Video Content Augments Predictive Search Results

When you are searching for any information, your attention would naturally move towards something that has video content. It is because these videos are said to have more personal content, and the visual presentation makes it more attractive. Since there is a constant push and pull of information, videos are contributing to the push factor, by telling people what to look for and showing them things.

Video searching and results are more persuasive platforms that add more value to the search spaces, and to share information, and impact search activities as well. Many experts also believe that a video can enhance predictive search. Ever since its introduction by search giant Google in 2004, auto complete has become an integral part of search interactions, and helping to discover answers faster.

Again, if you look at it from the marketing point of view, you will find that it gives a boost to the search engine rankings, as it prioritizes media rich sites. As a result of this, YouTube has become the second largest search engine, spreading predictive search to videos.

The most common searches are ‘how-to’ videos and problem based videos, which are generally at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). So it is a common thing that when you feed the keyword, or your queries, atleast one or two related videos will also be streamed in the search.

Predictive search has become a cornerstone for Google’s identity, and has assumed a pop culture icon. Even in future one can expect to see more video content coming up for predictive search results. So the next time, you want to know something with the prefix ‘how to’, you will come across results related and not related to your search objectives. It is a great way of expanding and easing your online search efforts.

Digital marketing companies are playing a vital role in making video contents available and productive for the target customers. Carney Technologies Services implements video results as a part of their predictive search efforts, so that customers can learn about the company, its values, and its primary functions, products, and services.

Small Business owners and digital marketing status

It is comparatively difficult for small business owners to invest a hefty sum of money on digital marketing. But, in this age and time is it possible to do without? According to marketing experts, it is not. When the dilemma becomes too much to handle, people are forced to lean on the alternative method. They try to take the reins in their own bare hands.

But, do they succeed? Some people find it comparatively easy to latch on to the popular tools while for some it is anything but easy. After all Digital marketing is not something you can learn as you go. There is SEO, PPC, SMO, Social media marketing and many more techniques in the digital process. How do you know which will work for you and which won’t if you are not well acquainted with the terms and the procedures?

But, as far as small business owners are concerned the extra money might add up to be too much for them. This is the fear that guides them towards handling their digital marketing approach on their own. Moreover, contrary to popular belief not all digital marketing companies are capable of taking a solution oriented approach and often choose to stick to the popular mechanisms which in turn might not be suitable for the particular company.

The choice makes all the difference. Before you hire a digital marketing agency to do your marketing for you, you better check on their credibility and reputation. This way you can keep yourself covered should any mishap occur and ensure that your company as well as brand name is getting the much needed visibility. As far as my recommendation goes, I have and would always suggest Carney Technologies Services, a leading digital marketing agency serving clients globally.

Take Advantage of Keywords to Make Great Profits

These days just about everyone uses search engines to find information on virtually any topic. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are some of the more well-known search engines out there, with Google taking the lion’s share of the popularity and the number of users.

Given the sheer number of websites on the Internet, it can get difficult for your website to get the visibility that it needs unless you take the help of people who are experienced in search engine optimization. Such people are experienced in helping your website to rank higher on the search engine result pages.

They do this with the help of keywords. When it comes to digital technology, these keywords are nothing more than a word or two which are attached with a location. These keywords help to facilitate your search by providing you with information on these very same words that have entered into the search engine. Given this definition many people tend to think of keywords as a searchlight. Keywords are essentially a tool which organizes the online content so that it becomes easier to find.

However, you shouldn’t treat these keywords lightly. Keywords can help you to achieve the online recognition that you have been looking for. They are used in a variety of ways, such as being used in content like articles and blogs, as well as visual representations such as infographies and videos.

Keywords can also tell you a lot about the customers themselves. Depending on the keyword you will be able to predict the market behavior, and also exactly what the customers are looking for by checking their rankings on free web analytic services, such as Google Analytics. So if you are hiring a digital marketing firm, be sure to hire one which uses these keywords wisely, so that you can get results which will give you that success.

Digital PR Can Guarantee Digital Campaigning Success

Building audience is not an easy task and needs proper planning and implementation. Many companies, who want to connect with their target and potential audience online, are taking the help of PR agencies who lend their expertise in turning out content and preparing fruitful digital campaigns. Digital PR is very important if you understand the importance of organic search.


Planning for such campaigns has different levels, which utilizes different ways of maximizing the chances of every campaign. At the first stage, brainstorming over the campaign is very important as this can bring out ideas, and concepts on the table. Although, you will not get anything concrete, but you will get the concept that suggests everything is going in the right direction.

Then you must determine the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why), and 1H (How). This will make your search concise and help to make accurate strategies. You should know of the different websites, including social networking sites that will help to take your company’s position a step ahead, and build a good stand.

Even in cases when you reputation is falling; the digital PR agencies will step ahead and recover or hide the reputation, and turn the tables round. At the same time, they ensure that the company is able to hold on to the established image by developing a good reputation in the market. A good PR plan will include the exclusive angles of the campaign, things to target and CPC, budget, targeted list of publications, content to be used, and so on.

If you are able to work at this rate, then you can be rest assured that you will improve your hit rate and deliver better returns on investment. Carney Technologies Services can lend that expertise to you.

Is Responsive Design Right For Your Webpage?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) comprises of two parts: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay per Click Marketing (PPC). Both of the sides are sued to manage the organic traffic which naturally flows to your website, and paid traffic. Although you will find that people are biased towards both sides, the key to success will depend on the plan, the tools you incorporate and how well you stick to it.

Online marketers, today, are concerned about how well the pages are being addressed by the mobile visitors. The widely accepted methods for this are dynamic service, responsive design, and separate mobile URL. While the first and third options serve different HTML codes or different pages to mobile users, responsive design on the other hand has a fluid layout and can adapt to any screen size, with URL/content remaining constant.

To understand it better, discussed here are the pros and cons of responsive design.


  • It is able to future proof itself, and can easily adapt on any devise that comes in the market. Because of multi-device user experience, it is designed to look good on any size on any device.
  • Sharing and saving is really easy for mobile users, as they can ensure the return same visitor’s experience.
  • Responsive pages are easy to design and maintain, and the management also becomes really easy.
  • Landing Page Testing or Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

The cons include:

  • Lack of complete control because it can be difficult to customize the visitor’s experience wholly.
  • More expertise is required to identify and take care of the loopholes.
  • Due to varied screen sizes and internet data packs, the pages can take time to load well in a short time. This can also affect the images as their sizes can get altered.

Although they are promptly used, but responsive should not be dealt with in all kinds of landings. You need to discuss with the right online tools and options that will help you to grab a larger audience in the digital world.

Steps to Fix Injected URL Gibberish on Websites

One of the important tools for creating your online presence is by creating a website that will bear all the details of your company and give your customers information about your services. Through this you will be portraying an image to the outside world, for which it is important that what you show is authentic and nothing superfluous.

But since we live in the digital age, with every innovation, there are ways of hacking it. The same is applicable for websites, where professional hackers create virus or worms which when attack your computer can cause a big trouble. At the same time, by using different programming languages the expert hackers can break the security of the websites on the internet.

In case you are wondering on the ways by which you can secure your website, they have been discussed as follows:

  • It is always advised to choose a renowned hosting provider. They try to stay ahead of the potential hackers and through updates and hardware solutions create a wall which cannot be breached. Although the hacker may find different ports of entry, but the companies are more vigilant to fight against malware, Trojans, and other hack problems.
  • The data that you use on the website pages should be locally secured and at the same time, the computer should be protected with alphanumeric passwords which can be difficult to crack.
  • Your website needs to be HTML encrypted, so that even if you are sharing the website with others, you have the necessary things to keep the wolves at bay.
  • It is also important to verify the legitimacy of the customers or visitors. Rather than creating a hack thread, you need to ensure that none of the posts or clicks is spam.
  • Also when you are saving documents that are a part of your website, you need to create them in a way that it is inaccessible to others. This is possible if you integrate a disallow button.

The safety of your company is in your hands, and unless you are sure that your webpage is clear and steered clear of any vulnerabilities, you should keep the page offline. This way you can protect your website from injected gibberish URL hacks, and at the same time get the idea of identifying future threats. Protect your interest and choose carefully before being all inclusive.