Content Plagiarism

Content Plagiarism and its Effects

Effective digital marketing techniques require a huge reserve of unique and creative content or that is the general belief. Quality contents and digital marketing are anything but mutually exclusive. Without the right content it becomes increasingly difficult for the SEO and SMO experts to garner the right number of traffic or to increase the visibility of the said website. But, contrary to popular belief, originality is not always maintained.

There are digital marketers all around the world scraping off and spinning original contents from other sites and postings. While you, the original user are not benefitting enough from your own posts, somehow these plagiarists tend to get more out of the same. They can outrank you with the copied content and you will not know what hit you. But how can copied materials generate that kind of lead when your originality and ingenuity couldn’t, right?

Well, these companies have experts on their team who effectively scramble your and damage your rankings and ratings. This in turn leads to loss of visibility, sales and traffic. It becomes increasingly difficult for your potential clients to reach your website. The popular search engines like Google and Bing work against these plagiarists by detecting materials that are far from original. But effective spinning tools help the scrappers in these scenarios.

Sometimes, the thieving goes on a whole new level. Content plagiarism is very real and happening all around us and when you see word-to-word copied advertisements and web content the reality becomes more apparent. Should the search engines intervene? Yes. Do they intervene in reality? No. So, the thieves are apparently winning the cause while you are working day in and day out trying to dish out something fresh and eye catching.

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