Carney’s baby steps into medical record review and analysis

Federal health care laws and initiatives have required hospitals to use electronic health record (EHR) systems. The medical record review and analysis generally required for attorney prosecuting or defending a medical malpractice case or workers’ compensation claim. Simply put, it deals with comprehensive evaluation of the healthcare information of a patient.

Before we move on to how Carney is associated with the profile, let’s understand how completed medical records, manual or mechanical, is important in case of getting legal protection. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers need medical information for patients’ treatment which not only serves as the link for proper diagnosis but also plays a key role in supplying financial purposes and determining treatment costs.

Our key concern in every medical record

In every medical related case, there are some parts of the medical record which demands to be evaluated irrespective of the type case or the surrounding circumstances. These areas of the record is necessary as it reveals the key pieces of information about what did or did not occur during the diagnosis, treatment or care of the patient. Be it for plaintiff or defense, a thorough medical review should have:

  • Physician’s order
  • Progress notes
  • Lab reports
  • History and Physical (H&P)
  • Medication Record

Our services

We have been dealing with the experts of the medical documentation analysis who has comprehensive clinical experience. Our range of services includes:

Retrieving information from hospital or other healthcare providing software in order to identify patient for both concurrent and retrospective chart review


Maintaining current and accurate lists of records requested, pending and completed related to the medical review

Participating in the review and revision of documentation policies and procedures

Complete reviewing to become thoroughly familiar with documentation in order to correctly interpret data as per the regulations

Providing data analysis and reports as requested

Being updated about the trends, patterns, quality variance issues and report appropriately

How a medical review and analysis work looks like