still investing in repeatable, local events despite the panic of corona virus because these local events are faster and easier to scale up.


Online marketing to benefit

The major advantage of digital marketing in today’s scenario is that it does not need face-to-face interaction. Marketers with a vision can actually measure their expenses for return on investment (ROI). Assuming that many marketers, specially the ones with home isolation, can have some more time than their regular chores, it is possibly the best opportunity to review the online marketing strategy.

Fine-tune the following attributes of your company’s visibility and promotion campaigns –

  • Content – Check if it has the right marketing information with the appropriate call for action messages
  • SEO – Evaluate the website organic search rankings at the moment and look out for properly optimizing in improving the quality and quantity of the web traffic
  • Content marketing – Create new ideas for blog posts and articles along with the press releases that can go into the next newsletter for your customers
  • Promotional materials – Preparing business presentations, brochures and other furtherance
  • Social media marketing – Laying a proper plan how to improve social media engagement and get organic leads
  • Video marketing– Drafting the storyline for video content

Bottom line

While there is no comparison of the garrotting agony humans are going through in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it would be completely wrong to assess it with any amount of monetary loss. That being said, it has evidently shaken business and investor confidence and dented the financial system globally; adding to it is the soaring level of corona virus anxiety. The final impact of the pandemic on the world economy is still vague, prevention in every form is imperative now.

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Steps to Create Content Marketing Strategy Mon, 27 Jan 2020 09:27:16 +0000

Content marketing is doing quite good with proven successful results for businesses worldwide. But, don’t you want to run back to the future?

On that note, quoting Henry Rollins:

We are not going back to anything. We’re not going back to dial-up phones; we’re not going back to anything ancient … The old must give way to the new. The new must come in with intensity, with innovation, with great fury and speed.”’

With the frequency with which changes are rushing in to the industry, it is crucial to evolve our programs. And at the same time, it is equally important to keep the basics intact. So, if we are about to begin our speculations about the futuristic content marketing strategy, keep in mind to:

  • Ignite conversations replacing the usual marketing speak.
  • Revisit and re-work on the fundamentals of message creation and delivery.
  • Shun too much use of new technology and trends; instead, stick to clear and personal communication.

However, irrespective of whether you are starting out with content marketing or you have been using the same approach for quite a while, it is advisable to revise your strategy plans for content marketing. After all, it is essential to keep your strategies innovative, updated, and effective.

What is Content Marketing Strategy

What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Content strategy is all about managing the tangible media created and owned by the content creator. Any content that is in writing, or visual, or downloadable has to undergo the marketing plan that continuously demonstrates the expertise of the content and its goal towards the industry. It is the use of right strategy for your content marketing that affect the growth of your business. And needless to say, the strategy must have a well-planned purpose.

developing content strategy

Key things to consider while developing content strategy:

While you are all set to develop certain strategies for content marketing in 2020, these are the few major points to consider:

1). Your target audience

It is important to keep in mind who you are creating your content for. And how big your target audience would be. It is normal for your content strategy to cater to more than one type of reader or viewer.

It is best to use a variety of content types and channels that could be easily used to reach out a wide range of audience engaging them perfectly to your particular business and industry.

2). The motive your content is aimed at

The reason why a business begins is basically to reach out to your target customers with a defined purpose. Your content informs and educates your audience with the said purpose in mind once they begin to identify and address it. No matter if the audience is still trying to figure out the main challenges, or if they are already using your products to overcome the purpose your business is aimed at.

The right content would help reinforce the solutions you are offering and makes your target customers more expert in using your intended business or products or services.

3). Why and how you do stand out

It is quite obvious for your competitors to come up with similar products or services as yours. In other words, your potential customers need to know what makes you stand out among your contemporary service providers. It is right where the use of right content strategy comes in. To prove your own importance in terms of business, you need to prove that you are worth reading, listening to, or known about.

4). Basic content formats

What strategy would you follow while creating a particular content for a particular client and a particular purpose – it entirely depends on using the right content form. It may be infographics, blogs, videos, and articles, and you need to zero-in to the pre-identified topics and format of the content relevant to your budget so that you can express the same in the best possible way.

5). The platform your content is aimed for publishing

Content can be created is different formats, and at the same time can be published on multiple platforms. There can be a number of channels like your own website, blogs, or social media platforms.

6). Content calendar and publication methods

It’s quite a daunting task to figure out the correct way to create and publish your content. Managing your creation and publication with the right content strategies prevent clutter from a topic standpoint.

Create Content Marketing Strategy

Why is it important to create a Content Marketing Strategy?

It is common for all content marketing companies in Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai or other cities in the country to come to a common conclusion that content marketing helps businesses to prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective route to website traffic and new leads.

The trick is to create one blog post that is capable of getting a steady amount of organic traffic. All you need to do is to embed a link to an ebook or get a free tool that is aimed at generating leads for you over time.

Step by step Content Marketing Strategy

Step by Step Creation of Content Marketing Strategy

Let us take a tour to walk through few simple steps on developing and executing a content marketing plan. These steps would help your business grow with effective results in time sooner than expected.

Here we go…


  1. Set your goal and sort out a mission

Guess how to start with your content marketing strategy plan. Start by setting out a content marketing mission statement which briefs about focusing on important points while creating content. This practice would help your strategies to stay on track.

The content marketing mission statement outlines:

  1. Your target audience.
  2. Your content material to reach them.
  3. The major benefits your prospective customer would get.
  1. Look for KPIs to make specific goals

Your goals won’t be achievable until they are specific and measurable. For the same, you need to set key performance indicators (KPIs) while creating content strategies. The KPIs would help you create milestones and to keep on ticking them as and when you reach there. These milestones include what you plan to achieve in terms of revenue, sales, traffic, SEO, email marketing, social media metrics and several other aspects of digital marketing.

When you have figures and milestones fixed, you are certain to:

  1. Reach a fixed revenue target within a pre-fixed time of a month, quarter, or year.
  2. Get more signups for your lead magnet to signify your high-quality leads.
  3. Target for a certain number of new email subscribers.
  4. Expect an increase in site traffic to engage with your onsite content.
  5. Improve the search ranking of your key pages.
  6. Get multiple mentions, shares, and comments for your pillar content.
  7. Get invited to be a part of certain key industry events.
  1. Be specific while knowing your target readers

 To make your content marketing strategy work, you must know your audience well. Only then would you be able to create the right content to reach them. Now the question arises, how to know them in details…

1. Collect demographic data

This is how you start to research about your target readers – collect their demographic details. Reach out for your visitors, email subscribers, and social media followers. You need to gather information about the audience’s age, gender, education, income, and other relevant details to know their preference, need, and choice.

2. Get customer feedback

Another way to get insights into your target audience is to collect feedback from your current customers and collect data about:

  • Their response about the content you are currently producing creating.
  • Their most urgent needs.
  • Your strategy to address their problems with your content.

These would help you get the right customer feedback to understand the priorities of your readers and subscribers. These would also guide you to decide the best places to reach your customers.

3. Create buyer personas

It is easier to create or flesh out buyer personas if you are sorted out with demographic data and customer feedback. Buyer personas get into the details of your ideal readers, so that you can customize your content better.

With the right dose of buyer personas in your list, you can have a better understanding of:

  • The right kind of content your audience would like to respond.
  • The right way to help them out.
  • The right roadmap to make them pay attention to your content.


  1. Assess where you stand

It is quite obvious that many businesses are already have content, either on your blog, or on social media platforms, podcasts, videos and several other channels. So, it is important to figure out whether or not the content is actually serving the purpose right.

And how to judge that? Carry out a content audit, by:

  • Logging all content, including blog posts, guests posts, etc.
  • Trying to calculate their success rate and usefulness.
  • Identifying the gaps.
  • Comparing the content with those of your competitors, and see what is making the differences where and how.
  1. Find the best channels for content

While you are into the process of content marketing strategy, you will soon realize where your audience is actually placed, and where you already have a successful online presence. It is advisable to focus on what’s working and expand from there as and when required.

  1. Decide on the types of content you need to create

Think and decide about the exact type of content you are supposed to create. Most effective content marketing strategies rely on having a central core of content published on your own site that can be further shared or repurposed on different channels. Ideally, your blog posts must be actionable, valuable, and shareable, and may include a range of article types.  

  1. Identify and allocate resources

Once you are sorted of what your content type would be, who it is aimed for, and which channel or platform you are going to share it, it is important to make sure you are equally sorted about everything you need to deliver on your content marketing strategy. To focus on these, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • Who is responsible for producing and maintaining content?
  • What human, physical or digital tools and resources do you need to create the content?
  • How will be the publishing workflow look like, including content scheduling?
  1. Content calendar for scheduling the content

One of the most important steps of content strategy is to schedule a calendar so that you know when and how to get all your content scheduled. And how to do that? You may use Google Calendar – all you need to do is to put the due dates for each piece of content there. This goes well when you are not publishing too many content. But if there are loads of content to publish, or you have a big content team to manage, or a production workflow to zero in, you would need more features in your calendar.

  1. Finally – into content creation

After all the prep work done till point 8, now you are at it – creation of content. Start with a blog, say, which begins with extensive research work so that you have a clear idea of what type of blog post you must create. Pick a title from the calendar and start working on it. While penning down your blog, you need to zero in to:

  • What’s making noise in the industry.
  • How to use your content to add value for your target readers.

This includes a lot of Google search, tallying several blogs and top contents related to your chosen topic. Furthermore, you will have to keep a watch to focus on how to improve it.

  1. Distribute and market the content

Up next is the distribution and marketing part of content strategy. Unless this part is handled correctly, you won’t be able to get the result you are aiming for. And what is the right way to do justice to this part?

  • Create a schedule for sharing your content on social media through a drip campaign using tools available online.
  • Use email marketing to distribute your content to subscribers.
  • Don’t forget to mention any influencers in your content to further spread the word.
  1. Assess the success and measure the results

And the final stage of it – time to assess the final results to count your success rate. Go back to the KPIs set at the beginning of the content plan, and keep a track to watch the changes, improvements and whether or not you are hitting your targets.

Steps to do this include:

  • Use Google Analytics to track your content’s performance.
  • Measure social sharing activities using the right social analytics tools.
  • Use conversion analytics dashboard to count on the success rate of your marketing campaigns.

With the right monitoring steps, you can regulate your progress, and at the same time you will be able to tweak your content marketing strategy from time to time as and when required.

So, there we go. We concluded on how any content marketing company Kolkata or Pune or Bangalore would guide you through your content management strategies. You are now all set to start off with the right strategies for content marketing from the very beginning till the wrap up.

You may get in touch with any social media marketing agency that provides SEO services and content marketing to guide you in the best possible way.

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MAD over Marketing, Advertising and Technology? MADTech has a seat for you. Fri, 17 Jan 2020 11:19:08 +0000

MADTechAre you looking for more than a cookie-cutter experience in Marketing, Advertising and Technology? Gathering some of the brightest minds of the industry, MADTech Summit V1.0 is going to be your favourite breakout session this year, combined with workshops by industry leaders.

In today’s age, it has become imperative for marketers to understand the knick-knacks of the digital route and how implementing the right strategies can enhance their marketing efforts. Addressing some of the poignant queries like how some brands have developed an emotional bridge with its audience, will digital automation take over the business rules, what strategic opportunities will the digital landscape imply to lead generation in future, MADTech Summit V1.0 will cater to a lot of mind-boggling ideas and cutting-edge concepts.

Addressing the CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, other CxOs along with those looking for a persuasive career in digital marketing, advertising and technology, the summit is the debut venture by Carney Technologies Services. Rewarded as Asia’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency by International Brand Consulting Corporation USA, Carney is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kolkata and gradually making its presence felt across India.

Data explosion is one of the most prolific concerns to look out for in today’s world. Through channels, products, and improved customer experiences, the digital world is driving shift to connect with its target audience through smart scheme of action which involves not just the technical advancements but depends largely on the content.

It is an established truth that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning must be the pillars of any successful digital marketing. Data driven optimisation can help improve the precision of the marketing campaigns thereby improve the revenue generation.

Join the premier one-day event by Carney to find out more about the event and enjoy a sip of tea with the industry leaders!

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SEO for Beginners Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:20:24 +0000

If you are reading this blog, you’ve likely heard of SEO, or search engine optimization. And in all probability, you are trying to get your grips on the ever-changing SEO environment.

As the second decade of 21st century is knocking on the doors, there has been a paradigm shift in the digital space and a lot needs to be analyzed to keep up with the latest trends.

The SEO landscape is a pillar portion of online marketing and digital sphere. It has seen dynamic changes in the last couple of years and failing to keep up with the latest trends can let you lose some valuable traffic.

If you are looking for the best SEO agency in Kolkata who can help get your website rank on the top searches of SERP, you need to understand the game changing pointers that are involved in strategizing.

As a beginner, the first thing to ask yourself is why should you care about SEO?

Well, to simply answer it, we all know how lots and lots of people search for things (even for the miniscule information). This high-intent traffic can be an extremely powerful resource for both big and small-midsized businesses.

Wiki defines Search engine optimization (SEO) as the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

But it leaves you with some more specific queries-

  • How do you optimize the search engines?
  • How much time should you spend on SEO?
  • How do you adapt to “good” SEO from “bad” SEO?

The basics don’t change in 2020 and beyond

The good news is primary elements for SEO services have not changed. So, even for the SEO beginners in 2020, the following points should be their Bible:

Understanding why SEO is important

Organic search results are always more credible option to the savvy searchers. In fact, a recent report showed only 2.8% of the US people click on paid advertisements. This means, proper SEO can bring in 20X more traffic than the paid options such as PPC. Getting expert SEO services provider can snowball over time earning dividends in longer run.

SEO techniques

White hat vs black hat SEO

Abiding by the white hat SEO techniques, your primary focus should be providing more value to people using the best practices and strategies. Black hat, on the other hand, is used to spam/fool search engines placing your websites under immense risk of being de-indexed by the search engines.

Following Google Webmaster Guidelines

The rule of thumb says the web pages must be made primarily for users and not search engines. Start your approach by would you have done this if the search engines didn’t exist? The experts of SEO Marketing India create websites that is primarily valuable, informative, unique, and engaging. This, by design, bunks the automatically generated content and avoid the hidden texts and links. Whether it is Google or Bing, the two major search engines, there is no alternative to providing engaging, clean and easy-to-find content.

  • Clear and relevant page titles
  • Don’t deceive your users
  • Maintain page speed for better user experience
  • Do not indulge in abusive link tactics
  • Duplicate content, Keyword stuffing or cloaking are big no-no

local business

Representing local business on Google by SEO beginners

Are you working on a business that operates locally? Learn how to include the service provider in Google My Business listing.

The basic guidelines:

  • It is mandatory to have a physical address before you include in Google My Business index
  • Include all the relevant aspects of the local business data accurately and honestly
  • Do not create ineligible Google My Business listings
  • Try avoiding PO boxes or virtual offices instead get a physical address

Give importance to user intent

The various tricks that help rank search engines often fail to cater to actual user intent. Whenever there is a search, the idea is to get a proper result. As an SEO expert is to help provide users with the relevant information according to the search. Remember the three basic intent types –

Informational, Navigational and Transactional

One of the top ways to evaluate your search results is to check what content your top-ranking competitors are providing that you are failing at. High-quality content is imperative for higher ranks in search results. The top SEO Services Kolkata always highlight on creating original and informative content that reflect in page ranking on SERP.

Know your website

Every site has its specific goals which when understood properly can help you determine which areas of SEO needs more highlight. Find out how to set benchmarks, where to start to track conversion and how to create talking points (focus on the Key Performance Indicators) to analyse the return on SEO investment.

Common KPIs

  • Downloads
  • Sales
  • Contact form submissions
  • Email signups
  • Phone calls

For websites with local component, the following KPIs are –

  • Clicks-to-call
  • Clicks-to-website
  • Clicks-for-driving-directions

Doing SEO in 2020?

  • Choose your niche
  • Create your website (WordPress may be?)
  • Do proper keyword research and content planning
  • Go deeper with keyword research
  • Channelize the social network
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Make the content commercial with social media sharing
  • Analyze the website’s performance
  • Plan improvements

Found the read interesting? Give a thumbs up! Need more information from our experts? Drop in a line and we will be delighted to share the latest trends and developments on SEO.

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SEO Strategy 2020 Thu, 28 Nov 2019 11:58:38 +0000

The year 2020 is all set to set in – in less than 5 weeks. Are you ready for it? If not yet, get set go, and do it at the earliest possible – at least on the SEO front.

SEO is going to be topsy-turvy, to say the least.  There would be several things to make you nervous. With the rocket high online competition that continues to increase and with new websites and strategies launched, it is high time to rethink the content marketing strategy and invest well in SEO.

Google has been demanding certain specific requirements for the websites to meet to score well, and the apt use of SEO strategy is extremely important to stay glued, or else, you would be ticked off by a more capable website. This is right where SEO strategy works as the most important part, and what strategy would work where, that remains to be scrutinized.

Search engines (read Google) keep on tweaking their algorithms every single day in order to perk up the quality of the search process as a whole. To keep up with the pace, SEO specialists have to really dig deep into adopting the required changes – no matter how big or how small they are.

To being with, it is voice search which is going to take over most of the persisting technologies. Several other things follow, check out which all are going to stay and pertain in 2020.

Voice Search

Voice Search

How many of you do use your voice search assistant on your Android or Apple device? How many of you prefer “Hey Google” over typing your search? Well, keeping in mind that you are here on this page reading this blog, we can assume that you do rely on voice search assistants more than basic typing.

Have it on your face – Voice Search is the new organic search!

Voice Search is the future of search engines.

And…Voice Search would create or kill SEO.

Voice Search would seize your house, your car, and may even take your pet for a walk in the neighbourhood park.

The hoopla is at an all-time high in popularity, and we can foresee it going higher with the days passing. The year 2020 would be a year of Voice Search (take a bow!).

Statistics to help you prepare for the voice search revolution:

  1. Come 2020, and 50% of all searches would be based on voice assistance.
  2. More or less 30% of all the searches would be done without using a screen in 2020.
  3. The percentage of households in the US (alone) owning a smart speaker would step up to 55% by 2020.
  4. The voice recognition market will be worth $601 million industry by 2020.
  5. One out of every six Americans owns a voice activated smart-speaker. That makes it 16% as per statistics.

Emerging trends in Voice Search:

  • Smart speakers drive voice search adoption

Alexa? Siri? Anyone? Many of us, for sure, do have these smart assistants as Google Home and Apple HomePod respectively as common “faces” in our households. Voice technologies have tremendously taken over the marketplace, provoking other tech giants rushing to prove their technologies too. And trust us, all of them are going to stay and rule in the days ahead.

  • Consistent improvement in Voice AI and Machine Learning

Advancement in technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have been impacting on our ways of interacting with our smart devices, as well as the overall searching experience.

  • Global mobility of Voice Search devices

Voice search isn’t restricted to only smart speakers; the concept is more mobile than ever, and it is on a consistent rise. This trend is growing, facilitated by advances in speech recognition technology.

  • Local and Hyperlocal searches powered by voice

Local search results are the most looked for in voice search, with a regular rise in the number of users. As per Google, searches for “near me” businesses have increased dramatically over the recent few years.

How Voice Search is impacting the SEO strategies?

The good news is that Google has an accuracy rate of 95% in voice recognition. And it is consistently working to improve, along with several other technologies that are aiming the same. The global movement to fine-tune and make the voice technology perfect only implies that the marketers will have to regularly improvise and improve their SEO strategies to optimize for voice search.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Welcome to the brand new era of internet usage – summed up as mobile internet usage. Gone are the days when people used to use their phones to call and send SMS. Today, a phone, rather a smartphone is used to optimize their lives – including social networking, local searches, entertainment, essentials, shopping, paying bills, and much more.

Mobile devices have crawled in to our lives so significantly that we pick our mobile devices when we are bored, tired, curious, hungry, and even when we want to relax. Statistics say that time spent on mobile engaging with digital media has reached 3.3 hours a day for an average consumer.

Keeping in mind that need of the hour, the digital marketing strategy has taken a shift to focus on mobile dramatically. The requirement for optimizing your marketing campaigns and assets for mobile consumption has reached a peak, and the most important asset to be prioritized today is – a mobile-friendly website.

What’s meant by a website mobile-friendly?

A website is mobile-friendly when it is sized and coded for easy interaction on the small screen of a mobile device. In other words, a mobile-friendly website should be:

  1. Easy to read the text without stressing the eyes
  2. Easy to navigate – with keys, buttons, and links must be large enough to be tapped with a finger-tip
  3. Visually and aesthetically pleasing

Why do you need a mobile-friendly website?

To put it point-blank, a mobile-friendly website is needed to get and keep more customers. Irrespective of whether you are small, medium, or large business, you need to gain a competitive edge, and to maintain it in the long run.

How to make your website mobile-friendly?

  1. The mobile-friendly website must prioritize the information to be displayed in certain places.
  2. The website must be responsive, with the layout and display of the page automatically adjusting to the device screen size.
  3. Make the fonts easier to read, and the buttons and links clickable with finger tips.
  4. Website speed is key, and larger files, images, and videos can bring down the speed of the mobile device.

Mobile-friendly website design and SEO:

With Google algorithm changing and trending every few years (and at times, months), it is extremely important to keep yourself updated to what Google wants at what point in terms of mobile-friendly websites. During the last update related to the same, Google announced that mobile-friendliness was now a ranking symbol. In other words, mobile-friendly websites would appear higher in the search results.

The algorithms still follow the same, and there have been few updates since then; each one including mobile-friendliness as a key ranking factor. It is a fact that better rankings would lead to more visits to your mobile-websites, ultimately resulting in more leads and sales.

SEO strategy in 2020 would continue to follow this trend, and would dedicatedly focus on the websites being mobile-friendly.

Website Content

Website Content

Website Content SEO is an integral part of SEO strategy. Without the right content on your website, it is not possible for your site to rank in search engines.


The quality of the website content should be of supreme level. It is crucial to create and structure quality website content to keep the SEO strategy working perfectly as per the need of the hour. 

Internet is a crowded space. Well, it might sound like there are so many stars in the sky, many sand on the beach, and so many atoms in a cell. So, to put it across in statistics, there are more than 1.9 billion websites that exist, more than 3.5 billion Google searches made every day, and more than 350,000 tweets sent every single minute.

How to capture your target readers’ or customers’ interest in this exploding digital universe? Isn’t it immensely challenging, to say the least? Take it on your face – less than 15 seconds is what 55% of the visitors spend on a website page. That too, on “good” websites!

Disheartening, isn’t that?

To beat the above statistics, all you need is good website writing as the ultimate key. Well-written, SEO optimized, and informative content for the web rises to the top of search results thereby grabbing reader’s attention.

How to reach there? How to hold on to your readers’ attention to your website content?

  • Know your audience.

Learn beforehand about who you are trying to reach out. Your primary audience might be your existing clients. But the secondary ones might be broader including attorneys, legal bodies, medical practitioner, or someone seeking your services. Your website content must be pleasing to the existing clients, as well as the interesting and professional to the probable upcoming clients.

  • Inverted Pyramid Model

Readers on the web don’t have long attention span. They take seconds to find whether your website content does have the information they are looking for.

For them, manage your content strategically, placing the most important messages at the top of the page, and gradually drilling down to more specific and supporting information. The end of it must be with tangential details.

  • Short, simple and to-the-point sentences

Well, crisp sentences work the best. Average readers go for sentences with 35 words or fewer. Use of easy and simple words is more engaging. Active voice scores better.

Additionally, the sentences should be visually appealing. In other words, website contents must show, and not just tell and brag.

  • Use of keywords

Optimized ones! Keyword research is extremely important in website content. Every SEO content strategy depends largely on keyword research. You have to know what your audience might be looking for, if you want to generate traffic.

Video Promotion

Video promotion
What swarms up your newsfeed the most? Videos. Elevating your digital marketing presence in the most effective way is a whole lot of videos – of every taste, purpose, and age-appropriate. No matter what the content of the video is, the way it is presented builds an emotional connection with the audience. The video content gets stuck in the heads of the audience.

And guess what comes out as the ultimate achievement?

Brand promotion, and brand awareness!

And, to top it all, video promotion can be a successful SEO strategy.

Ways to make videos work in SEO strategy:

  • SERP Presence

Google doesn’t help, if it’s not attentive. The search engine definitely knows what its users want, and delivers accordingly. Videos being the most effective content type to reach and engage the audience, they increasingly populate the first page of the results.

  • Power of YouTube

Who’s not aware of YouTube – the second largest search engine in the world? Processing more than a whopping 3 billion searches every month, the sheer volume of video content is amazingly a part of the consideration that Google as a king of search engine works for promotion.

  • Social Media – utilize it as a whole

SEO goes beyond Google, and expert SEO analysts are aware of it. Social media platforms are the most effective on that note; they increasingly search for relevant content, making search optimization of each post more relevant. There is a clear link between the performance of social media platform and Google-focussed SEO strategies.

UI/UX of Website

UI UX Website

UI? UX? Anyone with these ABCs of web designing?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) – get introduced to two of the major specialization of web design.

While UI deals with the controls people use to interact with an app or with a website, UX is all about dealing with user behaviour and how they interact when using the app or the website.

Web design and web development are two sides of the same coin. And no prize for guessing why UI design would influence UX design.

The strategies to improve UX and SEO include:

  1. Checking the bounce rate and taking a note of the reasons for the same
  2. Monitoring average session duration is also necessary
  3. Headings are the roadmaps to guide your site visitors through your content
  4. Many website don’t have an easy to use navigation of their website that affect UX and ultimately SEO
  5. Among the ranking factor, the biggest ones are speed and performance of your website.

Link Building

Links are important for SEO. In other words, link building is a crucial part of holistic SEO strategy, and at the same time it should be a part of your growth strategy by generating traffic to your site directly.

Steps of a successful link building strategy:

  • Know your audience well
  • Make a list of websites that appeal to your desired audience
  • Well-written content is the king
  • Content must match the websites
  • Site owners must be reached out
  • Social media should be used to amplify your content

Image Promotion

Image promotion
Use of image in SEO is one of the best practices suggested as SEO strategy. No matter how much content play the lead, or videos grab the eyeballs in newsfeed, it is the images that have their own role to play. No wonder images are extremely vital for user experience.

Image promotion is a big part of how a web page is experienced. Thanks to the Google’s algorithm that pays attention to behaviour metrics affecting the SEO as a whole. It is reflected in user experience – bounce rate and visit duration on a web page – to name the most significant ones.

Tips to improve SEO for images:

  1. Use of relevant and high-quality images is must.
  2. Don’t forget to customize the filename of a particular image before uploading it.
  3. Do make sure to use alt tags. If you prefer to use html, you can add alt=”your alt text” to your image tag.
  4. Finding the right quality-to-size ratio is important.
  5. Don’t goof-up with the file type!
  6. Google encourages website owners to add images to sitemap.
  7. Don’t host images on third-party websites, but to your own site.

Schema Tags

Schema tags
Here comes one of the latest evolutions in SEO – Schema Tags or Markups. Though utilized the least (as of now), this new form of optimization is one of the most powerful SEO strategies available. It is a coding system that’s put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

Types of items described by Scheme? It is most widely used to provide additional information about the following:

  • Creative work
  • Event
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place
  • Product

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets
Being an SEO analyst, have you noticed how Google has been adding more and more information to the search results? And that doesn’t include the Adwords and organic search results, that’s included to enhance the search experience.

Here’s exactly where Featured Snippets get into the scene!

The Featured Snippets are a format that provides users with a to-the-point, direct answers to their questions. These are found right there on the search results page, and the users don’t have to click through to get a specific result.

Different kinds of Featured Snippets:

  • Text Snippets
  • Video Snippets
  • List and Table Snippets

What queries and searches give featured snippets most often?

  • DIY processes
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Mathematical
  • Requirements
  • Status
  • Transitional

SSL (E-Commerce)

SSL certificate

Want to install an SSL certificate in your online store?

Let’s be talking about SSL and SEO.

Take a guard, because Google is cracking down hard on unsecure websites, alerting users of websites that don’t have an SSL certificate.

The biggest player on the web is informing the Chrome users if and when they visit an unsecure website, so that they would consider visiting a better and secured alternative.

That’s done by none other than – SSL certificate which acts like a padlock.

What does an SSL do?

An SSL will bind the domain name, company name and location – all these to secure the websites from any potential hackers who might steal any private information.

Reasons why installing an SSL is vital:

  • An SSL adds to the overall security of e-commerce, and the absence of the same might be risky in the protection of user names, passwords, credit card details, payment details, and other cyber security information.
  • An SSL builds user confidence; even if the users are not quite aware of the details of an SSL and its uses, the mere presence and image of the padlock ensure a guaranteed security and mental peace for the users.
  • During online shopping, the presence of SSL is crucial – both for the buyer as well as the sellers who definitely look for SSL certification and other trust seals as a must to begin to be included in their purchase decision.
  • Installation of SSL allows an extra layer of security to credit and debit card payments. Online gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc multiply to the web security as a seller and also to your customers.
  • Another important fact to note is how SSL improve Search Engine positioning. Google and its algorithms are ever updating and being perfected.

Information contained and secured by SSL includes:

  • Company name
  • Company location
  • Duration of the certificate
  • Details of the authority who issued the certificate

Keyword Research and Selection


Keywords – the integral part of search engine optimization. Practically everything in any legit SEO strategy revolves around the use of keywords. In layman’s word, keyword research is all about understanding what your target audience wants to find, and to feed them exactly that via the right SEO tactics.

The power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market, and to help you know how this market is making its search for your content, services, or products.

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO:

To begin with, and to keep it crisp and to the point, it is the right use of keywords that impacts every single SEO task that you perform, including finding content topics, on-page SEO, and outreach and promotion. No wonder why keyword research is usually the first step of any SEO campaign.

Keyword research provides you with certain search data that can help you answer questions like:

  • What is your target audience searching?
  • What’s the mass or figure or number of people making these searches?
  • In what format do they want that information?

In short, the first step you take towards a strategic SEO is keyword research.

How to research keywords for your SEO strategy?

  1. Enlist important and relevant topics based on what you know about your business

To kick start the process of strategic SEO, make a list of the topics you want to rank for in terms of generic buckets. It will sum up to some 5-10 topic buckets that you think are important to your business. Use these topic buckets to help come up with some specific keywords later in the process.

  1. Fill in those buckets with keywords

  Time to identify some keywords that fit perfectly into these buckets. These keywords are the phrases that are important to rank in the SERPs, as your target customers might conduct searches for those specific terms.

  1. Research related search terms

This is a creative step you may have already thought of when doing keyword research. If not, do it as the next step and enjoy the great way to fill out those lists.

  1. A mix of head terms and long-tail keywords is important in each bucket

It is important to maintain a keyword strategy that’s well balanced with long-term goals and short-term wins. That’s why it’s important to check that you have a mix of head terms and long-tail terms.

  1. Keep a watch on how the competitors are ranking for these keywords

This one’s tricky, yet obvious. Just because your competitor is doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you must do it too. Same goes for keywords. However, understanding what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for is a great way to help you give your list of keywords another evaluation.

  1. Google AdWords

Narrow down your list of the right mix of keywords to some more quantitative data. You have a lot of tools at your disposal to do this, and the most popular ones include Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, etc.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

When it comes to stealing your competitor’s traffic, nothing comes handier than SEO competitor analysis. It is one of those powerful research strategies that help your business to rank higher. At the same time, it is the tool that gets you more traffic, and helps you earn more conversions.

The real charisma of Competitor Research lies in uncovering SEO opportunities that might not be seen otherwise. It is the best step to take when you are planning for a new online venture, or worried of losing to your close competitors in organic search, then SEO Competitor Research or Analysis is your only saviour.

What are the wings that get added with a proper Competitor Research?

  • About your actual SEO competitors
  • Keywords to target
  • Topics to cover
  • Where to find links?
  • What is needed to beat the competition?

Before going ahead, let’s learn what is SEO competitive analysis or research

SEO Competitive Analysis is all about researching the links, keywords, content, and SEO competitors with the sole aim to reverse-engineer the most successful elements of these tactics into your own SEO strategy.

Instead of guessing which keywords to target, content to create, or links to build, it is more feasible if it can be found out what’s already working for others to simply build upon that success.

How to do a competitor research or analysis?

  1. About your actual SEO competitors

This goes without saying that before you can do any SEO competitive analysis, you need to know who your search competitors actually are. For the same, you need to dive into the data, it’s not always obvious.

To start off with, it is needed to identify your competitors is to simply enter your top keyword in Google, then see which domains are ranking. For a better accuracy and better results, you start with around 10 to 20 of your most popular keywords, followed by tracking everything in a spreadsheet, and calculating which domains appear the most frequently and in what position.

  1. Keywords to target

Also known as competitive keyword analysis or better known as keyword gap analysis, it is a process of identifying valuable keywords that your competitors rank highly for, which you don’t.

Under this, you need to consider few things including:

  • The keywords should be valuable to make it high volume, related to your business, or likely to convert
  • The keywords should be those that you could rank for, or could rank for better
  • Comparing two or more competitors often gives you a richer analysis
  1. Topics to cover

Another very efficient way to develop content ideas apart from keywords, is to look at your competitors’ top-performing content. To do that, the point in interest is the one where content earned the competitors the most links.

Links are necessary for ranking for obvious reasons and they are one of the biggest ranking factors.  It is quite a necessity to focus on topics that others like to link to, and it definitely works as one of the oldest, most reliable methods of content creation in SEO.

The steps include

  • Discovering the competitor’s top content
  • Creation of original content that significantly improves upon the former in multiple ways
  • Promoting your content to a similar group of people
  1. Where to find links?

A link gap analysis works to identify links your competitors have earned that you might also obtain. Links are important for ranking, and it is practically impossible to rank without links. It is difficult to obtain good links, hence the use of intelligence and data to determine where we might find good links that are somewhat easier to obtain.

And to find the same are the sites that have already linked to your competitors, but have not linked to you.

  1. What is needed to beat the competition?

To compile it all, it’s not enough to understand the right keywords to target. If you are looking for a big mark in traffic, you need to understand searcher intent for your keyword. In other words, it means getting inside the mind of the searcher to understand what they are looking for. Though sounds like impossible, but this is the trick to do the needful. Thanks to Google, 99% of the work has been done for you. Start by Google-ing the keyword you want to target, and let the search engine explain us how to satisfy the intent of this search.


To bring on an endnote to the points mentioned above, it’s quite evident that the upcoming SEO days are way faster and trendier than ever. And technology would be evolving at a swift pace. Few of the major changes and evolutions to note are obvious, while few more unprecedented ones are awaited and unexpected.

While voice assistant is the “in-thing”, it is here to stay for longer and it is sure to be more impactful in the days ahead.

SEO, like nothing else in digital marketing, is the most sought after feature to consider, irrespective of industry, products, and services. And before you conclude, keyword optimization is only one of the major factors that entail optimizing content for users.

With Google sitting at the top ruling over the SEO strategies, you have to be extra-cautious about the changing trends. The only sensible thing you can do is to get familiar with these trends, and hereby help your business grow.

Afterall, the trick is to generate more traffic from Google! And the SEO strategies for 2020 are the best suggestions that you can keep in mind to help yourself.

Good luck.

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Future of Digital Marketing In India Mon, 11 Nov 2019 07:52:50 +0000

Did you get the ad of a particular flight booking company while searching for the air tickets to your friend’s wedding? Is your inbox filled with some particular special skincare brands highlighting exclusive offers ‘just for you’?

Chances are you might scroll down for more options in flight booking, you might also ignore the exclusive deal mail, but probability says that it’s fifty percent likely that you will click the cheap flight website option that comes on the top ranks, you will visit the skincare online store to check out the further deals!

While you are looking for options, the world is watching you!

There has been a continuous adaptation to meet the needs of customers and brands akin in the world of digital marketing. From banners to big data, established digital infrastructure has become essential for increased connectivity. Changes are happening much faster than expected. Carney Technologies Services being one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata is witnessing these amazing technological innovation and dramatic developments.

Stepping up of artificial intelligence

Carney AnnouncementThe typical marketing practice of generating web traffic on search engines is through paid search, or search engine marketing. Marketers either pay each time their ad is clicked (technically referred to as pay per click advertising) or when their commercial is displayed. This needs a specially trained and dedicated team who can decide what platforms to spend on to receive the most traction.

This idea of programmatic advertising is about probable distribution of the traditional method of paid media. This can be utilized by artificial intelligence to automatically buy the advertising space, with the help of data, and determine which ad should target what audience.


What is Facebook predicting about its ads?

There is fierce competition of Facebook, whether you see it or not.

With better inroads with advertisers, the platform has been successful in developing new ad products for it stories (experts believe stories will be a larger medium than feed has been). The new developments in the platform includes more than just the Facebook ads and are as follows:

  • A decline in your reach as more companies fight eyeballs
  • People will shop on Facebook
  • Facebook will become your wallet
  • Speech recognition technology will be implemented
  • More Video Ads

Instagram Marketing

From augmented reality (AR) to vertical video, Instagram Ads are here to stay and how! With Instagram Live, Stories, and IGTV, clearly, the influencers are here to make the more interesting than ever before.

  • Find out how to produce and edit vertical video so you can be ready for 2019
  • Design offline events by influencer marketing
  • Shopping on IG – swipe up in stories, tagging products, or shopping through the link in bio
  • Advertising on Instagram Stories is growing

YouTube Advertising – yeah or nah?

Experienced social media marketers find YT a viable advertising medium for 2019 and beyond. A new research reveals that consumers have a considerable response rate to YouTube ads as it continues to enjoy being the undisputed ruler of online video. Insights on YT advertising shows:

  • Viewers or customers recognize Ads on YouTube readily than of any other social media like Facebook
  • Ads for products or services with universal appeal receives more views and reduced cost per view
  • Marketers stay put in YouTube
  • Ad Views are influenced by audience interests and user device


More than 2.3 billion people globally use social media. Apart from the free profiles, the top social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, any business can use paid social ads to impact more customers.

Even companies which have stellar organic presence on social platforms need to combine clever text and images to leverage the power of social media advertising to engage and convert target customers.

So, here’s what’s next in social media industry:

  • Clear shift in focus – less on the feeds but more on private messages/stories
  • Trustworthy and authentic influencers aren’t going away
  • Brands will concentrate more on content and be more consistent across channels
  • Small communities is going to trump for big businesses


With the idea to change the entire biome of the public services, the Government of India has launched the Digital India programme to make the society digitally empowered. From application of the employment programs to food delivery options, everything is getting online. As understood, the digital marketing career in India can take you to the right place if you know where to start from.

The announcement from the Indian Prime Minister highlighted that by 2020 the digital space will see a significant change for the youth. Many industries joined are joining themselves to make e-India a reality.

With all these being said, small to mid-sized companies need the help of the skilled work force from the SEO company of India. Carney Technologies services is a promising name in the Eastern India who has worked with over a hundred clients and bringing their digital presence afloat.

Many institutions are nowadays introducing degree courses that focus of various disciplines of Internet Marketing such as understanding the content marketing services India, pay per click advertising, SEM, SEO, email marketing and more. Should you wish to make your career in this challenging field, reach out to Carney consultancy services.

Why future of digital India looks bright?

For individuals For businesses
More institutions with digital marketing courses Growth in government’s e-marketplace
Growth in the number of internet users Reaching global markets
Small towns getting digitally equipped Higher engagement rate
Affordable course for professionals Affordable for advertising
Increased digital classifieds market revenue


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How emotional marketing can drive business growth? Fri, 01 Nov 2019 11:02:46 +0000

Were you growing up in India during the 90s? Do you remember the ever-popular and nostalgic advertisement of ‘Dhara’?

If not, let me remind you.

A boy, hardly 6 years old, in denim dungarees sitting on a railway station all alone. Suddenly, an old man passes him, and he shouts out to the elderly, ‘Ramu Kaka’. Later he tells the old man, he is running away from the home since ‘sab gussa karte hai’ – everyone scolds me. He has decided to leave home.


But, as Ramu Kaka progresses the narrative, the kid comes to know that his mom has made jalebi – the Indian sweet dipped in sugar syrup. A favorite among kids.

Our dungarees clad kid is tempted, forgets his anger and happily rides back home with the white-haired elderly. At home, with a jalebi in hand, the anger is forgotten and that’s the end of a sweet narrative.

At the end of the storyline, we get a glimpse of the magnificent Dhara oil – the product of the ad campaign – but that’s just for a couple of seconds. But in our psychology Dhara is engraved.


Because the advertisers utilized a sweet and innocent story and made the product a part of the campaign. The ad makers focused on the emotional side of the story, which made the advertisement relatable to the audience, and more effective.

The ad was a huge success, winning awards and accolades from the advertising world. The said product was sold like hotcakes and is still important in many households.

This shows us an important thing. When done correctly, emotional marketing can have a lasting impression on the customers and add towards increasing brand awareness.

Let’s understand what emotional marketing is, and how it can change the direction of the business.

Emotional marketing 

Emotional marketing In simpler terms, emotional marketing refers to those retailing tactics that primarily use sentiments for engaging with the audience. A great example is the Dhara ad mentioned above. These ads usually tap into singular emotion, from an extended range of the emotional spectrum, to draw out customer reaction. Ideally, the basic emotions – happiness, anger, sadness, guilt, or fear are preferred by advertisers but that is not an exhaustive list.

Depending on the audience demographics, type of the product, and the marketing goal – the agency and the advertisers would draw out the marketing strategy and choose the triggers to bring out the desired emotions.

Why do such advertisements work? 

Humans are emotional beings; they feel and relate to emotions. An item or a concept triggering pleasant, or unpleasant, emotions can have a great impact on its overall acceptance. Apart from that, the following reasons reflect why emotional marketing works:

  1. Helping consumers in deciding from their heart

Such a form of marketing triggers the emotions of the consumer, forcing them to make the buying decision from the heart rather than the mind. Think about the recent wave of sales on the popular online shopping portals in India. Catchphrases like ‘best deals’ or ‘lowest prices’ attracted the attention of the buyers and the casual onlookers – forcing them to make a buying choice.

Yes, it might not be an impulsive buy and you might have got the product on a freak deal – but the thing remains the same – the catchphrases triggered your emotions, forcing you to make a buying choice.

And, you are not alone. According to a survey, the advertisements that focus on emotions have a better chance of succeeding. That means people are attracted to emotions and would make buying choices based on them.

Emotional marketing

  1. Emotions create a lasting impression

Let’s, get back to the Dhara advertisement mentioned at the beginning of the page. The ad came out in the late 90s and is still remembered for its simplicity and innocence. And, so is the product associated with the ad – the mustard oil named Dhara.

The point here is emotional marketing could help to make a lasting impression on the customers. In some cases, it could lead to brand awareness – consumer’s ability to recall a brand or product. Emotional marketing can direct consumer behavior, and push those (consumers) towards the intended item.


Using emotions for marketing and advertising can surely make or break an advertisement campaign. It is a secret tool, which when used in the right direction can bring in more sales for the brand and the company. To create an effective emotional marketing campaign, the industries need to focus on the consumers and pick those emotions which the consumers will resonate with.

Carney Technologies Services, is a digital marketing agency, is taking the help of emotional marketing to create online campaigns for their customers. Visit or call +91-9163298336 to talk to them.

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