Progression of Google Search with RankBrain

Many a times, you may have come across news and articles where search engine giant Google has stated that it has turned its search to artificial intelligence, or has revealed a new algorithm. If you are wondering what exactly it means, then you should know that a very large portion of the queries that are typed in this search engine is already interpreted by an artificial intelligence system, RankBrain.

This AI system developed by Google helps to process search results using machine learning, through which computer programs are created to teach themselves to develop and changes when exposed to different kinds of data. As the third most important signal, the results of search are pretty significant, and more relevant.

RankBrain embeds vast amount of written language into mathematical entities, developing a format that will be understood by the computers. At the same time, when something that is unfamiliar to this AI is typed, by guessing the words and phrases, the results will be filtered and you will come closer to the answer.

The main purpose of having this intelligence system is to come up with answers for the questions which have not been asked before. According to Google, 15% brand new queries are being placed every day, of which it processes 3 billion searches per day, which means that 450 million per day are unique. Besides determining this, the AI has also shown room for improvement on Google’s own search engines, and has shown almost up to 80% of the time, the pages that would come up in the top search results.

This is not a terrifying thing for us, and it only means that the answers to our searches will be perfectly answered after a few years. Machines are indeed overtaking humans, and rather than running for the hills, you should learn to use it for your benefit. Carney Technologies Services will help you to make sure that your company stays in the top search results, no matter what changes with the systems are done.