What are SEO copywriting services?

SEO Copywriting services have become extremely important and the following is a brief explanation as to why. In today’s SEO field with its competition, abuse of search engine ranking algorithms is a SEO copywriting ome SEO as a necessity in a world of web commerce built on marketing and capitalization. Search engines battle is not SEO in general but what is called ‘black-hat’ SEO. Black-hat simply refers to technique used to exploit a search engine in ways that have a negative effect on the search engine itself. Most SEO copywriting firms provide intelligent, legible copywriting – which would be considered ‘white-hat SEO’.

For example, Google, the most widely used search engine on the planet, is constantly trying to make their search engine by providing relevant search results that provide content and relevant data (good search engine optimization copywriting). Black-hat SEO techniques generally exploit ranking algorithms to promote sites that have little or no ‘unique’ content. A good example of this is searching for something in a search engine and finding that the first 5 web pages listed not only did not provide what you were looking for, but conversely, inundated you with sponsored links to other useless pages with virtually no ‘unique’ copywriting selling or promoting items that were completely unrelated to your original search. Some high ranking sites will contain pop-ups and adware as well.

Why Carney Technologies for Content Building and SEO copywriting services?

Google knows that users searching from their page get frustrated when they land on these links and may switch to another search engine if they consistently get transparent results. What does this all mean? It means that the more unique content you have on your site that is relevant to your chosen keyword analysis, the better will be your reward and rank in the Google search engine and most other search engines. This is why copywriting is so important.

There is more to SEO copywriting that meets the eye however. What content is actively being searched for? Proper HTML Tagging, internal linking and keyword distribution are very important as is the ‘uniqueness’ of your copywriting. Adding copy that does not take all of these factors into account can actually penalize your ranking. Further, having duplicate copy – facsimiles of internal or external copy, can also either negate the copy’s ranking abilities or actually penalize the website as a whole.

Carney Technologies write unique copy for almost every client we have. We have provided unique content on the internet from articles to press releases ranging from every imaginable topic. If you would like more information on our SEO copywriting services or have questions about your project, please contact us.