Essentials For Successful Landing Page Optimization

What drives people now to experience a positive experience has changed drastically over the years. Where banner ads were a rage, today the online consumer has become more sophisticated, and need to connect with the advertisement to result in sales. By understanding what people see, and how well they resonate, you can engage the customers and involve techniques that create landing pages.

There are different aspects to getting the perfect landing page, so that you can attract the target audience and more. Shared here are some of the points that you should consider, as ignoring them can reduce the success of your page, and minimize customer leads.

By giving your page the right heading, you not only have the chance of drawing customer’s attention, but also ensure them that they have hit the right page. However, you need to be careful that it is not similar to the page title tags, and should be well placed so that you have the search results and the keywords, through which you mean to attract.

Next will be the design of the page. It should be impactful, and should be able to influence the eyes. At the same time, you should have control over the modifications, so that the visitor’s attraction is drawn to the highlighted aspect of the page.

Since content is king, it should connect with the audience, and provide them immediate answers. It should be clear about what the visitor can expect from you, and you can study the successful contents, to get an idea about how you can make it better.

Many like to get maximum benefits at minimum costs, so your call to action (CTA) should be inviting, to build a relation with your customers. Rather than offering too many options to confuse your customers, make it simple by adding just one option, and give the customers the desired action. At the same time, keep an eye on your competitors, so that you identify what is working in attracting customers and what isn’t.

When you use the eye tracking technology for your page, you can figure how much the customers are paying attention to your page and content, and see what connects best with them. At the same time, you can give A/B testing a try which will determine which page should be permanently live. Checking the little details is also very crucial.

For online engagement, you need to focus on landing page optimization. Carney Technologies Services reviews your landing page, and match you up to your competition.

Is Dominating Google’s First Page Child’s Play?

What is the ultimate goal of SEO campaigns today? It is to dominate the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo; preferably in that order. Getting in one of the first few spots is great but dominating the space can create an unequalled opportunity for businesses trying to increase their visibility. But that is the thing about digital marketing, precisely about SEO, it does not matter how religiously or relentlessly you customize the content and other elements of your website, some rival website will always try to beat you in your own game. It doesn’t matter if you make it so easy for Google, it doesn’t matter if you update and maintain your content on a regular basis, someone somewhere is always trying to ruin your global SERP domination plan.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have given the pep talk about “competition is healthy” myself and I know all that is to know about how monopolizing is bad and how user’s choices are being affected by this page domination theory. But it works and every time too! Why should a company give up on this resource? That is not how the world of SEO works. This is a greedy world, the focus is on succeeding, and too many considerations are not wise. Letting other companies win is a strict no no. About Google, the search engine is trying to make the experience better for the user. Anything thing that comes in its way is either ignored or removed. Plastering the SERP with links to or related to your site will not help. So what is the trick?

I cannot guide you through the process but I can give you some pointers. Here goes:

  • Choose killer non-competitive keywords.
  • Optimize the images with keywords. Yes, attaching the keywords can help.
  • Write consumer based personalized content.
  • Make sure you have a solid link building plan.
  • Then there is always paid search.

It is not child’s play, no. But with the help of a professional marketing agency you can surely find the perfect plan and work with it.

Progression of Google Search with RankBrain

Many a times, you may have come across news and articles where search engine giant Google has stated that it has turned its search to artificial intelligence, or has revealed a new algorithm. If you are wondering what exactly it means, then you should know that a very large portion of the queries that are typed in this search engine is already interpreted by an artificial intelligence system, RankBrain.

This AI system developed by Google helps to process search results using machine learning, through which computer programs are created to teach themselves to develop and changes when exposed to different kinds of data. As the third most important signal, the results of search are pretty significant, and more relevant.

RankBrain embeds vast amount of written language into mathematical entities, developing a format that will be understood by the computers. At the same time, when something that is unfamiliar to this AI is typed, by guessing the words and phrases, the results will be filtered and you will come closer to the answer.

The main purpose of having this intelligence system is to come up with answers for the questions which have not been asked before. According to Google, 15% brand new queries are being placed every day, of which it processes 3 billion searches per day, which means that 450 million per day are unique. Besides determining this, the AI has also shown room for improvement on Google’s own search engines, and has shown almost up to 80% of the time, the pages that would come up in the top search results.

This is not a terrifying thing for us, and it only means that the answers to our searches will be perfectly answered after a few years. Machines are indeed overtaking humans, and rather than running for the hills, you should learn to use it for your benefit. Carney Technologies Services will help you to make sure that your company stays in the top search results, no matter what changes with the systems are done.

Claiming Website Authority

When you are just beginning to explore the digital market, you will find that some websites are more dominant than the rest. This is because they are trusted by experts and search engines, and are highly regarded by the users around the world. At the same time, you may think who decides on the authority, and the truth is search engine giants like Google, and other search engines contribute to such decision making.

A link from a higher website is always valuable, and this is because Google will get a link from another website to your website as a vote of confidence. This will also help you to get better ranks and improve the quality of your links. One link from a high authority site has more value than accumulation of low authority websites.

So what really makes a link work? The key attribute as stated by experts is to attract audience, and not links, as the more views you have, the more authenticity, you can earn.

You may find it difficult to assess which elements will be prioritized by Google when it comes to search engine results. While they keep on updating their algorithm, unless you keep up, you may see your ranking lowering down with each passing day. The rule of the thumb is to put up quality content, and not something that you would not be happy to read.

More and more focus should be given on the content. It should be detailed, and not just full of words; easy to read, well formatted, and full of images, so that reading it is a pleasure for others. At the same time, do not go on repeating the same matter in different paragraphs, as this can lead to another younger and relevant site overtaking your search results.

There are different tools that you can make use of to judge the score of your site on various scales. For example Moz has an Open Site Explorer which allows you to do the same.

So if you want to gain authority in search engine marketing then you need to build your website and master your content quality to earn the certification from Google. Carney Technologies Services can help you with the same.