COVID19 Business Strategy

We Are With Our Clients

In light of COVID-19, where several businesses are facing doomsday and severe downfall in their respective economical scenario, it is pathetic to face the fact that people are tending to “forget” many brands.

Reason? The lack of proper promotion and marketing is one of the prime reasons why there are so many setbacks in the businesses that had been running quite smoothly all through these years.

Scary is an understatement. It is far beyond than worse that the post-COVID days have in store as far as business and economy are concerned. Probably you can work on it right now by inducing the right steps and strategies. And guess what, digital marketing techniques are the only effective measures that you can opt for to make the show running.

Carney Technologies Services in the light of COVID-19

Carney Technologies Services is proud to declare that we are working from home, and we are working with full capacity and full workforce. With the sole aim to serve our clients the best possible way, Carney is following the current strategies and hacks as updated by Google’s algorithm.

How is Carney working right now?

1.Thorough Audit of your Website

2. Update the local business listing of each and every website, if required

3. Optimize your Online Presence. Need to be more socially active.

4. Reevaluate the target audience.

5. Change keywords, if required based on the new Search intent.

6. Create and optimize contents as per the latest Google update.

7. A Page on your website directly addressing COVID19 and how we are helping our customer base during this pandemic.

8. Need to create a new messaging strategy for creative advertising, content marketing and email marketing teams and others, if any.

9. Need to run an Ad campaign about how we are helping our customers in this crisis situation and track the results.

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Covid19 Business Strategy
Industry Wise Strategies of Carney Technologies Services

Carney Technologies Services is working with numerous industries, and we have segregated our strategies as per each industry and business. We are taking care that each client of us is getting the right digital marketing treatment that would make them floating and thriving through the pandemic, and at the same time, would ensure a successful future post the COVID-19 chaos.

We are working effectively across all the industries including:

1. Travel and Tourism

2. Education

3. Hospitality

4. Real Estate

5 . Retail and Ecommerce

6. Technology

7. Fintech

8. Education

9. Leisure Facilities

10 . Beauty and Salon

11. Automobiles

12. Auto Parts and Services

13. Oil and Gas

14. Insurance

15. Finance

16. Life and Health

17. Sports

18. Hyperlocal Marketplaces

These and more industries are well taken care of by Carney Technologies Services with the sole aim to keep them all floating and surviving through the crisis, and also to bounce back with better impressions once the pandemic fades. Our updated methods to work, and in-sync techniques with world class experience are helping every single client to make the most of it even during the worst ever global setback.

Entrust us with your survival, as we work round the clock to keep your business ticking fine.

Good luck, stay safe, stay at home, as we are too.

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