Is Your Website Technically Perfect To Greet New Prospects In The Brand New Year? Think Twice Before You Answer

In this fast evolving world everything is changing for better to stay at par with the trend. Be it fashion, education, or the search engine optimization, every old tactic and strategy are being revived and revised to obtain the best outcomes.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the top ways to attract visitors to a website. Millions of people use search engines, and if your site is not optimized for search, then you are missing out a countless amount of potential customers. By doing some SEO you can boost the visibility of a product or services.

SEO is very beneficial to take your business to the next level and marketers are inventing new strategies every year to upgrade the marketing experience. The experts have found seven fundamental steps to bring technical SEO success in 2017. Though some of the tips may be relevant for a while, others are new and have to do with the recent search engine changes.


  • Check the index: check the number of your site’s pages that are indexed by the search engines. This task can be accomplished by entering the site which is in the targeted search engine or by using an SEO crawler. Preferably this number should be largely proportional to the total number of the pages on your site subtracting the ones you do not want to be indexed. If there is a bigger gap, then you need to review the disallowed pages.

Google index

  • Check the crawl ability: always make sure that the important resources are crawlable. Robots.txt is just one of the methods to restrict the pages from indexing, so you may want to use an SEO crawler to get the list of the blocked pages, despite of considering whether the instruction was found in robots.txt, X-Robots-Tag or noindex meta tag. It is very important to remember that Google is now able to render pages like modern browsers do, that is the reason why in 2017, it’s critical that all kinds of pages are crawlable along with your pages. If your CSS files are closed from indexing, Google will not view the pages the way it is intended to look. In the same way, if the java script is not crawlable, Google will not index any of the dynamically generated content of your site.
  • Optimize the crawl budget: crawl budget is the number of pages of a site that search engines crawl during a given period of time. You can get an idea about your crawl budget in Google Search Console. Once you know your crawl budget you must be intended to increase it as well. Here are few ways to optimize your crawl budget: crawl budget
    • Get rid of the duplicate pages: in terms of the crawl budget, search engines will hit the duplicate pages and waste your crawl budget. Therefore it’s better to lose the duplicate pages if you can afford to do it.
    • Prevent indexation of the pages with no SEO value: privacy policies, terms and conditions, and expired promotions are good candidates for a Disallow rule in robots.txt. You can also specify certain URL parameters in Google Search Console so that Google avoids crawling the same pages separately that are having different parameters.
    • Fix the links that are broken: whenever search bots hit a broken link, a unit of the crawl budget goes completely to waste.
    • Update the site map: always keep your site map up to date and make sure to register it in Google Search Console.
  • Audit the internal links: internal linking helps to spread the page rank around pages more efficiently. Some of the things that you must go through while auditing the internal links are as follows:
    • Click depth– keep the important pages not more than three clicks away from the home page.
    • Broken links– broken links can confuse the visitors and eat up the ranking power of the pages.
    • Redirected links– taking the visitors through a number of redirects can negatively affect the crawl budget and the loading time of a page.
    • Orphan pages– these pages are usually not linked to the other pages of a site, and thus are hard to find, both by the visitors and the search engines.
  • Review your sitemap: sitemaps informs the search engines about the structure of your site and also lets them discover new contents faster. Sitemaps can be checked on various criteria:
    • Freshness– whenever you add a new content to your site, update your XML sitemap.
    • Cleanness– to avoid the risk of having your sitemap ignored by the search engines completely, keep your sitemap free from garbage like 4XX pages, non canonical pages, redirected URL’s, and the pages that are blocked from indexing. So, never forget to check your sitemap regularly for errors in Google Search Console.
    • Size: Google limits the crawls of its sitemap to 50,000 URL’s. So it is always preferable to keep the pages much shorter than that so that your important pages get crawled more frequently. It has also been pointed out by many SEO’s that by reducing the number of URL’s in sitemaps one can yield more effective crawls.
  • Improve and test the speed of the page: the speed of a page is not just one of Google’s top priorities for 2017; rather, it is also one of its ranking signals. You can check the loading time of your page with Google’s own Page Speed Insights tool. If your age does not qualify some of the aspects of the test, Google will give you the details and the recommendations about the ways to fix it. You will even get a compressed version of your images if they are too heavy.
  • Go mobile friendly: A few weeks ago it was reported that Google is going to start mobile first indexing of the web. It means that Google will index the mobile version of websites instead of its desktop version. Thus, the mobile version of your pages will decide how the pages should rank in the mobile as well as the desktop search engine results. Here are some of the tricks that would help you to prepare your site for the upcoming changes.
    • Check if your pages are mobile friendly with Google’s own mobile friendly test tool.
    • Run comprehensive audits for the mobile site just as you do with the desktop versions. And for that, you would likely need to employ the custom user agent and robot.txt settings in your SEO crawler.
    • Don’t forget to track the Google mobile ranks as your progress in the rankings will soon convert to your desktop rankings as well.

These evolving SEO tactics can help you to launch a modern day business and convert more leads into potential customers. With the drastic change in the digital landscape for the past few years, the effectiveness and importance of SEO as a marketing strategy has increased. SEO has become widely accepted as an online marketing strategy because of its efficiency.

SEO can drive you more benefits to your account only if you know the correct way to utilize it. And to ensure that you get the most of the Search Engine Optimization, Carney Technologies Services is always there to help you. Our expert team will drive qualified traffic to your website and position your website in the top of the search engine results.

So, what are you waiting for? Come, join hands with Carney and begin the New Year with all new possibilities.

Penguin is now an inseparable part of core algorithm

Google’s algorithms based on more than two hundred unique ‘clues’ or signals which make it possible to surface what you are looking for. These signals include several things as the specific words that appear on the sites, the freshness of the contents, your region as well as PageRank. A specific signal of the algorithm is known as Penguin that was first launched in 2012 and now, has an update.


The announcement of Penguin 4.0 has two key points:

  • Penguin is now real-time: Penguin is designed for capturing the sites which are spamming Google’s search results in ways that the regular spamming system of Google may not detect.
  • Penguin is now more granular: Now, Penguin devalues spam through adjusting ranking depending on the spam signals, rather than affecting the ranking of the entire site.

 Links are still crucial

Google has mentioned it several numbers of times that the links are very crucial for ranking, though warns of the problem of focusing on merely the links as an SEO and marketing strategy.

What Google wants

Google focuses on creating compelling and amazing websites and the way to do it is to use unique as well as relevant contents. One needs to think about what can make their sites valuable, engaging and unique. So, in a nutshell, it can be said, it is about quality, be it the link, website or content.

Tactics for building links

  • Basic prospecting: By using a good range of advanced query operators, you might able to find resource pages or even well-mentioned and highly ranking directories which are in tune with the products or services that you offer.
  • Competitor research: You can review the links of your competitors for revealing the sites which will link to you as well as your content.
  • Content + outreach: After you have a bedrock of contents on your site, it will be easier for you to find sites which link to other articles and then you can go about contacting the owners for seeing whether they can link to your content.
  • Guest post prospecting: Guest post is always a great way for generating exposure to your business as well as tap into the audience of the site.
  • Broken link building: It is equal to #4 in several ways; however, you are looking for the broken links on the sites you have identified as it can potentially provide a valuable link for your business.
  • Press and PR: Furthermore, having a wonderful site, do great things in the real world might also have benefits to get exposure in the press as well as relevant publications. It can link back to your site and help you to build relevance and trust.
  • Local organizations: With local businesses, you might like to link that will help to tie into the physical location.

Penguin might need some fine-tuning, however, building link in 2016 as well as beyond will mean handling your site first building something great, and then let people know about it.

The poorly maintained SEO practices.

Though the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been updating with the technologically responsive era, there are still many companies and experts that have been still sticking to the shady past measures for taking shortcuts.

SEO practicesA major of the drastic and outmoded uses have been as:

Unnecessarily stuffed unpleasant titles: When you stuff your title with the use of similar terms and phrases for over multiple times, it looks horrible and shabby.

You will also see hidden texts in the website content, at times either done intentionally or unintentionally.

There are even some websites, which aren’t even a year older, that have been using the same page content in multiple pages with just a title change in the citation.

People have also been spamming their local listings with so many fake reviews. With keyword stuffing in Google My Business listings, using the high-ranked websites, misleading, instead of their own profile.

 A gist of the blunders land at:

Websites have also been crawling a lot these days. Despite the tag description to be featured in the website contents, people are using no index tag as well as robots.txt. Because of this, Google merges up the improper descriptions from various parts of the website, that doesn’t fetch a clear result of the company dealings in the Search engine results and pages. This has alternatively been fetching major threat to get the websites landed on the top page listings.

Dishonest SEO practices:

  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs), paid links and spam: There so many paid websites that have violated the norms of SEO and are linked on the top pages, having no explained risks involved.
  • Link networks: There are so many websites with merged up links of other clients and where the SEO Company has also merged the advertising link to client site.
  • Removing links: Apart from removing the links at fault, there are some SEO companies that stretch to remove all the links built up by the clients over the past years, which fluctuates and lowers their ranking.
  • Adding no index: This can be addressed a malicious act, where this mistake switches hosts before handing over a website.
  • Building another website on a different domain: This indicates working over the controlled website, despite doing work on the main website, which is taken up by many SEO and big companies.
  • Canonical tags: So many companies have been copying the canonical tags for getting boosted, when handing the websites over.
  • Reusing content: Using over the same set of contents to thousands and ten thousands of websites, which is the worst aspect.
  • Reviews: Companies have been faking reviews from their client’s Gmail to increase their reputation to the SERP.
  • Rolling back a website: SEO companies load backup of a website before even doing any work on-page.
  • Not setting up conversion tracking: There are companies that do not set you tracking code for the work of SEO, PPC or content, which is definitely wrong.
  • 301 a penalized website: Many of the SEO companies have been redirecting the websites to authoritative websites or competitors, which is faulty practice that can never fetch results on SERP.

Get a checklist of Reasons for Keywords Ranking Drop

seoEvery website has its own ranking as per viewed by the audiences and provided by Google. The problem starts when the websites witness fluctuation in the rank that can even result in the shutting down of the website. With various tools it is now easy to detect the reasons and components that causes ranking drop. Creating a checklist of the reasons that causes ranking drop may help you keep your website rank stable or can improve it further.


10 reasons that are very important to know about ranking drop are:

  1. New links: When a sudden addition of new link is done in the website it is observed that the ranking of that particular page or website to which the link points fluctuate. These fluctuations can be tested with tools like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, etc.
  2. Lost links: Just like new links influence the ranking of the website, losing links can also affect the ranking. When you change your website domain and it malfunctions or behaves in an unnatural manner then this can lead to fluctuating ranks and ranking drop.
  3. Dropped re-directions: It is the problem caused due to manipulation in the domain which causes in the manipulation of the server. Due to the change in the domain or the link the website may not open properly causing a ranking drop.
  4. Manual or algorithmic penalties: Every website has to follow certain guidelines stated by official Google Web Master. If you try to manipulate ranking through unnatural link building or spun contents then Google can apply a “rank transition function” which affects your ranking.
  5. Algorithmic changes: When there is a change or update in the algorithms of Google then also your website’s raking may fluctuate.
  6. Checking the technical fundamentals: Not only basic factors influence but technical factors are also responsible such as unnecessary pop-ups, designing of the webpage, etc.
  7. Changes to the site: Any change to the website may also result in fluctuating rank or drop in the rank.
  8. Server issues: Any unusual error or manipulation in the server cause in ranking drop as well.
  9. Change in search behavior: The taste or criteria of people changes due to the launch of something new and better results in ranking drop.
  10. Click-through rate changes: A catchy title always attracts people and if the title or the headline you provide is not attractive then the views will be less and will result in ranking drop.

Effective Search Engine Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Profits Fast

These days it is important to keep search engine optimization and search engine marketing in mind so that you will be able to earn a profit online. These respective fields have also evolved a lot since their inception and you have to think about various other services such as PPC so that you can stay on top of your competitors.

Given how these tactics and strategies keep changing you have to be aware of all the latest changes and use of the most cutting edge strategies so that you will be able to keep a profit. Some of the more cutting edge techniques which you can use include the following:

  1. Be sure to concentrate on the landing page of your website. Many people forget this, but you have to remember that your website needs to have a landing page so that your potential customers will be attracted to your product or service right away. This is the first thing which you have to concentrate on as it is a very basic step and doesn’t require that much dedication to get right. Expert web designers will be able to help you in this regard.
  2. You should remember that content is something which projects your business image instead of simply words to simply take up space. Make sure that you focus on keeping the quality of content as high as possible so that any potential customer will stick around to read about your product or service and will be attracted to using it.
  3. Even though it has been claimed that content is king, the number of backlinks which you build is most responsible for diverting traffic to your website. If you have ensured that the content is enough of a high quality to be posted then make sure that you post the content and link it to your website from a website which has a high number of visitors.

Not Number One in the SERP? No Problem!

Achieving visibility on the Internet can be very difficult. According to statistics around 571 websites are being created per minute all over the world! To make yourself stand out from the rest of these websites it is important to depend on the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

With search engine optimization your website can rank much higher on these aforementioned search engines and thereby achieve a modicum of visibility across the world. This is especially important when you are a small business and hope to thrive in a sector which is dominated by a global giant, who will already be famous thanks to good old fashioned word-of-mouth and as such rank right at the top of the search engine result page.

It might seem rather unfair that the website of the big wig corporation might be ranking before yours, but at times you just have to grin and bear it. As the statistics show, if you rank somewhere other than page one, chances are that your website will never be visited. The website which ranks as number one will be visited a whopping 31.24% of the times.

However, these days it is important to realize that you need not just focus on SEO so as to achieve the results that you have been looking for. Even if you are at the number two rank but you feature rich media, you will still get a substantial number of click-through rates (CTR) which will help to increase the traffic of your website.

If you rank in the first position but do not feature rich media, such as video, images, review stars, etc, then chances are that you won’t be achieving as high a CTR as you would be if you were in the second position with rich media. So make sure that you concentrate on making your website more interesting than just depending on text.

Essentials For Successful Landing Page Optimization

What drives people now to experience a positive experience has changed drastically over the years. Where banner ads were a rage, today the online consumer has become more sophisticated, and need to connect with the advertisement to result in sales. By understanding what people see, and how well they resonate, you can engage the customers and involve techniques that create landing pages.

There are different aspects to getting the perfect landing page, so that you can attract the target audience and more. Shared here are some of the points that you should consider, as ignoring them can reduce the success of your page, and minimize customer leads.

By giving your page the right heading, you not only have the chance of drawing customer’s attention, but also ensure them that they have hit the right page. However, you need to be careful that it is not similar to the page title tags, and should be well placed so that you have the search results and the keywords, through which you mean to attract.

Next will be the design of the page. It should be impactful, and should be able to influence the eyes. At the same time, you should have control over the modifications, so that the visitor’s attraction is drawn to the highlighted aspect of the page.

Since content is king, it should connect with the audience, and provide them immediate answers. It should be clear about what the visitor can expect from you, and you can study the successful contents, to get an idea about how you can make it better.

Many like to get maximum benefits at minimum costs, so your call to action (CTA) should be inviting, to build a relation with your customers. Rather than offering too many options to confuse your customers, make it simple by adding just one option, and give the customers the desired action. At the same time, keep an eye on your competitors, so that you identify what is working in attracting customers and what isn’t.

When you use the eye tracking technology for your page, you can figure how much the customers are paying attention to your page and content, and see what connects best with them. At the same time, you can give A/B testing a try which will determine which page should be permanently live. Checking the little details is also very crucial.

For online engagement, you need to focus on landing page optimization. Carney Technologies Services reviews your landing page, and match you up to your competition.

Is Dominating Google’s First Page Child’s Play?

What is the ultimate goal of SEO campaigns today? It is to dominate the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo; preferably in that order. Getting in one of the first few spots is great but dominating the space can create an unequalled opportunity for businesses trying to increase their visibility. But that is the thing about digital marketing, precisely about SEO, it does not matter how religiously or relentlessly you customize the content and other elements of your website, some rival website will always try to beat you in your own game. It doesn’t matter if you make it so easy for Google, it doesn’t matter if you update and maintain your content on a regular basis, someone somewhere is always trying to ruin your global SERP domination plan.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have given the pep talk about “competition is healthy” myself and I know all that is to know about how monopolizing is bad and how user’s choices are being affected by this page domination theory. But it works and every time too! Why should a company give up on this resource? That is not how the world of SEO works. This is a greedy world, the focus is on succeeding, and too many considerations are not wise. Letting other companies win is a strict no no. About Google, the search engine is trying to make the experience better for the user. Anything thing that comes in its way is either ignored or removed. Plastering the SERP with links to or related to your site will not help. So what is the trick?

I cannot guide you through the process but I can give you some pointers. Here goes:

  • Choose killer non-competitive keywords.
  • Optimize the images with keywords. Yes, attaching the keywords can help.
  • Write consumer based personalized content.
  • Make sure you have a solid link building plan.
  • Then there is always paid search.

It is not child’s play, no. But with the help of a professional marketing agency you can surely find the perfect plan and work with it.

All That Remarketing Stands For

Remarketing is a common and popular tool used by digital marketers. It is a rather clever way to connect with people who visited your profile but did not make a direct purchase or enquiry. It is only common for buyers to roll through websites at the first instance without converting. This tool helps you reengage with them. This is cutting edge technology and very few digital marketing agencies are aware of it, so it reaping the benefits now might be easier.

As you know human attention is one of the scarcest of resources. With the advent of technology, the span has decreased to a bare minimum. If you cannot attract an individual within mere seconds then, your chances of gaining their approval is forever gone. With remarketing, it is possible to draw back his or her attention to your products or services once again. But how does this tool actually work, right?

Think of it this way, you visit or accidentally stumble upon a website while looking for a certain product or service and then you chose not avail the services or use the products available there. This tool will help the website or business post their ads and offers every time you visit the internet again for a certain length of time. Eventually if a deal interests you, you can choose to make an investment or purchase. This tool helps the website target the user or rather the browser of the user directly.

Remarketing is rather easy to set up as long as you understand the basics. There are many platforms offering up the benefits on a platter. All you need to do is gather all the information about the procedure, get all the resources in place and start your approach. The process itself has many benefits including:

  • Reduced cost per impression
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved ROI
  • Precise targeting
  • Cost effective branding

If this is your marketing approach then today is the time. If the steps seem confusing you can always seek out the help of a professional digital marketer with a penchant for new and improved marketing tactics.

Progression of Google Search with RankBrain

Many a times, you may have come across news and articles where search engine giant Google has stated that it has turned its search to artificial intelligence, or has revealed a new algorithm. If you are wondering what exactly it means, then you should know that a very large portion of the queries that are typed in this search engine is already interpreted by an artificial intelligence system, RankBrain.

This AI system developed by Google helps to process search results using machine learning, through which computer programs are created to teach themselves to develop and changes when exposed to different kinds of data. As the third most important signal, the results of search are pretty significant, and more relevant.

RankBrain embeds vast amount of written language into mathematical entities, developing a format that will be understood by the computers. At the same time, when something that is unfamiliar to this AI is typed, by guessing the words and phrases, the results will be filtered and you will come closer to the answer.

The main purpose of having this intelligence system is to come up with answers for the questions which have not been asked before. According to Google, 15% brand new queries are being placed every day, of which it processes 3 billion searches per day, which means that 450 million per day are unique. Besides determining this, the AI has also shown room for improvement on Google’s own search engines, and has shown almost up to 80% of the time, the pages that would come up in the top search results.

This is not a terrifying thing for us, and it only means that the answers to our searches will be perfectly answered after a few years. Machines are indeed overtaking humans, and rather than running for the hills, you should learn to use it for your benefit. Carney Technologies Services will help you to make sure that your company stays in the top search results, no matter what changes with the systems are done.