Get a checklist of Reasons for Keywords Ranking Drop

seoEvery website has its own ranking as per viewed by the audiences and provided by Google. The problem starts when the websites witness fluctuation in the rank that can even result in the shutting down of the website. With various tools it is now easy to detect the reasons and components that causes ranking drop. Creating a checklist of the reasons that causes ranking drop may help you keep your website rank stable or can improve it further.


10 reasons that are very important to know about ranking drop are:

  1. New links: When a sudden addition of new link is done in the website it is observed that the ranking of that particular page or website to which the link points fluctuate. These fluctuations can be tested with tools like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, etc.
  2. Lost links: Just like new links influence the ranking of the website, losing links can also affect the ranking. When you change your website domain and it malfunctions or behaves in an unnatural manner then this can lead to fluctuating ranks and ranking drop.
  3. Dropped re-directions: It is the problem caused due to manipulation in the domain which causes in the manipulation of the server. Due to the change in the domain or the link the website may not open properly causing a ranking drop.
  4. Manual or algorithmic penalties: Every website has to follow certain guidelines stated by official Google Web Master. If you try to manipulate ranking through unnatural link building or spun contents then Google can apply a “rank transition function” which affects your ranking.
  5. Algorithmic changes: When there is a change or update in the algorithms of Google then also your website’s raking may fluctuate.
  6. Checking the technical fundamentals: Not only basic factors influence but technical factors are also responsible such as unnecessary pop-ups, designing of the webpage, etc.
  7. Changes to the site: Any change to the website may also result in fluctuating rank or drop in the rank.
  8. Server issues: Any unusual error or manipulation in the server cause in ranking drop as well.
  9. Change in search behavior: The taste or criteria of people changes due to the launch of something new and better results in ranking drop.
  10. Click-through rate changes: A catchy title always attracts people and if the title or the headline you provide is not attractive then the views will be less and will result in ranking drop.

Make Mobile Searches More Responsive

The SEO techniques are not only restricted to desktop, as people do search for information through mediums like mobile phone, tablets, and more. Although the foundation elements of both strategies are similar, there are certain differences which amplify the search signals in mobiles.

The standard elements that are required for all kinds of SEO searches are rich content quality, keyword optimization, backlink portfolio, and etc. When your focus is on mobile listing optimization, you can also include mobile web presence, voice search, and Apple/Google maps to the list. These strategies are very useful for low competitive businesses.

With so much usage by the consumers, it is important that the information is regularly updated and accurate search results and optimization should be aimed for so that the tweaks can be identified and rectified. Again when you choose voice search as your medium, hands free searching is utilized for local search.

In addition to this, there are certain companies which have a one-size-fits-all website which can be opened on desktop as well as on mobile phones. For such businesses, attention must be given to the visuals, as the wider desktop visuals might not be pleasing on your phone. Mobile presence is very important, and search engine giant Google, recommends the use of a responsive design, that fits every device. There are also tips and tools which can test the mobile visibility.

Since mobile SEO is different, and consists of a different perspective on mobile design and content, when you are investing in this, make sure that 50% of the efforts goes into mobile SEO as well. Even reports have suggested that more searches takes place on mobiles than computers. So unless you buckle up, you may not get the desired website hit you are aiming for.

You can also participate in mobile SEO workshops that will enhance your knowledge about this domain, or hire the experts who can develop ways of strengthening your presence. Carney Technologies Services also specializes in creating mobile websites for clients.