Social media can help you to stay ahead of the rest

The popularity of social media is increasing at an alarming scale. To establish a respectable follower base on social media platforms, you need to focus on Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO. Now, you must be wondering regarding the correlation between social media platforms and SEO. In the following lines, you will be able to comprehensively understand the techniques for increasing SEO, with the help of social media platforms.

Social media platform

Why should you use social media platform for SEO?

  • Backlinks:

When you post a link on any of the social media platforms, it will automatically get redirected to your website. If you can make proper use of backlinks, it can significantly help you to enhance page rankings.

  • Increased volume of traffic:

It is a general rule that, the more number of who are there in your social media, the more are the chances of your website visit. If people are fond of the contents that you post on social media, they will naturally get attracted to you websites. This will eventually result in increased traffic, which is the principle rule to enhance search engine rankings.

  • Boost in influence:

If you have more number of followers, like and shares on your social media, it will automatically boost brand loyalty and more people will visit your websites.

  • Social media platforms are a type of search engines as well:

Social media platforms depend heavily on their own search functions. Hence you should keep your focus to optimize your rankings on social media platforms also.

What are the primary social media platforms for improving SEO?

  • Google Plus :

The more active you are on Google Plus, the better will your rank get on the most popular search engine page in the world.

  • YouTube:

This is one of the amazing platforms which have got more videos than anyone. This is one of the most effective platforms to attract clients towards your brand. YouTube has more than 1 billion users across the globe and more than 4 billion are being watched every day. In US, it is one of the most popular platforms. Your active presence on YouTube can help to increase your brand awareness to a large extent. Make it a habit to upload quality videos on YouTube.

  • Facebook:

Facebook is one of the highly developed social networking sites currently available in the market. More than 1.70 billion people use Facebook around the globe. There are many customers who look at a company’s Facebook page ahead of its websites. It is a great platform for you to earn good quality business leads.

  • Twitter:

It is one of the most renowned social media websites. It has over 313 million active users and is constantly growing. Typically, the links which you post on Twitter, redirects back to your website. To acquire good amount of audience, you should and post on Twitter on regular basis, make use of proper hashtags, create interesting headlines for readers and discuss about hot topics.

  • Pinterest:

Pinterest is an outstanding visual platform, where you can get your products. Visitors find you by your Pins while searching on this website. This leads them to your website. Thus, increases the traffic in your website.

  • Instagram:

Over 65 million fashion brands have their accounts on Instagram. It is an excellent visual website. This website has more than 400 million active users. It is a great platform to promote your website.

  • LinkedIn:

This website is used by more than 390 million users around the globe. It is used by up to 53% of the companies to search clients. People who engage with this site have 50% more chance to make a purchase.

  • Flickr:

This is extensively used by people who love to share pictures. More than 1 million photos are shared on this platform every day. There are more than 112 million users. Hence it is a reliable platform to share your website links.

  • Quora :

It is one of the reputed, question-based website, which is used by over 80 million people across the globe. This platform can serve as an essential tool to boost your SEO rankings.

  • Tumblr:

It is considered as one of the most interesting networking sites. Users share a wide range of contents. It supports video posts, photo posts, chat posts, audio posts and quote posts.

Now you must be wondering, how social media can directly impact SEO. For better understanding, let us focus on the following vital points:

  • Social sharing is a great way to drive traffic to your website:

You can garner comments, like and shares by posting links to quality contents. It is a great way for social media users to easily migrate to your business website. Engaging with potential customers through social media, can keep your brand reach the top. You can boost organic search rankings by driving social traffic to your websites.

  • Social media profiles also rank in search engine platforms:

When you type the name of a company on social media websites, it’s very likely that the website will also pop up, along with the company’s official page.

  • External links can be captured easily with social media:

According to Moz, external links are the most vital parameters for achieving higher rankings on Google. But always focus on posting engaging contents, because, people have a liking for contents which they would like to share or read themselves.

  • Social media can enhance brand awareness:

By asking questions, commenting on news and starting discussions, you can persistently engage with social audiences with ease.

  • Local SEO is heavily dependent on social media:

In a survey conducted, it was discovered that 80% of the smartphone users, use mobile to reach businesses near them.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and make the most out of the social media platforms, to increase your SEO. Your business growth is in your hands, if you can prudently apply the SEO strategies. Best of luck!

SEO essentialities for small business

A key question that all would –be entrepreneurs face is finding a business opportunity that is right for them. The most worrisome questions for them is whether to introduce a new product or service or venture on an existing product or services.

Starting a small business requires motivation and determination. To start a successful small business, here are some crucial steps:

  • Build an efficient Business plan: A business plan allows you to gain a better understanding of your industry structure, competitive landscape and capital requirements for starting a small business.
  • Identify the correct business opportunity: A correct business plan is of utmost importance if you want to proper in your business. It is important to realize what skills you are bringing to the table and whether you are entering a fast growing industry.
  • Find investment for the business: A business always needs proper investments otherwise this could lead to an early end of your business dreams. The correct investor or the correct investment plan is of utmost importance when a new business is concerned.
  • To give a proper name to your business enterprise: The name you give to your business can either make it or break it. A correct business name will help distinguishing you from a sea of competitors, provide your customers with a reason and aid in branding your company.
  • Determine the business structure: Business structures are of many types you will need to choose the one suitable for your purpose. You can choose the popular LLC, a solo proprietorship or a form of corporation. Your choice will have an impact on your business liability, fund-ability as well as taxes due.
  • Get the correct business license and permits: Starting a new business requires necessary paper works and some regulations which need to be followed. Depending on your chosen business structure, may need to register your business with the state authorities. Setting up your small business may require an employer identification number(EIN) which is also used by state taxing authorities to identify businesses. Additional paperwork can entail sales tax licenses, zoning permits and more.
  • Set up your business: One of the multitudes of tasks in starting a business is the setting of your office. There are many steps in an office set up including where you locate your office, buying the necessary office equipments, designing your work space and getting supplies for the daily needs of your office.
  • Creating an accounting system: An efficient accounting system is very necessary if you want to run your business smoothly. Setting up your accounting will help you understand the financial condition and benefit you running a business and help you avert failure.
  • Get your business insured: Don’t forget, to ensure that proper insurance is taken for your new business venture. As it is very important to protect your company and its employees in the event of disaster or litigation.
  • Ensure proper marketing: Your business can only grow when you implement the correct method of marketing. Marketing involves public relations, promotions, sales and advertising. Marketing is a process by which a product can be introduced and promoted to potential customers. Without applying proper business marketing your business may not attain the limits you have envisioned.
  • Small business owners who have just begun marketing with the SEO campaign will find that there is no end of the depth and complexities inherent to search engine optimization. Many companies try to implement SEO themselves, but results into a hopeless disaster. Some may even receive significantly low rankings, which will make the business slow.


SEO campaigns which are handled with care are becoming increasingly important to customers now days. It is mainly advised that company’s turn up to professional SEO companies for any search engine optimized project. Once a marketing firm has been selected, then the business will be able to run a successful SEO campaign. However, there are several key points that should always be kept in mind when approaching SEO.

  • Identify the intended audience: To find the intended audience is the most vital part of an SEO campaign the approach of the SEO is of optimum importance in this field. By selecting the correct products you can attract more traffic to your web page.
  • Website designing: A well designed website is one that funnels users from page to page effortlessly. By interlinking your site correctly, you can connect the relevant pages together with this you may find that even the less visited branches of your website sees more traffic. As a result, you can expect your website to have better domain authority and higher place among search engine rankings.
  • Focus on your keyword selection: Despite your focused key word may not have a hundred and one uses, you should always try to be as thoughtful as possible when considering other optional keywords. You should always conduct a research to find other ways that web surfers may try to look at your product or brand.
  • Use of dynamic keyword: Target keywords that will generate more traffic. Search trends change as much as people in social media do, so there is never a guarantee that one term will prove to be fruitful. You should always be on the lookout for applicable keywords that may increase the traffic on your website.
  • Bring your business on the social media: Social media has become an increasingly popular way to generate long term website traffic. These days, many SEO agencies focus a lot of their attention on establishing a follower base for their clients. As the number of people following your company increases it will also increase the sale of your products and increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Venture those places where there is no completion: While it is important that your company builds a significant social presence on the trendy networks. It’s always a smart move to look for alternative sites which are not so much popular. There are several upcoming social networks that can be capitalized on.
  • Create original content for your web site: One of the first steps of an SEO campaign is to increase the web traffic. Some SEO agencies may also focus on getting potential customers to the sites, giving users a reason to stay on your website is going to be virtually important. Original content and at least a weakly blog are important to grasp the attention of the audience.
  • Patience will be fruitful: Search engine Optimization and other SEO practices may lead to improved site traffic, but they generally take some time. After gaining momentum and establishing a significant online presence, your website rankings will automatically rise. However, getting there may require some time and patience.
  • There are multiple aspects of creating an effective online marketing strategy. Online marketing is the key component to for small businesses. A properly optimized website never or rarely faces the problem of not being found. To remind you why SEO is still a crucial part of the online marketing formula, here are some benefits that your small business website can obtain by utilizing a well formed SEO strategy.
  • Brand identity: Brand identity is built upon a foundation of steady exposure. You can’t build a reputation if nobody recognizes you. All the hard work that you have put into your business will be wasted if you do not have SEO by your side to ensure that the world is actually able to discover and enjoy the brand identity that you have been building.
  • SEO creates user friendly websites: SEO helps small business owners create a faster, smoother and a user friendly web site. Well structured, clean and non complicated websites compels a casual visitor to explore your site and become a consumer of your brand or product.
  • Erase competition: To bypass the sale of your competitors the optimum visibility of your brand or product is very essential. SEO gives you a platform which showcases your brand utility to the existing and the potential customers. This will help you and your business to go beyond the avenues your competitors are striving to reach.
  • Strong first impression of your brand: SEO can provide a powerful first impression of your brand by giving you a website a strong, powerful and different look. In the world of social and digital media it is very important to serve your clients fresh and individualistic ideas, which is only possible by investing in the SEO industry.

The SEO industry helps small business owners create user friendly, fast and dynamic websites that can reach a higher rank in search engines, which will help to bring more potential customers to their site. This will eventually increase their conversion rates.

Latent Semantic Indexing – An Intellectually Innovative Way to Improve Your Website

SEO, the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization defines the process of driving quantity traffic to your site without compromising with the quality through organic search engine results. You need to blend your creativity with the intellect to optimize your site and to get the top Google ranking.

The keyword plays an imperative role; it can either make or break your website traffic. However, there is another ball in your court- Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

Does it sound difficult?

However, if you once get familiar with the concept and how it works, you have won half of the race. You first need to be acquainted with LSI and how it can help you to lift your SEO strategy as well as amplify your business.

Definition of Latent Semantic Indexing and the way it helps SEO 

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a way to determine the relation between the terms as well as concepts in content. The contents of a web page are crawled by a search engine and the most common phrases and words are identified and collated as the keyword for the page. In a nutshell, LSI keywords are the words that are semantically connected to your main keywords without directly being their synonyms.

On the flip, to understand how LSI works, you need to make it sure that search engines are smart enough to identify the context of your content and synonyms related to the keyword. Without LSI keywords, the search engines take a lot of time to search the keywords and the relation of the keywords to the content on your site. Websites with LSI keywords get a higher ranking than those that do not have the keywords.

LSI keywords adjoin a conventional flow to your content. The usage of the specific keywords generates results that are in tune with the topic you are discussing. Thus, you are not overstaffing your content and making it much more interesting to your audience.

Moreover, with this, you are able to provide accurate and precise information to the audience. While you use the keywords, your audience is able to find the perfect answer easily and effectively and in consequence, it generates traffic to your website.

How to find LSI keywords?

Are you in quest of the keywords? Thinking how to find the right keyword for your content to add value to it? There are diverse ways with which you are able to find additional keywords that you can include in your blog or content to make it more relevant.

A simple Google search

One of the easiest ways of identifying LSI keywords is to enter a search term in the Google research box. The search engine will automatically generate the most relevant keywords associated with the query at the very end of the search engine page. You can use the suggestion as a starting point to generate potential keywords as it displays the associations, Google is making with the primary keywords.

Using Google AdWords Keyword Planner

For using the Keyword Planner, you need to create an account. After signing into Google, you can access it. There are several options for you to choose in the planner. Go for the first option “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category.” After that you need to type your information or keywords on the query box and hit ‘Get ideas’.

It will redirect you to another page where you can get suggestions on keywords that are related. The SEO service agencies use the tools to get an idea of how competitive the term is in ranking.

LSI Keyword Generator

You can try something different to locate ideal LSI keywords. The free keyword tool is named as LSI Keyword Generator. All that you need to do is to enter your keyword into the query box. It will generate a list of keywords; choose the perfect one among them.

Try Ubersuggest             

This free tool is very handy for generating a list of relevant search items just by inserting your primary query. The tool promises to unravel many search terms that Google’s tool does not seem to be able to discover.

Use SERPs Keyword Research Database Tool

Another free tool to use comes from SERPs. Their Keyword Research Database Tool is very similar to Google’s Keyword Planner. Just add your query in the search bar and you’ll receive results based on volume of searches as well as CPC.

How to select the preeminent LSI keywords

Now, you have a long list of the potential keywords? However, are all of them relevant to your content? The trick is to narrow down your options that are both directly related to your content and carries a decent amount of search volume.

Be acquainted with different types of intent

The LSI keywords help to resolve any queries that the audience have about your primary keywords. So, you need to figure out what kind of queries your target audience is putting into Google to find your content.

Most of the times, the intent of a user’s search is to find out one of three things:

Informational intent:  This type of query is typically on a much broader scale. An instant would be ‘What is the movie Superman Returns about? ’

Navigational intent: It is a more specific type of query. For example, someone might like to learn who directed the film and who were the actors as well as actresses in the movie.

Transactional intent: This type of query is related to buying something. For example: ‘Where can a buy a DVD of the movie?

Choose words to context your content, not overstaff it

LSI keywords need to be highly relevant to your content. For example, if you post on “10 unknown facts about Superman”, you need to make it sure that it should contain LSI keywords that are related to the film. Different keywords that are related to Superman, but not with the movie might appear when you use SERPs. As it has nothing to do with the film and will not add any value to your content, you need to avoid it carefully.

You should not overstaff the writing with the LSI keywords. A great way to judge this content is by rereading your content after adding the keywords. If you find that the word is not in symmetry with the line, then remove it.

How to befriend LSI?

It is a not a rocket science, so, you cannot expect the result spontaneously. Here are some simple guidelines for you:

  • If the title of the content is ‘Learn to play Football’, make sure that the article is about football.
  • Don’t use the same keyword repeatedly in the content. The content will seem monotonous and the search engines might red flag you.
  • Restrict yourself from using Article Spinning Software- it spits out unreadable garble.
  • You can check Google Webmaster Tools and see what keywords your pages are ranking for

To conclude, it could be stated that LSI keywords are just a branch of the tree of SEO strategy. To make your website flourish and rank consistently high on the search engine result page, you need to use all of the streams of SEO strategy and it includes a large number of backlinks from sites with authority, rich original content, H1 tags, alt tags that are pertinent, well structured and many more.

That being said, it’s worth taking the time to identify as well as to add LSI-driven keywords into your content as everyone wants to make Google their number one fan.