3 Game Changing SEO Strategies for 2018

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing process. It develops day by day, and sets new rules for the users.  The main reason to be trendy and contemporary is it has a direct connection with Google (and other SERPs). Everyone who becomes beneficial by using different Search Engine Optimization trends never satisfies with the limited edition of SEO; they want rampant growth of SEO strategies as they seek higher rank on SERPs. Sometimes, some of the SEO trends become so wanton that it becomes hard to identify the facts from the myths.


Yes!! Many SEO myths come in disguise of useful trends. As a result, the marketers either get confused or become the victim of the mythical trends that ultimately fail to get a good rank. However, SEO has always been a trendsetter for the marketers. So, this is the starting of the New Year, and this is the high time to know about all the latest SEO facts (apart from the myths) that will surely get you a good rank in 2018.

  1. Keyword stuffing does effect on your ranks

Keywords can turn into a Frankenstein if it is not tamed in proper manner. Of course, keyword is your strength when you are writing contents for SEO, but the days have come when the jam-packing contents has canopied the internet. Now, you need to know how it would be like when content becomes dense with keywords. For example, suppose the keyword is “pizza shop in New York City” and when you come to the content you find the particular keyword in every second or third line. You may imagine how horrifying the situation is. On the other hand, the quality of the content decreases with the keyword stuffing. These lackluster contents may bring a low traffic on your site as it loses its readability. Well, these types of contents are not new, but according to the latest SEO trends Google become close fisted with this type of contents. In some cases, contents with high keyword density are penalized and seized to post.

  1. Rank based on mobile-first indexing

It has been detected that people are more active on searching through mobile or Smartphones than on the desktops. According to reports almost 77% of millennials (from age 18 to 25) use their personal gizmos (mobile phones or Smartphones) to search online, whereas people between the age 40 to 50 still comfortable with desktop search. And now, Google index the mobile searched and crack those keywords.  Also, Google has taken a bold step that says if a website gets low rank on mobile searches; the same rank will be count for desktop search.

  1. Increasing importance of social media

Social media networking sites are the huge platforms to grab the traffic. According to the latest Google survey, almost 49% traffic has come from the social media networking sites, and now Google points out some of the vital points to get more effective visitors from there. The expert SEO analysts clarify that first you have to read the psychology and the mindset of the inhabitants of the virtual world. According to the experts, people do not intend to read out any blogs when they come online on Facebook or Twitter, but to get a rank you must reach them through any of the text articles. Therefore, the amalgamation of blog and vlog (blogs in video format) is a happening combination to bring their attention. Moreover, when you post text contents make sure that the language and the used words are apt to the millennials. The more you touch their hearts with words, the more your posts become share worthy on Facebook. Alternatively, customer engagement is the biggest part to enlarge your followers on the social media. Research says that more than 60% customers like to involve with the sellers and they like the social media pages of their favorite brands. Another good part of being connected with the customers through social media is they (customers) can express their feelings with the sellers or the service providers.

These three SEO strategies may not seem a big thing, but believe me, the thoughtful implementation of these techniques can be a game changer in your SEO rank this year. The common mistake that most people do is not flowing the contemporary norms and keeps working on the same process. In SEO, the more you adopt new things faster you get the results. So, do apply the strategies and get overwhelmed effect in this year.

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