Penguin is now an inseparable part of core algorithm

Google’s algorithms based on more than two hundred unique ‘clues’ or signals which make it possible to surface what you are looking for. These signals include several things as the specific words that appear on the sites, the freshness of the contents, your region as well as PageRank. A specific signal of the algorithm is known as Penguin that was first launched in 2012 and now, has an update.


The announcement of Penguin 4.0 has two key points:

  • Penguin is now real-time: Penguin is designed for capturing the sites which are spamming Google’s search results in ways that the regular spamming system of Google may not detect.
  • Penguin is now more granular: Now, Penguin devalues spam through adjusting ranking depending on the spam signals, rather than affecting the ranking of the entire site.

 Links are still crucial

Google has mentioned it several numbers of times that the links are very crucial for ranking, though warns of the problem of focusing on merely the links as an SEO and marketing strategy.

What Google wants

Google focuses on creating compelling and amazing websites and the way to do it is to use unique as well as relevant contents. One needs to think about what can make their sites valuable, engaging and unique. So, in a nutshell, it can be said, it is about quality, be it the link, website or content.

Tactics for building links

  • Basic prospecting: By using a good range of advanced query operators, you might able to find resource pages or even well-mentioned and highly ranking directories which are in tune with the products or services that you offer.
  • Competitor research: You can review the links of your competitors for revealing the sites which will link to you as well as your content.
  • Content + outreach: After you have a bedrock of contents on your site, it will be easier for you to find sites which link to other articles and then you can go about contacting the owners for seeing whether they can link to your content.
  • Guest post prospecting: Guest post is always a great way for generating exposure to your business as well as tap into the audience of the site.
  • Broken link building: It is equal to #4 in several ways; however, you are looking for the broken links on the sites you have identified as it can potentially provide a valuable link for your business.
  • Press and PR: Furthermore, having a wonderful site, do great things in the real world might also have benefits to get exposure in the press as well as relevant publications. It can link back to your site and help you to build relevance and trust.
  • Local organizations: With local businesses, you might like to link that will help to tie into the physical location.

Penguin might need some fine-tuning, however, building link in 2016 as well as beyond will mean handling your site first building something great, and then let people know about it.